Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Sorry this is so late folks.  I thought this was sent out - and it turns out I wrote it up and never sent it.  So instead you get a new, fresh version.

So the month started with GenCon in all it's glory.  A great convention, it can take a few days to recover.  I guess it fried my brain a little more than usual - as I had forgotten that I hadn't sent out my monthly mantic missives.    

On the Kings of War front - the brand new Empire of Dust army is now shipping.  If you prefer your undead dry and powdery (as opposed to the wet, sticky kind) then this is the army for you.
The biggest news however isn't the new army, but the new book.  In September Mantic is releasing the long awaited "Kings of War : Historical" game.  Not just a supplement - this book has ALL the rules for fighting battles throughout history (well up through about the War of the Roses or so).  While not balanced and play-tested against fantasy armies, the lists in this book are fully compatible.  There is one rule change (hills are difficult terrain when charged over unless the unit starts on it).  There are some new special rules (I like cover(n) myself - think of this as anti-piercing - it modifies the wound roll downward when shooting at this unit (think of Roman shield walls)), but nothing game breaking.  And there is even an appendix with mythological monsters for each army list, if you want to move them to fantasy.  From all the buzz about this book I highly recommend reserving your copy now - I won't be surprised to see it sell out quickly (and have to get another print run).  
October gets exciting because of some long (at least by me) awaited releases for Kings of War - Earth Elementals and Sea Serpent Riders are both coming!  The sculpts for these are pretty amazing - I know I want them (and just for demo armies)!.  Nature is not the only force getting new models - the abyss is getting reinforcements with Tortured Souls and Hellhounds.  My wallet is already crying out in pain, and the releases are still two months from hitting shelves!  
And if that isn't enough to wet your fantasy appetite - Dungeon Saga is releasing the last of the kickstarter expansions in September with the Tyrant of Halpi set.  Yes, you finally get to fight against a Dragon with your favorite band of adventurers.  Mantic is also releasing another set of four adventurers - four new metal miniatures (only the undead jester was part of the kickstarter) with (they have promised) rules to follow.    The Dungeon Saga kickstarter has finally shipped all the pending orders (yes, I got a HUGE box at the end of last month), and theu will not longer be shipping missing/damaged items after September 4th - so if you have an issue get it in NOW.  (They can't leave these open forever you know).    

If you are more interested in the high tech sci-fi games - well in anticipation of the Warpath release that is looming on the horizon, Mantic is now releasing individual model sets to start to build your units.  So you don't have to buy a Deadzone starter or booster to get that one type of miniature you want more of (can you say Veer-myn Night Terror?). Enforcer Peacekeepers, Enforcer Jetbikes, Forge Father Forge Guard, Forge Father Iron Ancestor, Veer-myn Nightmares and the Veer-myn Night Terror are all being released as units in September.  Plus if you really like the big stompy Striders/Iron Ancestors - Mantic is also releasing sets of three of each - and each set includes a set of the kickstarter upgrade bits (Strider Burst Laser and Iron Ancestor 'Doomstorm' Hailstorm Cannon Upgrade). These go with the August releases of Enforcer Pathfinders, Enforcers, Strider, Forge Father Brokkrs, Forge Father Steel Warriors, Veer-myn Night Crawlers and Veer-Myn Progenitors.    
However they aren't stopping there.  For those Deadzone plague players October is the long awaited release of the new plague starter and booster.  But they also get some warpath love - so the new hard plastic 3rd gen troopers are also coming out, as well as separate sets of 2nd and 1st gen models, plague zombies, and the plague Aberration!    

Speaking of zombies, Mantic was showing off both the kickstarter and commercial packaging for The Walking Dead: All Out War.  The packaging this time is going to make it harder to make a mistake than to get it right.  I believe these are on the slow boat from China, and are going to start shipping on October to kickstarter backers (just in time for halloween!).  Look for some new, retail exclusive, boosters to come out with the retail release as well (Rick on horse, and the Governor himself!).  
Our gaming club, the Ohio War Kings, is starting to pick up steam.  We are moving our meetings to Friday nights (still at the Hobby Shop) starting September 9th.  So come by and play a game.  We are not just about Kings of War - but also Warpath, Deadzone and Dreadball - and we are looking to be hosting some more events soon, as well as working out our schedule for a bigger, better presence at Origins in 2017.  In addition to Kings of War, we will be teaching Deadzone and Warpath, as well as the annual Dreadball Origenes Cup!  Contact me if you want to be able to earn a half price discount on your badge, or even a free badge altogether!  
Keep checking my blog - it is full of pictures and more mantic musings, as well as hobby tips and even the occasional gaming information that isn't Mantic related (*shock*).    

