Thursday, July 28, 2016

Walkers, Roamers and Biters, oh my!

With the Walking Dead kickstarter wave 1 getting ready to ship in the next few months, Mantic is taking all the lessons they have learned from previous kickstarters and working to make it more difficult to get the packing wrong than to get it right.  That is only good.  Mantic put out an unpacking video of the deluxe edition - this is based on the prototype - but except for the white box should be pretty close.

And yes, for those who weren't happy that the kickstarter did not include the Governor before Michonne went to work on him - well Wayland Games in the UK is putting them up for pre-order already.

As you all should know - the base game (The Walking Dead: All Out War) is as follows:
  • 24-Page Rulebook
  • 8-Page Quick Start Guide
  • 20"x20" Paper Mat
  • Card Counters, Templates and Scenery
  • 6 Character Cards
  • Walker Reference Card
  • 15 Event Cards
  • 16 Loot Cards
  • 8 Equipment Cards
  • 11 Dice
  • 18 Miniatures;
  • Rick
  • Carl
  • Derek
  • Patrick
  • Liam
  • Sandra
  • Zombies x 12

There is a Prelude to Woodbury expansion
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Card Scenery
  • Templates & Counters
  • The Governor
  • 5 Walkers
  • Cards
  • Dice

A list of boosters has been spotted as well - each for $19.99
  • The Walking Dead: Walker Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Shane Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Lori Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Morgan Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Carol Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Andrea Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Rick (mounted) Booster 
  • The Walking Dead: Dice Booster
  • The Walking Dead: Scenery Booster ($34.99 instead of $19.99)
One thing to note - several of these list models that WERE NOT in the kickstarter - such as the Govenor, and Mounted Rick.  While some of the kickstarter backers are upset they are not getting everything - Mantic has been working to help the retailers more by making sure they are releasing product that is NOT going to kickstarter backers.  I already know that the completest in me wants these - especially Mounted Rick.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Monday, July 25, 2016

Live and Kicking

Well, throwing and catching - you can't kick the ball.

Yes, the most recent kickstarter for Mantic is now live.  You can join in the fun here.  This will be a quick one - it ends August 7th at midnight BST (which is 7 pm EDT) - so just after Gencon ends.

Why are they doing this?  In their own words

"We are funding the 2nd edition of the game in response to community feedback. Players wanted teams to be rebalanced, the league rules to be improved and a few smaller niggles to be sorted out. The work on second edition will do this and more, supporting the existing community and sparking growth in the player base once again."

So what can I say about it that hasn't already been said?

The plan is to get four teams funded - two in the new box set and two more.  The box set will include robots and yndij, and the two additional teams are Sumo lizards and Cyborg undead. Everything at this point is still in design, however we do have a couple of new pictures

First is the posing for the Robot team that comes in the base set.

And then posing for the Sumo Lizards (this was snuck out of HQ so quickly we didn't get the title changed).

These, of course, are much more impressive than the static base renders.  I'm actually much more impressed with the fat lizards from this sketch.

One of the new features is captains for each team.  This will be a great use for that MVP you have sitting in a box that is never used (ok, mine have never been used).  You can add a team to your kickstarter pledge for $25 (which is a great price, as they have eliminated the boosters, so you now get all the poses (and prone figures, if available) in one box).  In addition, each team comes with a team specific MVP to field as a captain.  These are not listed on the main kickstarter page yet - but you can see them on this update

You can also add on custom dice, additional bases, plastic counters, and they even have a club pack with components for 6 players (3 each of pitches, card decks, 2 balls, ref and plastic counters).

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A bit of filler

When working with any type of models, you will inevitably find that some pieces just don't fit together as well as you would like.  If you are doing any type of conversions, you will find this even more often.

The solution is generally to fill the gaps.  The most common way to do this is via green stuff.  Green stuff was originally Kneadatite blue/yellow epoxy putty.  This is often repackaged (either in tubes or ribbons) and resold under various other companies names.  Traditional model sculptors often use this for their sculpts. There are also other colors of epoxy putty - plumbers putty is a good example of this, though not recommended for modelling.  Grey stuff, has a finer grain and is often better for sculpting fine details on a model.

