Which one of you p****s is the Leader?

The Walking Dead: All Out War has been a huge success for Mantic, and in November they are releasing the next generation.  Not an AoW expansion, but a stand alone Walking Dead board game - Here's Negan!

Last March those of use who went to Mantic night at Adepticon were able to see a preview of the game, but were under a strict non-disclosure.  Well it is now heading to your FLGS just in time for Christmas!
The  Walking  Dead:  Here’s  Negan MGWDN101   £59.99/€69.99/$74.99  
Here’s  Negan  is  a  co-operative  board  game  for  1  to  5  players,  based  on  The  Walking  Dead  comic-book  series.    Each    player    takes    the    role    of    a    Survivor,    recruited    by    the    ruthless  Negan.    Under  Negan’s instructions,    the  Survivors  must  battle    to  clear  out  a  large    factory  complex    to  create  a  safe  haven  in  the  brutal  wilderness.  By  scavenging  supplies,  securing  key  objectives  and    fighting    the  walking  dead,  the  players  …

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