Because it is all fun and games . . .  http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/    

Mike Carter  
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sneaking a peek into the past

It kind of amazes me how much attention that the upcoming Kings of War Historical book is getting. I always thought of historical gamers as this smaller niche among miniature players - these older, fat, bearded and balding guys (yes, that does describe me perfectly lately) playing simulations of ancient battles surrounded by charts and books, spending most of their time trying to figure out exactly what this unit of cavalry needs to be able to charge that unit of infantry.  I've never gotten into it personally (because I find humans a bit boring to paint, really).

But I was wrong.  (yes, you can mark this date in your calendars (though if you ask my wife, it is just any other day)).  The response and excitement over this is a bit overwhelming.  While Mantic does not yet have it up for pre-order on their site - others like RGDGaming do.
The base rules are Kings of War as we know it - the only change is that Hills are now difficult terrain during a charge (unless you start on it).

Slight changes to combat rules
There are a few new special rules - Cover(n), Devastating and Dread
some new special rules
One of the most iconic armies are, of course, the legions of Rome!  Now if only I had paid attention in Latin so I would have some actual idea as to what these were :-).
one of the army lists
This is scheduled for release in September - I would recommend making sure you reserve your copy with your FLGS now - as from what I've been hearing I can expect the first print run to sell out quickly.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kicking the rocks

I have always liked supporting the "little guy".  Often when I buy games at Origins or Gencon, I'll buy them from some small companies - sometimes more just to support them more than any other reason.  I've also found that I tend to support people doing a lot of webcomics - I love the medium but seem to find these people care about what they are doing more.

I first started supporting Mantic before they even had a real game out - my first Abyssal Dwarf army box (I've only bought three over the years (so far)) came with a xerox'd booklet of the King of War rules - this close to two years before the 1st edition hardback came out.

I have also found I like supporting small businesses via kickstarter - probably too much.  However for the most part I'm very happy about it.

One thing I've found is there are some kickstarter projects with cool terrain for your wargames out there.  I thought maybe it might be a good idea to let people know about them while the kickstarter is going on, and not just after it is done and I've gotten my goodies.

The first one is Stone Textured Foam Sheets for Wargames and RPG Scenery.  Anyone who has been making any kind of terrain has encountered blue or pink insulation foam - light and fairly easy to work with - I have found it ideal for making hills.  I haven't had much luck with it for buildings however, and this is where this kickstarter comes in.

They are making textured styrofoam sheets that can be combined to make your own terrain.  So building stone buildings becomes much easier with pre-textured stone walls.

Stone Texture Wall (200mm x 70mm x 10mm)
This would be 1/4 of the finished sheet

Example of Ruined Wall Skirmish Scenery
Sample skirmish terrain, unpainted and painted

Many kickstarters add free stuff to 'sweeten the deal' and this is no different.  They will add some metal extras (scrolls, chests, piles of coins) to use to add some character to your dungeon!

Of course any building needs at least some types of doors and windows - and they are including both resin and metal windows and doors as additional add-ons.
Add on components
I figure this will let me create some new towers or buildings for my Kings of War tables, and I'm going full in on this one.

One reason I like some of these kickstarters is they provide some things that I just am not good at building myself.  

Resin Wargaming Scenery and Terrain: Ancient Ruins

This kickstarter is a "cafeteria" style - you pledge based on whatever combination of items you want - so if you only want one piece you can get it - or three of another.  There is one pledge for one of everything as well.

One interesting idea is to make all of these ruins removable from the base - so they can, if necessary, be moved out of the way.

The Ancient Temple pledge level includes a large temple base, a staircase, a statue plinth, and 4 columns.
Ancient Temple
The Low Ruins kit.
Low Ruins
The High Ruin.
High Ruins
The Scattered Ruins
Scattered ruins
The Temple Arch.
Temple Arch
The Flooded Ruins
Flooded Ruins
The Ruined Fountain.
Ruined Foundation
I like the flooded ruins.  And the ruined foundation.  And the low ruins.  and the scattered ruins.  and  and and . . .

