Sponsor Spotlight: Ironheart Artisans

Once again, Ironheart Artisans is sponsoring the War Kings GT

Ironheart Artisans has been supporting Kings of War just about as long as it has been around.  They have long been known for their MDF and acrylic tokens for spells and magic items as well as templates and movement trays (I especially like their trays, as they are both a try AND a multibase.

However, with the publication of CoK 2019 with the new, revised (and playable) siege rules, they have come out with a line of terrain and siege engines scaled great for Kings of War and other 28 mm war games.  And to just give everyone a taste, all attendees at the tournament will get a siege Mantel kit.

A siege mantel is crucial to protect your archers and other infantry units as they try to cross the killing field in front of a fortress.  The defenders have cleared out anything that could be used as cover - so you must bring your own!

This is a nice little MDF kit - and I opened one up to let you see just how nice it is.

It has 13 MD…

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