No man is an Island

I mentioned last time  that there is a middle ground between scratch building terrain and buying it (specifically for Armada ).  3D printers keep getting cheaper and (I hear) easier to use.   I had originally hoped to get into this hobby (and this is an entire hobby into itself) through a kickstarter almost four years ago (supposedly it is ready to start manufacturing once shipping costs come back down to a reasonable level).  Last month I went ahead and bought my first 3D printer - and Ender 3d v2. After my suggestion on making a compact turn marker for Armada , a reader from Australia (with his own blog here ) took the idea and made a version, posting the link in a response to my post.   This was one of the first things I printed -  Compact Turn Marker .  A bit more searching on thingiverse and I found a bunch of printable armada terrain . This set has 7 islands, 4 sand bars, a harbor, and 4 rocks.  The islands are designed to be printable in 'vase' mode - which is basically

Islands in the Stream