You dirty rat!

Since the initial release of the Uncharted Empires supplement for Kings of War 2nd edition, people have been asking when is Mantic going to make miniatures for some of those armies?  With the 3rd edition version, some of the armies have been updated to match more Mantic models.

However now come the first actual models for one of those armies, under the Abyssal Dwarf banner - Ratkin!  Ratkin slaves can be taken in an Abyssal Dwarf Vanguard warband, but they are also the first step towards Mantic making a Ratkin army itself!

Like the Infernox, these come in a larger blister.

The blister has 4 Ratkin Slave cards, and the Slave Driver card (which was the only command model available in the downloads - interesting they only released the card with this set).

This is an all metal set, with four bodies, 4 heads, 4 left arms and 4 right arms.

The heads are all interchangeable, however the arms aren't really. as much.  They are not flat joins, and some of them fit the bodies in very specif…

In the Dark of the Soul

From the borders of the Abyss they come