For dust you are, and to dust you shall return

So it was six years ago (give a month or so) when I was excited to get the brand new Empire of Dust mega-army set (  From Dust They Arise  ), but it took me 10 months to finally get it painted and ready for Gencon 2017 (  The Empire (of Dust) Strikes Back  ). Well the brand new NO METAL version of the Empire of Dust army is currently being released.  I pre-ordered another mega army, expecting to arrive via Royal Mail (as a side note - I understand the change to free shipping - however if we have to pay for shipping - can we at least be able to pay for the upgrade to courier shipping?  I'll gladly pay for the FedEx upgrade to get it in two days vs Royal Mail for two weeks).  So I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up last week - the Thursday before Gencon. I have actually FINALLY gotten back into somewhat of a groove with painting - I have finished my new demo armies for both Halflings and RiftForged Orcs, and even plan to have several new Coral Giants for my Trident Realm army