Demo Army : Abyssal Dwarfs

                                            3rd Edition Army List
All new models for this army, using the brand new models released for 3rd edition, are coming.  Once I actually put them together and paint them.



Immortal Guard

Lesser Obsidian Golems

Lesser Obsidian Golems

Angkor Heavy Mortar

Katsuchan Rocket Launcher



  1. This is useful! I've linked this army list in my article: Kings of War - Sample armies

    1. Thank you. I'm not sure what to do about the AD for 3rd with all the fantastic new models. How much of the army do I want to replace? (Definitely want a charnox for the LOGs (which are now a horde). But do I replace the decimators and blacksouls with the new plastics? Or even a regiment of the new Grotesques? These aren't even the current Immortal Guard models :-)


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