Demo Army : Kingdoms of Men

new pictures pending

1000 pt demo army
Pole-Arms Block Horde
Militia Mob* Regiment
Crossbowmen Regiment
Knights Regiment
Mounted Scouts Troop
Mounted Scouts Troop
General, mounted on horse
Wizard (Bane-chant(2), Heal(2), replace Fireball(6) w/ Lightning Bolt (3))


  1. The army looks good! I've linked this army list in my article: Kings of War - Sample armies

    1. I'll post the 3rd edition version soon, not a huge amount of changes for this one.

  2. Hi there. A bit late, I know... Could you add some information, which models you used and where to get them? And thanks a lot for your sample army... even if the 3rd edition update is still missing ;)

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