Jerk a knot in his tail

Back in the day, my Dad used to go to the chiropractor once a month to have him "jerk a knot in his tail".  I'm not sure if that is an actual chiropractic manipulation.  However it seemed an appropriate title for fixing a bent miniature.

I really like Mantic Ogres.  Their aesthetic is much more of a lean, tough mercenary than the fat baby-eating monsters that GW does (now I do have a GW Ogre Kingdoms WFB army, though I haven't used it for quite some time).  However one (minor) issue they have is when they went to the gym, they skipped leg day.  They aren't the only sculpts that have this problem (the trolls also need a few Leg Presses), and generally it is just a matter of aesthetics, the models work fine.


I have run into an exception.

In the first edition of Kings of War, you paid for banners and musicians in units, and they actually had an effect in the game (a banner in a unit worked like brutal, while a musician worked like the brew of courage).  The…

Carry on my Wayward Saint

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