Putting it all out there

There comes a time when you are finally proud enough of your painted models to want to show them off.  Or in my case, my wife mentions them to someone and wants me to show them.  Getting them out of their storage cases (or even worse, pluck foam trays (yes, some are still in these - I haven't gotten rid of my old ones, I'm just not buying any new ones)) and setting them out tends to kill the enthusiasm for them.

So what is the solution - well a display cabinet.  And like so much inexpensive furniture in our modern world, IKEA has a solution.  The Ikea DETOLF glass cabinet is a fairly inexpensive cabinet and works great for holding and displaying miniatures.

It goes together as easily as any of their other furniture, and looks fairly decent.  I find it kind of amusing how many of these you end up seeing at conventions displaying product).    I received one for Christmas, and a few weeks later put it together on a Sunday afternoon down in the basement.  (My wife suggested upsta…

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