A bit up in the air

It doesn't take too long in the miniature hobby to hear about airbrushes, and the wondrous things you can do with them.  I am not expert by any means, but since I've started using airbrushes I have found a few things they can do nicely (especially easily blending from one color to another.

But this isn't about what you can do with an airbrush (and I am still a beginner with one), but more about just getting started with one.

Of course the place everyone today starts to look is the internet, and one thing I read over and over again was not to get a cheap airbrush, you wouldn't be happy with it.   But none of these actually talked about what the cheap ones were (so you could avoid them) or gave real comparisons.

The very first one I tried was a cheap one, and it was a complete piece of crap.

This was Games Workshop's attempt to make a cheap airbrush (or spray gun as they called it) back around 2012.  At the time I was working on my Grateful Undead Vampire Counts arm…


Barging right in