I like to buy my green stuff in larger sizes (Gale Force 9 has a nice one), though when starting out and not using much, the ribbon versions is nice because you can easily cut off equal parts by cutting the ribbon.  It is usually easily available at your FLGS.  Check to see if they have different brands as they are pretty much identical except for the price.

bulk green stuff

green stuff ribbon
So in case you may not be sure what I mean when I talk about gap filling - here are a couple of models.

This first two are part of the new Forces of Nature Centaur Troop.  You can see a big gap between the halves of their bodies.  From the top they aren't too bad, but in front and underneath they are just too visible.

The next one is the centaur hero.  There are a couple of changes (i.e. conversions) I made to this model.  First I didn't care for the fact he was basically facing backward, so I cut and twisted him around to be facing the front.  This left a big gap that needed to be filled where I had cut it.  In addition the halberd handle was very thin - before I glued him to a base he would not stand, and laying down would bend either the top of bottom of the halberd, until it finally broke off the bottom.  I took a thin steel wire and replace the entire haft of the halberd - it doesn't have the sculpted texture the original had, but isn't going to bend or break again.

So on to the actual work.  The following pictures weren't using my light box, but are against a paper towel on my work table instead.

One thing that you should get is some modelling tools.  You can get these simple ones at your FLGS, or at an art supply store.  One of these is the only tool you really need for gap filling - it has a blade at one end with a point, and then the other is a rounded flat surface.

The first thing you do is to get to equal pieces of the epoxy.  If you have a ribbon then it is quite easy to just cut across it.  If they are separate then just cut equal amounts.  If you ever get really serious about sculpting using this, you can actually vary the amounts of each to give you slightly different results (greater or shorter work time mainly).  For our purposes get them as equal as you can, but don't worry if they aren't exact.

The next step is to simply work these together.  One thing you will want to do is to keep your fingers wet as you work the epoxy together.  It gets sticky (which you want), but you don't want it sticking to you or your tools instead of the model.  I like to pull and fold the epoxy on itself over and over, working it like clay until the color is a uniform green (remember kids - yellow + blue = green). (and thus the name "green stuff" for yellow and blue putty).

Once you have gotten the putty mixed to a consistent color, pinch off a small piece and roll it out into a long 'rope'.  Just start with a ball and roll it between you hands.  It does not have to be completely consistent in size- usually about 1/8 of an inch thick or so.

Now simply press this thin 'rope' into the cracks you are filling.  You want to get the green stuff down into the gap, not just laying on top of it.

Now take your sculpting tool, and smooth out joint, removing the excess green stuff.  This is what the small flat end is great for.  Make sure you keep your tool wet (get your mind out of the gutter) so it doesn't stick and pull the green stuff back out of the gap.  In most cases you can just make a smooth join with the green stuff spreading over the sides slightly.  As you do this you will pull off the extra green stuff - this just goes back into the ball for the next model.  Lather-rinse-repeat

Really, that is all there is to filling your gaps.  If there is some texture then you can use the tip of the other end of the sculpting tool to recreate it - but generally you won't need to for gap filling.

Filling gaps on models can quickly become a simple part of preparing them for painting, just like cleaning and assembling them.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Monday, July 18, 2016

Getting ready for the next big thing

So there might be someone out there who is a fan of Dreadball but not aware that the new kickstarter is starting on July 22nd (and reads this blog).  Mantic has been pushing out LOTS of pictures of the new teams and art, and hinting at some of the gameplay changes.  So if the Mantic Blog isn't something you subscribe to, here is a rundown of what is to come.

