When is good enough good enough?

Back in February, the Kings of War US Masters Championship was held down in San Antonio, Texas (actually it is going on as the time I started writing this, though it is taking me a LOT longer to get back to finishing it than I ever anticipated).  64 players, the best of the best.  Eight from each of the eight regions, competing to see who is the top for this year.

Two years ago, at what is in my opinion the FIRST Masters (the tournament had been held for a few years, however it was for Warhammer Fantasy Battles then, and this was the first time it was for Kings of War) championship, I played as a mercenary, filling in the numbers because at the time some regions didn't have eight people that could make the tournament.  I was so far out of my league. I came in 50th out of 64 - which is actually better than I expected (I even won one game).  Last year it was in the midwest so I helped run it, and this year I didn't even manage to qualify (let alone make the team).  I can rememb…

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