So what is this all a-boat?

Well the cat is out of the proverbial bag at last.  Mantic just announced they are releasing a new game in November - Kings of War Armada.  This is a fantasy naval battle game set in the world of Pannithor.  So it will use the familiar factions we already know in a new and exciting game on the high seas.
So what is this Boaty McBoat game?  It is based on the Black Seas game by Warlord Games, but with a fantasy twist supplied by Mantic's own Matt Gilbert (the man who wrote Kings of War Vanguard).

The 2 player starter set is scheduled to come out in November, and includes everything you need to get started with Basileans vs Orcs.

Rulebook (96 pgs)4 Token Sheets8 Ships w/ship cards and mdf basesBasilea2 Elohi1 Gur Panther1 GunbrigOrcs2 Hammerfist1 Bombboat1 BloodRunner5 fleet reference cards.14 Basilean and Orc upgrade tokens (mdf)Dice 10 D10 and 2 D6game mat (paper)

In addition to the base game, there are several accessory sets coming out as well.
First is the rulebook by itself.  Well, …

Ye Olde Modern Fantasy

Sometimes Bigger is Better

Howling at the Moon

Terrain Spotting