Bringing color to the realm

So with the Trident Realm being the newest warband, I figured it would be a good one to have available at Gencon.  However I didn't think it would happen, as I expected it would take two more weeks to arrive from the UK (and I doubt I could get it done in the few days before I leave the week of Gencon.

Then Mantic pleasantly surprised me - and they showed up after only five days (and beyond that, shipped early), so they came in last week.

I went with the GW contrast paints for most things, and that meant I pretty much finished this in less than a day.

I went back and forth several times on what to take for command here - they have four command models - more than any other.  Eventually I went with the Mythican Aquamage - and command version of the standard Thuul Mythican - so both a spellcaster and command.

He has a special rule "Elemental Mastery" - which allows a warband with him to take an additional Water Elemental beyond the normal limits for Large models.

Of course…

Toadally cool

It can be hard to raise a family . . .

It's an ogre thing

It is just their nature