It takes a hard man

Or at least a hard plastic man.  In this case a soldier.  A toy soldier.

My favorite medium for miniatures is hard plastic.  It is easy to work with, easy to clean, and even easier to convert since it is so easy to cut.  In addition, most (but not all, unfortunately) hard plastic sprues come with extra bits to make variations on the models (such as different weapons).  Plus they don't require super-glue to put together.

Long gone are the days when people fields pounds and pounds of metal miniatures.  Plastic is the way to go for large units of infantry, especially.  And for the pending release of Warpath (and it's smaller variant Warpath:Fire-Fight), Mantic is packaging some of the new hard plastic sprues that were funded for the Deadzone:Infestation kickstarter into unit sizes for Warpath, and plans to begin releasing these in August.

 First off are the Enforcers.  They have actually been available in plastic for a while, but this is the first wide release of them as an all hard plastic unit.  The appear to be two sprues, enough to make 10 enforcers with a wide variety of weapons.
Enforcer unit of 10
Enforcer Pathfinders are the new hard plastics for Deadzone, now available as separately as a unit box.  This appears to be 2 sprues - which makes 10 pathfinders and 2 D.O.G. Drones.
Enforcer Pathfinders unit of 10
Veer-myn received new hard plastics for Deadzone, and these will also be packaged as units.  It appears that there will be four of these sprues, allowing you to make 20 crawlers or stalkers (or even a couple of Maligni.
Veer-Myn crawlers / stalkers
In addition they will be releasing a unit of progenitors.  These are the new plastic (not restic) models first available with Deadzone - and comes in pairs.
Veer-myn progenitors
Forge Fathers have the new steel warriors - looks like you will get two sprues which is enough to make 10, with most of the weapon options in the book, including a huscarl.
Steel Warriors
If you have the old plastics these are now the militia - slightly cheaper but less armored.

If you prefer more close combat oriented space dwarfs, they are also re-releasing the restic brokkrs as a regiment as well.  Because they are restic they don't have as many options, but this looks to replace the out of print Deadzone boosters (Deadzone now only has two boxes per faction - a starter and a single booster).
Ten Brokkrs including Inferno Drill
Also, Mantic just release pictures of the new Forge Fathers Vehicles.  As expected, these are very heavily armored, and can bring a lot of firepower to bear when necessary.  The base is the Drakkar troop transport.
With the addition of a big gun on top, you now have the standard Sturnhammer tank.
Swap out one gun for another and a blade on the front to push (or crush) anything in it's way and you have the heaviest of the three varients, the Brandr tank.
Finally, when you need speed more than firepower or armor, there is the lighter armored Hultr.


Because it is all fun and games . . .