Surfing the Second Wave

The second and final wave of the Star Saga kickstarter is shipping.

The $100 core pledge shipped with the base game in the first wave, but the rest is in the second.  So what should you be expecting in the second wave?

Well first, of course, are more miniatures.  The kickstarter funded the new Nameless models after all.  Yes, they came out commercially for Deadzone first, but the second wave included three of each of the minions.

 Plus a bunch of kickstarter exclusive mercenaries:
Of course just miniatures without rules don't do too much, so they created a full kickstarter exclusive expansion that uses them, The Fear in the Darkness.

What I was surprised to see was an actual box for it.  However I expect, like many kickstarter exclusive items, that this expansion will be available for points and at shows later.  I expect it will NOT come with the nameless minions however (commercially you would need the Terror in the Deep expansion to get them).