Terrain Spotting

The Mantic Games kickstarter for modern terrain items, Terrain Crate 2: Crate Expectations had four crates, the first two I showed here.  So now is time to look at the other two.

Campbell Heights may be the most modern of the crates - nothing gothic or wartime - everything fits perfectly in a 20th or 21st century setting.

The first set is the Two Trees Mall.  Excatly like it's name, this is items that you would find in a modern store.

There are two bags containing store goods - a rack of clothes, a magazine rack, a shelf with various cans, boxed and books, and a curved counter (with a candy rack) and a modern computerized cash register.  Ok, so magazine racks are not that current (fewer and fewer print magazines are being published anymore - but still it is close enough).

There are also two bags of the items you would find in the hallways of the mall instead of the stores.  A janitorial cart, a trash can, a vending machine, a water cooler, and a four seat beam lounge seat.

The last par…

A touch of modern