Demo Army : Ogres

new pictures pending

1000 pt demo army
Ogre Warrior Regiment
Ogre Warrior Regiment
Ogre Warriors w/ 2 Handed Weapons Regiment
Ogre Berserker Brave Regiment
Ogre Shooter Regiment
Ogre Captain w/ Heavy Crossbow
Ogre Warlock
Red Goblin Blaster


  1. Your ogres look good! I've linked this army list in my article: Kings of War - Sample armies

  2. With shooters being irregular and counting as troops you won't be able to unlock them unless you include a horde. For large infantry a regiment is not enough to unlock a troop.

    1. Thanks for noticing (and reading).

      The list actual 3rd edition list is in the link at the top of the page (I just haven't taken new pictures - the pictures are from 2nd edition). The three regiments of warriors have been replaced with two hordes (one w/ two handed weapons) (I still had another regiment from 1st edition).

      I don't really like LI hordes in demos, but now I have no choice.

      With the new Siege Breakers coming out, I'm going to switch the warriors w/ two handed weapons to Siege Breakers. The new Boomer Sergeant model is so cool, I think he is going to replace the Warlock as well. (That gets me the 35 points I need for the SB (5 since they can't take the Crocodog).

      Of course that would mean I'd actually have to get them painted - which has NOT been happening with everything (and thus all my deadlines - i.e. incentive) cancelled.


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