In Un-Living Color!

So a couple of German retailers were really quick to put up the renders of the new undead miniatures coming out for Vanguard in August.  However now we have exclusive pictures of the actual painted miniatures.

Of course leading your warband you need Necromancers, and probably want more than one.  So while Mantic has several metal ones, the new resin Undead Arkosaur Necromancer just looks awesome.  Plus I really like the idea that races other than just humans can become (or in this case raise) undead.
I have to say I'm very curious as to the size of the new Barrow Wight.  I have only seen these isolated pictures so far - so I wonder if it matches the Kings of War versions being large infantry and comes on a 40mm base (which this photo does not make it look like it does).

The Crypt gouger is a bigger, better ghoul (and he actually does look like it may be on a bigger base.  He definitely looks like he is headed to the graveyard, to begin to dig up his dinner.

Of course the starter …

In the right frame of mind

On a wing and a prayer

The Good, the Bad, the Goblins!