Yeah, I can see spending too much on this (not that I have ever done that!).

These are just two of the interesting campaigns going on right now.  Check out kickstarter for more.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Monday, August 22, 2016

You've seen the movies - now play the game!

If you are anything like me (ok, that is a stupid assumption - because as I tend to find out time and time again, nobody seems to be quite like me) then you can have a fondness for bad movies.  Now I'm not talking about Green Lantern or Knowing or any of M. Night Shyamalan's latest movies. Those were attempts to make (at least what they thought would be) good movies, but just ended up somewhere going horribly wrong.

No, I mean the Grindhouse type of movies, the old Tojo "Monster in a rubber suit" movies - those that can be so bad they are good in their own way.

If you haven't had your head under a rock the past few years, you might have heard of one of the more successful of these lately - Sharknado.  So successful that the 4th one in the series just came out - and oh yes, they left it open for a sequel.

Sharknado is by no means high concept art.  It is a silly, stupid disaster movie with bad science and not much better acting.  But it is fun.  It is a simple thrill ride.  I enjoy the cameos by big name actors in it.  It is like a cheap roller coaster.

But it has resonated so much that it has become a series, and now it is a board game on Kickstarter by Devious Devices.

Sharknado: The Board Game! seems to be itself a sequel in the series - it doesn't use any of the characters from the films, but sets up their own characters and scenarios (though some of them do seem to be quite similar to those from the movies).  

I like this kickstarter because they aren't going overboard with it - the base game + stretch goals are $54 - which is pretty cheap for a decent board game these days.  They have decided NOT to do minis for the characters as it adds significant costs (though they have not ruled out adding them later).

It appears the playtests and demos of this at Gencon went very well.  I did not see it - but then I was pretty busy running events so didn't see much at Gencon this year.

This is a co-operative game but there is no specific turn order for the players - each turn they can act in the order that best helps everyone as a group.  With 8 initial scenarios it looks like it could have decent replay value.

Anyway I've backed it because like the movies, it just looks to be a way to spend an hour or two with something silly and outrageouss - where science is mad and anyone with a chainsaw can be a hero.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Friday, August 19, 2016

Getting it all together

Welcome to the Mantic Compendium, your handy guide to all things Mantic!

Inside you’ll find product listings for every range we offer, with gorgeous color photography showcasing every item on sale at the time of going to print. You can use it as a collector’s checklist at home, a range stocking guide for your store or just to immerse yourself in the fantastic worlds we have created.

But the Compendium is more than just a catalog - we’ve also included bonus content for each game. You’ll find a strategy guide for Deadzone, some Kings of War short fiction, a DreadBall painting guide, a new scenario for Dungeon Saga and more!

We also have an exclusive feature from the Mantic Studio on the making of our upcoming sci-fi game Warpath, along with an extended preview of The Walking Dead: All Out War to whet your appetite for our biggest release to date!

Scheduled for release in September, $10.99 MSRP

Because it is all fun and games . .

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mantic September & October Releases

Actually nothing new, just confirming the release dates.

September Releases

Set for release in September (remember Mantic usually does their releases on the last Monday of the month).

Kings of War

Of course I'm going to start with Kings of War (if you wonder why - seriously, have you been reading much of this at all?)

MGKW10 - Kings of War Historical Armies $34.99.
No one is interested in this new Hardback rule supplement with 30 army lists ranging from ancient to around the 1500's (I think war of the roses is the most recent).  Ok, seriously folks.  Pre-order this NOW.  I put up a little post a couple of weeks ago that wasn't much more than this picture and saying it was coming out - well that is now the #2 most view post in my blog with over 2500 views (my average is a few hundred).

Dungeon Saga

MGDS06 - Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi - $49.99
If you want to see all the details about this what is coming in this expansion - just watch this space.

MGDS22 - Dungeon Saga: Legendary Heroes of Halpi - $19.99
These are the legendary versions of Ally and Ibrahim from the Tyrant of Halpi expansion.  While the picture is of the resin ones from the kickstarter - this will actually contain metal versions of the same sculpts.

