Because you asked for it - well kind of

Due to popular demand, and also for preparation for Warpath that keeps getting closer and closer (did you see the pictures of the Murderbirds?  No?).  Ok, so we don't have a release date for these yet (some say it may be a YEAR before we get them :-( ), but we do have some nice pictures

A lot of people are talking about using these as Carrion for their Empire of Dust Kings of War armies
GCPS Mule Transport
Veer-Myn Tunnel Runners
Tunnel Runner
Tunnel Runner

Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, Mantic is releasing more of the individual units funded in the last kickstarter.   So if you wanted a second night terror but didn't need another Brood Mother - well now you can get it on it's own.

So since we finished with Veer-Myn pictures above - we will start with them.  All of the units below are scheduled to be released in September and are currently available to pre-order on the website - and all are $19.99 each (except for the night terror (which as of 8:34 PM EDT Aug 15th 2016 is still showing incorrectly as $19.99 (the jetbikes have been corrected from the earlier type on their website of $12.49))

Veer-Myn Nightmares - $19.99
4 Hard Plastic models
Veer-Myn Night Terror - $14.99
Comes with option to equip with Reaper Harness
or Heavy Chem Thrower
Forge Father Forge Guard - $19.99
6 Hard Plastic models
Forge Farther Iron Ancestor - $19.99
Hailstorm Cannon and Ancestor Forge Hammer
5 hard plastic models
4 Hard Plastic models
Because it is all fun and games . . .