June 2018 Kings of War Releases

Tweet, tweet, tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet Tweet.  Tweet, Tweet, TWEET.

That is the sound of a little bird whispering in my ear.

June sees some big releases from Mantic for Kings of War.  When I say big, I mean BIG.  Monstrous even.

First, in June the forces of the abyss are finally getting a model for the living legend Chroneas.  Now a Chroneas is a monster, and while not unique, they are rare enough to never encounter more than one.  Of course with Fireball 20, Piercing (1) and the special rule that it is NEVER disordered (i.e. the only way to stop it shooting at you is to kill it) they do seem to show up in almost everyone's list.
Abyssal Chroneas MGKWA401 MSRP £29.99 €39.99 $49.99
To help balance this out, the good armies see the release of the final dragon variant funded by the Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter - the Basilean High Paladin.

Basilean High Paladin on Dragon MGKWB104 MSRP £29.99 €39.99 $49.99
The neutral players need a bit of loving as well - so the Forces of Nature (ok, the Brotherhood can take one as well) get the next Greater Elemental - water.  (This leaves only the air elementals (lesser and greater) left for Mantic to make).  Water has the power to clean (i.e. heal) itself - represented by the regeneration rule on this beast.  Fitting with the smaller units, it has a bit of fish and debris being carried along with the waves as it smashes into your foes!
Greater Water Elemental MGKWR404 MSRP £29.99 €39.99 $49.99
Some people have seen sneak peaks and heard rumors, but the Orcs are finally getting their monster - the Winged Slasher.  I believe there will also be a non-winged variant (because somebody might actually want to take one, though I've never seen anyone take it without wings).  A big question thoug is will this work for a Salamander army?
Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher MGKWO202 MSRP £29.99 €39.99 $49.99
Finally Mantic has been re-releasing a lot of their older metal models, so if you don't quite need a monster to mount your krudger on, the Krudger on gore is coming back.

Orc Krudger on Gore MGKWO203 MSRP 14.99 €17.99 $19.99
It looks to be a monstrous summer.  Which of these beasties are your most excited about?

Because it is all fun and games . . .