Happy Blogday to Me!

Wow.  Four years and still going (knock wood). Yes, I started this whole little experiment on February 15th, 2015.  So today is my fourth Blogiversary.

So what does that mean?  Well for those going back, it looks like it extends all the way to 2007, but that is because I decided to consolidate my various forum posts here (where they wouldn't disappear if the forums got shut down).  These were Carpe Noctem for my Grateful Undead army, Da Warpath for da Beech Boyz, and the (now gone) Mantic forums where, when I first became a pathfinder, we were required to post).  Plus I had been doing a monthly email newsletter as well.

So there are a total of 159 backdated posts.  When this goes live (I really like the way you can forward and back date posts, scheduling them when you need them to go up) it will by my 625th post (with five more currently in the pipeline) making 466 posts I have written since I started this little venture.

At first it was fairly random, then I committed to once a …

Ruled with a holy fist

Earth and Stone

Looks like we've been reinforced