No one knows what it's like

Behind Blue Skies is the second release in JS Morin's Mercy For Hire series, set in the Black Ocean universe, continues the adventures of the wizard Esper and her not dog sidekick Kubu as they attempt to hide from the Convocation on a tiny colony surrounded by fresh air and farmland.  Of course this can't be peace and quiet (honestly, does anyone want to read a book where the heroes rest, relax and enjoy themselves like, oh say, normal people?  Of course not - we want adventure), and they quickly find themselves helping out another underdog, and once more missing the entire point of being a bounty hunter - which is getting paid!).

Being in the middle of the series, this is not a good jumping on point, as you are expected to know the main characters already.  That is not a flaw in the book, and being a sequel to a sequel, Morin is able to avoid not only introducing the heroes, but also having to tie this in to his other books.  So, where Esper ends up seeking <spoiler for Wa…

Holiday Road

Scouting ahead

Taking a dive

Jerk a knot in his tail

Carry on my Wayward Saint

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