Another done and in the books

Well another Origins is done and in the books, and time to take a little look back at it.  I've been attending the Origins Game Fair since 1994 or 1995.  Since then I've only missed one year (which turned out to be good luck - I had to move into a new apartment that weekend, and after I had moved, my old pos van died and never moved again (luckily in the parking lot of the apt complex (eventually they towed it off, and I said good riddance)).  However had that happened 70 miles away at Origins in Columbus, I would have been completely and utterly screwed)  (Ok, ok, I can hear you all  yelling - "Get back to gaming - no one cares about that crap"!).

I started running Learn to Play events at Origins back in 2013, making this my sixth year doing so.  In those six years, I've almost 400 (ok, 391) people participate in events that either I, or now the Ohio War Kings, have run.  Origins was the place where I first attempted to run a tournament (I say attempted becaus…

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