Here there be Drakons!

  Back in the very early days of Kings of War, before the game we currently know and love was fully fleshed out, Mantic was making miniatures.  (answering the eternal question - which comes first, the miniatures or the game?).  They had elves, dwarves, orcs and undead, with hard plastic sprues and some metal heroes. Then ten years and two months ago, in April of 2011 (still two years before the kickstarter for the 1st edition hardback rulebook finished), Mantic released their drakon riders .  There were a pair of metal models, and a third single model for the Lord on Drakon.  (Looking at them, they are actually wyvern riders (i.e. dragons with no forelegs). I was close to picking up my first Abyssal Dwarf army box (I think I got it at Gencon that summer), so I wasn't actively involved with the Mantic community at the time.  As such I don't know what the initial reaction was to these.  I do know that later opinion on them was, well mixed is possibly even two generous.  Eventuall