MGDS23 - Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Kickstarter - $34.99
4 metal miniatures
These heroes – Niola Malone, Samgone Ellwood Jacksington, the mysterious Shadow Walker, and Funny Bone the jester – are designed by the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter community for you to explore the depths of Mantica and carve their names into legend.


MGWPE303 - Enforcer Peacekeepers - $19.99

MGWPE304 - Enforcer Jetbikes - $19.99

MGWPF304 - Forge Father Forge Guard - $19.99
MGWPF402 - Forge Father Iron Ancestor - $19.99
MGWPV302 - Veer-myn Nightmares - $19.99
MGWPV303 - Veer-myn Night Terror - $19.99

October Releases

Then in October Mantic is releasing

Kings of War

I want so many of these.  These are the only pictures I can find so far - some from the open day, others prerelease versions.  When I get final ones be sure I'll put them up!

MGKWA301 - Forces of the Abyss - Tortured Souls $29.99

9 metal models on 3 bases.

MGKWA302 - Forces of the Abyss - Hellhounds $29.99

5 Multi-Part Metal Models

MGKWN402 - Naiad Wyrmriders - $34.99 (price is NOT CONFIRMED)

3 Metal Models

MGKWN403 - Earth Elemental Regiment - $34.99

3 Metal Models

MGKWD201 - Dwarf Stone Priest - $10.99

1 Metal Model with Alternate Components

MGKWK301 - Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orc Gore Riders - $49.99

10 Plastic and Metal Models

MGKEE401 - Elf War Chariot Regiment - $59.99

3 Plastic and Metal Models.


MGDZM35 - Nexus Psi Expansion - $49.99

Nexus Psi Sourcebook, Rubber Mat, 6 Sprues of Scenery, 1 Connector Pack, Dr. Simmonds Exclusive Character

This is a new version of the 1st edition expansion, updated for 2nd edition.

MGDZP101 - Plague Faction Starter - $39.99

10 Zombies, 10 3rd Gens, 2 Hounds, 6 2nd Gens, 1st Gen

MGDZP102 - Plague Faction Booster - $39.99

1 Teraton, 1 Swarm, 8 3rd Gens, 1 Hound, 6 Zombies, Aberration.


MGWPP301 - Plague 3rd Gen Troopers - $29.99

The pictures are from May Open Day, blatently stolen off the Twitter feed of @FistyGlueMan

24 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP302 - Plague Zombies - $29.99

20 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP202 - Plage 1st Gen Mutant - $19.99

1 Plastic Miniature

MGWPP303 - Plague 2nd Gen Mutants - $24.99

6 Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP401 - Plague Aberration - $19.99

1 Plastic Miniature

Because it is all fun and a games . . .

Monday, August 15, 2016

Because you asked for it - well kind of

Due to popular demand, and also for preparation for Warpath that keeps getting closer and closer (did you see the pictures of the Murderbirds?  No?).  Ok, so we don't have a release date for these yet (some say it may be a YEAR before we get them :-( ), but we do have some nice pictures

A lot of people are talking about using these as Carrion for their Empire of Dust Kings of War armies
GCPS Mule Transport
Veer-Myn Tunnel Runners
Tunnel Runner
Tunnel Runner

Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, Mantic is releasing more of the individual units funded in the last kickstarter.   So if you wanted a second night terror but didn't need another Brood Mother - well now you can get it on it's own.

So since we finished with Veer-Myn pictures above - we will start with them.  All of the units below are scheduled to be released in September and are currently available to pre-order on the website - and all are $19.99 each (except for the night terror (which as of 8:34 PM EDT Aug 15th 2016 is still showing incorrectly as $19.99 (the jetbikes have been corrected from the earlier type on their website of $12.49))

Veer-Myn Nightmares - $19.99
4 Hard Plastic models
Veer-Myn Night Terror - $14.99
Comes with option to equip with Reaper Harness
or Heavy Chem Thrower
Forge Father Forge Guard - $19.99
6 Hard Plastic models
Forge Farther Iron Ancestor - $19.99
Hailstorm Cannon and Ancestor Forge Hammer
5 hard plastic models
4 Hard Plastic models
Because it is all fun and games . . .