One Hell of Party

Maybe some people just shouldn't throw parties.  After the zombie outbreak at the Christmas party, you think they she might learn.  But Lloyd's mom is now hosting a charity event at the local country club.  Yes, the one that the snooty Caroline Ford Vanderbilt belongs to.  So of course everything goes wrong.The fun and exciting story of a slacker and his adventures in and out of the convenience store that just happens to be a portal to hell continues.  The main series of books deal with what happens at the store itself, but these side stories follow our favorite characters back into their 'normal' lives, if anything about their lives can now be considered normal.  Even when it is their day off (appropriated for a team building exercise), there is still crap they have to take care of.The story has a fun twist and slightly unexpected twist to it (that reminded me of my favorite Kevin Smith movie).  All the characters are interesting and believable.  Being a mix of comedy…

Just goblin them all up

Trying to get my ship together

Because 'Dark Tower' was taken