Out in front

The new fantasy skirmish game from Mantic that everyone has been talking about is finally here!  Kings of War Vanguard is shipping to kickstarter backers, and is scheduled to begin retail shipping starting October 22nd.

So what is in the book?  It is broken out into several sections.

Welcome to the Vanguard

The introduction describes what is needed to play, as well as the various dice and counters used.  The game uses D8's for most things, but also has some specialty D6's for power dice.

The power dice are set up the same way as the dice for Mantic's game - The Walking Dead: All Out War (except these use swords instead of splats (and there is no ! symbol).  The color and distribution of swords matches the splats, so if you have those you can use them (though the vanguard dice are much cooler, of course (and will roll better when playing the game :-) )).

There are several markers used in the game for conditions etc.  Cardboard versions are available in the Battlefield Objec…

No one knows what it's like

Holiday Road

Scouting ahead

Taking a dive

Jerk a knot in his tail