Killer Krabs from Outer Space

The new faction for Deadone is released today - your favorite dreadball crustaceans - the Nameless.  Most of the models were part of the Star Saga kickstarter, but as always, Mantic kept some things behind as "retailer exclusives" - meaning that even the Kickstarter backers would have to buy them from their FLGS (or Mantic directly).  This of course gives retailers reason to stock the product.

So what are the retailer exclusives?  Well in the faction starter are the Psychotroid, Caratid and Needle Drones.

Right now the ONLY way to get Needle Drones or Psychotroids are in the Faction starter, though the Caratid is coming out in August as a separate two model box.

However looking at all the cool new models coming out, the natural on everyone's mind is where is the Strider?  Every faction has some type of lumbering, walking vehicle (except for the Asterians interestingly enough) but this brand new cool faction doesn't?

Well it will on August 20th.  The Bathomite is com…

Uncrating Terrain