Mantic September & October Releases

Actually nothing new, just confirming the release dates.

September Releases

Set for release in September (remember Mantic usually does their releases on the last Monday of the month).

Kings of War

Of course I'm going to start with Kings of War (if you wonder why - seriously, have you been reading much of this at all?)

MGKW10 - Kings of War Historical Armies $34.99.
No one is interested in this new Hardback rule supplement with 30 army lists ranging from ancient to around the 1500's (I think war of the roses is the most recent).  Ok, seriously folks.  Pre-order this NOW.  I put up a little post a couple of weeks ago that wasn't much more than this picture and saying it was coming out - well that is now the #2 most view post in my blog with over 2500 views (my average is a few hundred).

Dungeon Saga

MGDS06 - Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi - $49.99
If you want to see all the details about this what is coming in this expansion - just watch this space.

MGDS22 - Dungeon Saga: Legendary Heroes of Halpi - $19.99
These are the legendary versions of Ally and Ibrahim from the Tyrant of Halpi expansion.  While the picture is of the resin ones from the kickstarter - this will actually contain metal versions of the same sculpts.

MGDS23 - Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Kickstarter - $34.99
4 metal miniatures
These heroes – Niola Malone, Samgone Ellwood Jacksington, the mysterious Shadow Walker, and Funny Bone the jester – are designed by the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter community for you to explore the depths of Mantica and carve their names into legend.


MGWPE303 - Enforcer Peacekeepers - $19.99

MGWPE304 - Enforcer Jetbikes - $19.99

MGWPF304 - Forge Father Forge Guard - $19.99
MGWPF402 - Forge Father Iron Ancestor - $19.99
MGWPV302 - Veer-myn Nightmares - $19.99
MGWPV303 - Veer-myn Night Terror - $19.99

October Releases

Then in October Mantic is releasing

Kings of War

I want so many of these.  These are the only pictures I can find so far - some from the open day, others prerelease versions.  When I get final ones be sure I'll put them up!

MGKWA301 - Forces of the Abyss - Tortured Souls $29.99

9 metal models on 3 bases.

MGKWA302 - Forces of the Abyss - Hellhounds $29.99

5 Multi-Part Metal Models

MGKWN402 - Naiad Wyrmriders - $34.99 (price is NOT CONFIRMED)

3 Metal Models

MGKWN403 - Earth Elemental Regiment - $34.99

3 Metal Models

MGKWD201 - Dwarf Stone Priest - $10.99

1 Metal Model with Alternate Components

MGKWK301 - Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orc Gore Riders - $49.99

10 Plastic and Metal Models

MGKEE401 - Elf War Chariot Regiment - $59.99

3 Plastic and Metal Models.


MGDZM35 - Nexus Psi Expansion - $49.99

Nexus Psi Sourcebook, Rubber Mat, 6 Sprues of Scenery, 1 Connector Pack, Dr. Simmonds Exclusive Character

This is a new version of the 1st edition expansion, updated for 2nd edition.

MGDZP101 - Plague Faction Starter - $39.99

10 Zombies, 10 3rd Gens, 2 Hounds, 6 2nd Gens, 1st Gen

MGDZP102 - Plague Faction Booster - $39.99

1 Teraton, 1 Swarm, 8 3rd Gens, 1 Hound, 6 Zombies, Aberration.


MGWPP301 - Plague 3rd Gen Troopers - $29.99

The pictures are from May Open Day, blatently stolen off the Twitter feed of @FistyGlueMan

24 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP302 - Plague Zombies - $29.99

20 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP202 - Plage 1st Gen Mutant - $19.99

1 Plastic Miniature

MGWPP303 - Plague 2nd Gen Mutants - $24.99

6 Plastic Miniatures

MGWPP401 - Plague Aberration - $19.99

1 Plastic Miniature

Because it is all fun and a games . . .


  1. Oh man, Funnybone the Jester. I'm pretty tempted to pick up the heroes just for him, and the halfling is pretty cool as well.

    9 tortured souls for $30 sounds a bit too good to be true if they're ogre sized considering other metal large infantry kits cost more than that for only three models.

    Is it meant to say 3 metal models on 3 bases, or is the individual models infantry sized and three of them makes up one 40mm base?

  2. I believe the individual models are infantry sized, and fit three on a 40mm base.


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