Kings of War Resources

With the release of Kings of War 2.0, I figure I would try to put together a listing of resources that people find useful.

First off, of course, are the free rules and starter army lists themselves. These lists are not complete, but give you a very nice starting point to try the game.

Kings of War 2.0 Free Rules & Starter Army lists

Twilight Kin Army List

Official FAQ and Errata (1.7.2) (updated April 12, 2018)

There is a new site to track Kings of War tournaments -

An excellent new player introduction.

Magnetic bases and steel movement trays from Shogun Miniatures

Knitting counters that I use as wound counters - ebay

Proxie Models has some nice would trackers damage trackers that I like

There is a fantastic army list generator available provided by easyarmy :

Matthew Burke (aka Dustcrusher) has made some fantastic unit cards for Kings of War.  These make running my demos much easier.  Check them out here : KoW2 Unit Cards

I have made a quick reference sheet for Kings of War 2.0 : KOW_Ref_2-0.pdf

I have been asked to also post the notes that I use when teaching Kings of War : Teaching KoW

The Fields of Blood blog did nice consolidation of a forum post on Common Misconceptions

Great tournament scoring software, with a tracking website at


  1. Loving your dwarf army. Did you cut off the round disc base before attaching them to the unit base?

  2. Abyssal Dwarfs yes, regular dwarfs no. For the regular dwarfs those are mantic bases glued together in sets of 10 (5x2), and then magnetic tape on the bottom to stick to my storage bins.

  3. Wow, you did an amazing job. I could even tell that they were Mantic bases.

  4. I can't find anything on your blogpage anymore..

    1. What can you not find? Things have been moved around (I hope it is better) but nothing has been removed.


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