WAY, WAY Back Machine - LGF II

It is sometimes fun to go back and look at things in the past, and often what is going on now makes us nostalgic for what we had then.   It looks like a local mini-convention is coming back to the Dayton Ohio area after being gone for six year - the Legendary Game Faire!  And we are celebrating by bringing back one of the oldest Kings of War tournaments in Ohio. So I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit it - and it was a bit more challenging than I expected.  I thought I'd just dig up the old blog post - but there wasn't one!  LGF II was four months before I started this blog, as a place to consolidate everything.  I copied over a lot of old posts from other forums (for dwarfs, undead, orcs & goblins, and the old mantic forums) - but still nothing. Luckily I did find some pictures on my old web site, and I still have the warscore file with the tournament results from way back then. This was a wild time for Kings of War, waaaayyy back in FIRST edition.  It was a ve

A shocking development

Reapers and Angels and Ghosts, oh my

Clawing their way up