Hellboy for the Holidays

Before Christmas, Mantic offered a special, limited edition Holiday Hellboy resin miniature.   I got one recently, and thought I'd show it off.

 Inside the box is an agent card, and the mini in a bubble wrap bag

The card is a fully playable agent card for the board game.  All the names of the rules on it are different, but the rules themselves are identical to the 'normal' Hellboy included in the box.

The miniature comes in 9 pieces - most of which are the base.

His holiday goodie bag and the headstones for the base are separate

 There are also a couple of resin sprues of headstones, and Hellboy's tail and right hand

Assembly is simple - the gravestones all neatly fit in place, as does his right hand, tail and bag of presents (and skulls).

The miniature is nicely balanced, so actually stands on his own even off the base.  I'm keeping him separated for painting.

Finally, a better picture of just Hellboy in his christmas costume.

I was originally thinking of doing a…

Unleashing Hell(boy)