Sponsor Spotlight : Mantic Games

Welcome to another Sponsor Spotlight!   Yes, our original date for the War Kings GT has come and gone, but we aren't too far from Memorial Day weekend (spring is almost here, officially!) and War Kings II.

With this being a Kings of War tournament, the one company everyone would expect to be a sponsor (and is!) is of course Mantic Games.

Once again Mantic has stepped up and provided some great prizes.

First up, if you like sci-fi games, and have ever tried to walk squatsspace dwarfs Forge Fathers across the table, you know that they need a ride if they ever hope to get anywhere.  And what else but a full blown APC - that is Armored Personnel Carrier for those not in the know.

This is a lightly armed tank, giving up weapons for space to carry a squad of your armored Steel Warriors across the table safely.  If you want to see more details about it - you can always check out my review of it and the other tank variants here.

But of course Kings of War is a fantasy game - so you might…

From your Nightmares they come

Snagging the little green runts

It is only natural

From the frozen north