Loads of Want

Pictures of the November Kings of War releases are out
Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed
Ogre Hunters (Retailer Exclusive)
Elf Dragon Kindred Lord

Elf Dragon Kindred Lord Close up
Undead Zombie Trolls Regiment (Retailer Exclusive)

Orc Godspeaker (Retailer Exclusive)

Ogre Chariot Regiment

Uncharted Empires (Retailer Exclusive)


  1. The Winged Halfbreed makes me want to pick up and Abyssal Dwarf army just for that model.

  2. I'm with you Michael, its very cool. The undead trolls are fantastic as well.

  3. Mike - thanks for sharing. Are the dragons on 50mm bases?

  4. The Dragons are actually on 75mm bases due to the sheer size (like the Greater Obsidian Golem)


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