Kicking it into Overdrive

There are times when a company makes some great models, but they just don't work for the ruleset they were originally made for.  An example of these are the Dreadball Giant models.  While some great sculpts, they just end up being too expensive so are rarely, if ever, taken (and of course that means they don't sell well).  So one way to help with this is to find another way to use these. Enter Overdrive .   This is a brand new game based off of the popular Dreadball game - but it now focusses entirely on Giants!  (Plus they got rid of that fiddly ball as well - because we all know the crowd wants to see these big guys simply slug it out!) So what do you get with Overdrive? First there is a single sheet of cardboard tokens (including a single cardboard ball, for one of the variants if you must have one :-) ). The board is similar to the one for Dreadball XTreme, but the 'sin bin' is a bit bigger to accommodate the larger models. Each model has a two sided card with it