Judge us by our size do not

Right on the heels of the new Salamander army, Mantic released the new Halfling army (with a beta army list ) last month.  The full army list will come out next month in the Clash of Kings supplement for 2022 . The initial release includes is an army box , a mega army box , a battle group box , Ej Grenadiers and models from the League of Infamy halfling expansion. Using the beta list, and hoping that it doesn't change drastically, I've planned a 1000 pt army with halflings.  This is basically an army box , Ej Grenadiers regiment and a Forest Troll Gunner regiment (which comes out next month). So what is in the army box?  It is a Saurceror on miniature aralez, a harvester, and two battlegroups.  A battlegroup is two sets of the new plastic sprues that makes 10 infantry AND 5 cavalry for the halflings. My list is a regiment of spear spikes, a regiment of halfling rifles, a regiment of ranged wild riders, a regiment of Ej Grenadiers, a regiment of Forest Troll Gunners, A Har

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