I smell a rat

Mantic teased about it when the new Abyssal Dwarfs were released, as well as the new Kings of War 2 player starter set  - but now the new Ratkin are finally being released - starting with Vanguard then being followed up with an army set and mega-army set. The starter comes with cards for Vanguard, including the standard special abilities and faction specific spells. Then there are the cards for the model (and more) that come in the set. 5 Ratkin warriors 5 Scurriers 2 Wretch 3 Shock Troops 1 War Chief 1 Swarm Crier 1 Nightmare Driller 1 Nightmare Gunner 1 Night Terror As for models, you start with a full sprue of the new ratkin warriors (you can see those here ).  This can make 10 warriors, but in a standard 200 pt game, you are limited to 5 of any model.  Also, ratkin warriors cannot take spears in Vanguard.  So what do you do with the other five models?  Well Mantic gives you the parts to make 5 scurriers! These are 5 resin arms with guns.  The shoulder connection on ratkin warriors

Giving them a little Boost

Can't let it go by unnoticed