Getting ready to launch

In less than a week, Mantic Games will be launching their much anticipated fantasy naval combat game Armada .  People are so excited about it (myself included) that the initial print run of the base game has sold out on the Mantic web store already.  (However, check with your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) as Mantic has said they hope to have it in shops by the release date of Nov 21, 2020.)   (Just to clarify, sold out means that Mantic has allocated all their copies - these are going to pre-orders as well as stores that have ordered it.  It does not mean it is no available, only that you can't get it directly from Mantic until the second printing is available (which they expect to be soon after the first of the year). One of the duties of being a pathfinder for Mantic is to promote their games and run demos to introduce people to them.  This is also a perk, as it means that Pathfinders can get their hands on some pre-release goodies in order to prepare for these demos.  I'm


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