Into Uncharted Territory

So with the release of the Uncharted Empires supplement for the 3rd Edition of Kings of War, it is time to see how I can convert my remaining 1000 point demo armies.

Just to be different, I'll do these in order of how difficult I think it will be to move these over.

Kingdoms of Men
2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts DiffPole-Arms Block HordePole-Arms Block Horde+10Militia Mob* RegimentMilitia Mob* Regiment-Crossbowmen RegimentCrossbow Block Regiment-Knights RegimentKnights Regiment-Mounted Scouts TroopMounted Scouts* Troop-Mounted Scouts TroopMounted Scouts* Troop-BallistaBallista+15General, MountedGeneral, Mounted-Wizard / Bane Chant(2) / Heal(2) / Lightning Bolt(3)Wizard-25

This list was nearly unchanged.  All the units I had before are still there - the Pole-Arms and Ballista went up a little bit, which meant I had to drop some of the extra spells for the Wizard (he just gets the default fireball spell now).  Or I could change the general to a standard bearer, and give the wizard two mor…

Gem City Massacre 2019