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I've talked about RGDGaming's 28mm Hard Plastic Faun Kickstarter before (here and here).  Well it finally arrived!

The final box design is a bit different from the idea the originally had, but is nice and elegant.  Being a kickstarter, I did NOT get a commercial box for the centaurs, so I can't show that to you.
The male faun sprue has not changed.  The box contains 4 male sprues and 4 female sprues.

About half the sprue is the same as the male one.  Of course the bodies are female (i.e. have breasts), and apparently female fauns all have a wrap over one hip.  All of the heads are different, as are the shields.  the bow arm is also different (and you have an arm that in the position of having released the arrow, instead of holding it (like on the male sprue).  There is also a warhammer instead of a handaxe for one of the weapons.  It also looks like all of the arms are slightly thinner than the male counterparts.  Personally I'm already mixing these up, so some of my male…

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