Gem City Massacre 2019

So this past weekend we held the 5th annual Gem City Massacre down at Epic Loot in Centerville Ohio.  We had 16 total players and all had a great time.
One of the special parts of this tournament is each player get a free Kringle/Krampus (depending on if your army is Good or Evil (neutral gets their choice).  Stat wise these are all the same - a support character.  There is a special prize however for the best model, as voted on by the players.

This year, one of our West Virginia players (Joe Cottrell) had a special surprise, and for his Kringle he made a model of Pizza Jesus - Jesse Cornwall himself.  Yes, it won the award with 75% of the votes, even though it wasn't really Christmas themed.

There was simply a lot of fun, cool details on this model
Ok, there were some other cool special character models as well