Getting it all together

Welcome to the Mantic Compendium, your handy guide to all things Mantic!

Inside you’ll find product listings for every range we offer, with gorgeous color photography showcasing every item on sale at the time of going to print. You can use it as a collector’s checklist at home, a range stocking guide for your store or just to immerse yourself in the fantastic worlds we have created.

But the Compendium is more than just a catalog - we’ve also included bonus content for each game. You’ll find a strategy guide for Deadzone, some Kings of War short fiction, a DreadBall painting guide, a new scenario for Dungeon Saga and more!

We also have an exclusive feature from the Mantic Studio on the making of our upcoming sci-fi game Warpath, along with an extended preview of The Walking Dead: All Out War to whet your appetite for our biggest release to date!

Scheduled for release in September, $10.99 MSRP

Because it is all fun and games . .