These two things are not quite the same

Every once in a while I get a request, and it seems that one of my readers wants to see some comparisons between the new goblins and ratkin and older GW models.  Well comparing a goblin to a rat is like comparing apples to oranges, but ratking to skaven, well that is more like comparing

Since they came out first, we'll start with the goblins.  This actually gets a bit tricky as GW has put out at least three types of goblins in the past (night goblins, forest goblins, and just plain vanilla goblins (though I very much doubt that is how they would taste).  I'm not looking at the forest goblins (the spider riders) because they are much fewer - but instead just the straight infantry.

First the archers.

metal goblin (from chariot), newer night goblin archer (from the Warhammer Underworlds NightVault Zarbag's Gitz box), old night goblin archer, new mantic goblin archer, old mantic goblin archer

First, for those who haven't seen the original plastic mantic goblins, we can compare those two.

I'm not sure if it is truly the sculpt or the casting, or both.  One thing I don't care for in the old ones is the way they were stooped over - so they are constantly looking down regardless of what they are doing.  The details are soft, and the new sculpts are simply superior in every way.

I don't remember if GW made plain goblin archers or not - this was the closest I had.  All my other 'plain' goblins have spears.

The new Mantic goblin is taller and better proportioned.  One of the complaints about the old goblins was the 'monkey hands' (and same with the old skaven).  These hands were huge in proportion to the bodies, and the weapons were ridiculously oversized.  The new Mantic plastic has much better proportions, and the bow isn't so thick.

Then we get the old multi-piece (head, body, legs, two arms and quiver) hard plastic night goblin archers.

The model is almost as tall as the Mantic goblin, but that is close to 50% head.  The hands are huge - and the bow it larger around than the goblins knees.  Very cartoony looking.  

Lastly is the latest night goblin archer

The newer Night Goblins are all single piece - for this box set you just have to stick him onto one of the provided bases.  The proportions are MUCH better (though I still  think the bow is a bit thick), and thus the figure is smaller.

The Mantic goblins seem to be a bit less silly, with slightly more malicious grins.  

Onto the spearmen

newer night goblin, older night goblin, plain old goblin, new Mantic goblin

First up - goblin to goblin

The Mantic goblin is taller, while the GW version has the oversized head, hands and spear shaft.

The difference to the older night goblin is similar

The two GW goblins definitely seem to come from the same style, if not the same sculptor.  Thus they have the same flaws.

Then the newer night goblin

Again, not one piece.  Smaller, but better proportioned except for the spear shaft.

Now onto the rats

Storm Vermin, 'newer' clanrat, new Mantic Ratkin, Mantic Veer-myn, Mantic Ratkin slave (or wretch).

Mantic did not have older models to compare to, at last not in  the Kings of War range.  They did have Veer-myn from Deadzone and Warpath though

The Hard plastic veer-myn provide a little challenge, as they are definitely sci-fi (not fantasy) themed.  As such, they almost all have guns, and the majority of the heads have gas masks.  With some proper picks you can make one or two 'fantasy' rats out of the sprue, but with the new plastics it isn't worth the effort.

Mantic did release a 4-pack of ratkin slaves for Abyssal Dwarfs in Vanguard.

These have the hunched ove rlook - but then they are beaten regularly and aren't quite ready to stand up to their masters.  I do hope they make these available in affordable larger units to use in Kings of War however.

The true comparison is against the Skaven Warrior

If I remember correctly, these skaven have separate weapon arms (with both spears and hand weapons).  They were new in the 8th edition starter box (with elves), and were replacing the old 'monkey hand' ones.  (I don't have any of those older skaven).  A little smaller than the newer Mantic platics.

Lastly is the Storm Vermin

Not my paintjob - I bought these off ebay.

I wanted to show this as Mantic now has upgrade kits for Ratkin to make Shock Troops, which include new heads and arms, but use the same bodies.  With their releases coming in the next two month, Ratkin are going from an army they don't currently make to one that has EVERY unit available.

I hope this helps to see how the rats and goblins measure up against some of the older models you may have.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. ah! Thanks a lot! that is indeed very helpful. was wondering how much bulkier and bigger the minis are. looking good though and especially those two armies are not necessarily build up of uniform creatures. so all is good. thanks a bunch!

    ps: still think you can work on the keywords... putting review / size comparison down helps with the algorithms, especially if you also put it in the name of the images. I can't be the only one eyeing these minis... :)

    1. Thanks. I do have a hard time thinking what keywords would be good. I have started adding #review, though I didn't think of this that way.

    2. Once they left metal behind GW has produced some truly sh*t miniatures.

    3. I don't know about that, though I don't care for their style much anymore. I have to give them credit for the fact that their plastic kits go together well and have clear instructions (It still impresses me how the plastic giant went together - it was so no obvious looking at the sprue what the legs were - and it hid the seams as well. Of course you are paying a huge premium for that.

  2. Very handy reference :D
    Whilst I'll be able to eventually do all these Goblin comparisons (and more!) myself as I have all these models now (except the older Mantic ones, I never liked the look of them enough to get any), this means I won't have to, hehe, I can just show someone this later :)

    I've still not opened my War in the Holds box set as I have so much other stuff to paint first... but one day I will get there... I really miss painting Goblins right now tbh!

    1. Thanks. I'm not sure when mine will be painted up either - it is basically replacing two demo armies with new models - so they are 'functional' as is, just not with the new shinies.

  3. although it might be apples and kiwis: but a general comparison between the mantic ranges would also be helpful, although I realize, that it is easy to ask when you don't have to do the work. I fear a bit, that the new goblins are roughly the same size as the mantic orks, is that correct? :) thanks for your work

    1. Well maybe that is a topic for another post . . .

      I honestly haven't compared the goblins to the orcs, but doing a comparison of all the hard plastics could be interesting.


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