NOT your average Fat Baby Eating Monsters

Back in the day, I had an Ogre Kingdoms army for WFB.  It was fun, and they had a very specific aesthetic they were going for, which worked, but didn't have the mercenary feel that Ogres are supposedly known for.  They were big, they were fat, but they weren't tough.  Not Shrek, but more of a Fat Bastard. When Mantic came out with their first Ogres way back in First Edition (funded from their very first kickstarter) they went instead with a hard, lean, mercenary look (even if they did skip leg day at the gym).Now, with the new Vanguard warband release for Ogres, they have got some fantastic updates that just make them even better.
I never reviewed the ogres because, well I got them in wave two of the kickstarter, which was two years before I started this blog!  So it may just be time to take a look at them.
The warband starter has 3 shooters/boomers, 3 brawlers/cleavers (ok, warriors with HW/Shield or 2 Handed weapons), an Ogre Sergeant and the brand new Paymaster.
The base ogres …