Weathering the Storm

Once again the armies converged from around the region to do battle, the sounds of conflict sounding like thunder.  Yes, Hoosier Storm has come back! 15 players gathered once again in Lebanon Indiana to play 5 games of Kings of War, each warrior bringing not only their finely painted force, but an additional storm elemental to boot. Back Row - Jon Carter, Kara Brown, Marshall Temple, Austin Lesh, Jeff Franz, Cyle Pool, Scott Sallee, Paul Cravo, Jesse Berglund, Erich Trowbridge, Steve Malone.  Front - Donny Krosch, Grace Patterson, Matthew Temple.  Not Pictured - Andrew Summers Unfortunately I think that pushing the storm aspect to promote the event may have backfired, as it decided to actually act like winter Friday evening, slowing down almost everybody.  What should have taken us a bit over 2 hours took us almost 7, and every time we tried an alternate route to avoid accidents, the new route ended up ALSO having an accident. Luckily everyone arrived safe and sound (in body, if not ne