Kings of War Resources

With the release of Kings of War 2.0, I figure I would try to put together a listing of resources that people find useful.

First off, of course, are the free rules and starter army lists themselves. These lists are not complete, but give you a very nice starting point to try the game.

Kings of War 2.0 Free Rules & Starter Army lists

Twilight Kin Army List

Official FAQ and Errata (1.7.2) (updated April 12, 2018)

There is a new site to track Kings of War tournaments -

An excellent new player introduction.

Magnetic bases and steel movement trays from Shogun Miniatures

Knitting counters that I use as wound counters - ebay

Proxie Models has some nice would trackers damage trackers that I like

There is a fantastic army list generator available provided by easyarmy :

Matthew Burke (aka Dustcrusher) has made some fantastic unit cards for Kings of War.  These make running my demos much easier.  Check them out here : KoW2 Unit Cards

I have made a quick reference sheet for Kings of War 2.0 : KOW_Ref_2-0.pdf

I have been asked to also post the notes that I use when teaching Kings of War : Teaching KoW

The Fields of Blood blog did nice consolidation of a forum post on Common Misconceptions

Great tournament scoring software, with a tracking website at