Getting in ship shape

After shipping close to 36000 boats, my Armada pre-order finally arrived (and there was much rejoicing!) I've already shown off most of the ships - there are only two left that I now have - the orc smasher and rabble squadron. The larger the ship, the more parts it seems to come in, especially with the orcs.  The main body of the ship has two sockets per side for more guns! The stern has a large structure on it (that also has a gun socket) and the bow comes in two parts.  Of course I grouped the parts as I grabbed them, with no logical order (which is why I don't have the two bow pieces together, as they should be). Instead I have the top of the bow with the fore-sail There are two pairs of sails and two masts.  In addition are the extra canons - three on each side and one in the stern. I'm not doing final assembly until after painting (as it is much easier if the sails and masts are painted separately from the hull), but I'll post up more pictures once they are done. T

Setting Sail

Getting ready to launch