This may be the death of me

Ok, maybe not that extreme, but he new Ratkin Death Engine model is shipping for Kings of War. The kit has options for both the Impaler and Spewer version.  Mantic took a bit of a different take - this is essentially a tank that is powered by a trapped nightmare, which is either optimized for shooting (the spewer) or combat (the Impaler).  I like how Mantic is turning away from the look and feel of the old G**** W******* s***** and making these their own, but not abandoning the rickety gadgets that so many people are fond of. There are a lot of pieces to this - 14 resin sprues, so lets take a look. First there is the crew Then comes the body of the nightmare that is built into the machine. The head is on the next pair - and I think RDE6 is the base of the guns for the spewer. Then parts of the machinery Then bases and frame for the whole thing These are obviously the treads Some handles, and what I first thought were smokestacks (but this has no 'engine') are actually the barr

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