Good Move

So you've got your shiny new book for Kings of War third edition.   You've attempted to grok the rule changess (and tried NOT to back up after combat) and are just now understanding the changes to your lists.

I thought (hoped) that it might be helpful to see at least one way to convert armies from 2nd to 3rd edition.  Which ones?  Well all of them (in the book at least).  I have all of them as armies for when I run Learn to Play sessions at Origins/Gencon (and have used them for my "How You Use It!" tournaments).

A couple of restrictions I am keeping to:
1) NO artifacts - I want to keep these list simple and introductory, so I'm not adding any extra items
2) All armies have an inspiring unit (this from feedback in my HYUI tournaments)
3) NO titans - just too much for a learning game
4) NO unique units - again learning

In 1st and 2nd edition, I also had no Large Infantry (or Large Cavalry) Hordes - I thought these may be too powerful (though not really much more …

Sometimes you just have to laugh

Three heads are better than one