This just in - and Joe says that Ronnie himself gave the go ahead to finally share.

Yes, the Naiad Sea Serpent Riders are coming.  They are in metal, and will retail for $34.99.  They are currently slated for an October release (along with the new Earth Elementals).  I know what I'll be thankful for in November.

Now wipe the drool off your face and enjoy.
Naiad Sea Serpent Riders
I think I'm going to replace mine.
My conversion
Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Not bad at all. Great to see the trident realm get some more attention. Hopefully a more supported miniatures line will help get them some more players, as they seem to be played quite seldom ATM.

    Really hope they go together better than the centaurs though. Metal models as big and heavy as these needs to fit together snugly or there'll be problems afoot.

  2. I think these are actually coming out under the Forces of Nature banner - though they can (of course) be used for Neriticans as well.

  3. Ah, yes of course. the serpent riders feature in both lists. Forgot about that.

    It makes a lot of sense to prioritize kits that can be used in more than one list.

  4. These are gorgeous.

    Also Pathfinder cavalry you don't have to buy Potion of the Caterpillar for.

    Changed the terrain dynamic a lot in beta.

    Mind you, parking something with Ensnare in a forest is also a great move - there is going to be a lot of competing rustling in those bushes :)

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