First, this will be a 'small' kickstarter - running for two and a half weeks - ending on August 7th.
They plan on new editions of both the base game and Ultimate, and right now the talk is about four new teams.
In progress shot of the new Ultimate box art

new box set art
The box set will have a new pitch with larger hexes (something sorely needed.  It is based on the Gruba-tek VII Coliseum deluxe pitch, with spaces for cards, tracking which players have been activated and even what type of coach you had for the turn.

new pitch
The cards are being redone, and there are some changes to the dice (though not D8's, so don't worry about that).  It would not surprise me if they came out with custom dice - though anytime you use D6's you can always map them to 'normal' ones.  In addition Jacks are also being looked at - I've heard the 1 hex movement restriction for slam/throw is going away - which to me is a great thing - making base jacks much more useful (truly jack of all trades but masters of none - represented by them not getting bonus dice).

They are changing the model for the ball - making it slightly bigger, and adding a spike that fits into the new clear bases - so making it easier to keep track of who actually had the ball.

new ball and holder

new ball in new base

the new bases also have the threat hexes marked
There are four new teams they have talked about - and showed preliminary versions of them.

Of the new team ideas - I like the cyborg undead.  Essentially recycled players who have been killed - so they come from all races.  They are tied together by the eyepieces and heart plugs.
Cyborg Undead Team concept
The other team I like are the sports robots.  Not recycled construction robots, nor the shape shifting kind, but robots built and dedicated to their roles.

Another idea is 'sumo' lizards.  
Sumo Lizards concept- now with less armor.
Finally a Yindij team.  Apparently some people are very excited about them (and it looks like they and the sports robots will be in the box set, but I'm not real excited about them (yet).

Yndij concept

Mantic has also released the concept for a new exclusive coach

Coach Fergus
and a new refbot - that instead of having eyes in the back of her head (I actually loved that little detail) will have a 360 degree visor (plus thicker ankles - the old one tended to break a little too easily).

Refbot concept art

Mantic has announced a $100 sweet spot for the kickstarter - I expect them to have a lower level as well that is an 'upgrade' kit (dice, cards, book).

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Friday, July 15, 2016

Might need to dry myself off here

One thing I like to do here is to get the latest information and previews for my readers as soon as possible.  I don't like having tiny posts though, so no every single thing gets out there.  I am also trying to keep to a twice a week (minimum) schedule - which means I am constantly looking for more things to talk about, especially ones that aren't already out there (which is why I haven't been posting about Dreadball - everything I get schedules gets outdated by the latest Mantic Blog post).

This week that seems to have gone completely out the window.  I forget to set the time/date to publish a post and it went out immediately, plus I by chance happened to notice that yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my most read post ever and I had some thoughts on that.

And then I see a picture.  I don't play the army except as a demo force (but then I have all the main book armies as demo forces).  But I want it.  No, not the extra picture of the earth elementals I snuck into yesterdays post this morning.

I'm seeing this and the gamer drool starts flowing, making the want in me bubble up into a great cry of "It Must be Mine!".  I may need to go towel myself off.

Mantic is working on REDACTED REDACTED.  Now I made my own using REDACTED REDACTED - but these looks like they will be much cooler.  You know, the ones I wrote about like four weeks ago?  Which are still in the queue to get posted when I run out of urgent new stuff to talk about . . .

Anyway, I want these.  Along with the earth elementals they would make my REDACTED 100% Mantic models (which is a good thing when promoting the game).

And just for those who might have missed the new picture of the earth elementals

Earth Elementals

UPDATE - Sorry, but I have been asked by the powers that be to pull the awesome picture of REDACTED.  I hope to put it back up soon.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Many Bothans died to bring you these

For those of you who live in the US - things have been a little turbulent this past week.  This entire election cycle simply reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse - "May you live in interesting times". Regardless of your political leanings, we definitely seem to be living in interesting times.

A while back I shared some pictures of the new pre-production earth elementals.  Well they are getting closer to a release date, as here are the actual models painted up for your enjoyment.
Earth Elementals
and a second viewpoint
It is no secret that the Warpath kickstarter is now going to ship in two waves, and the second wave is composed of new hard plastic vehicles.  Mantic even opened up their pledge manager for a while to allow you to get even more of these.  The kickstarter featured some really cool renders of these in the kickstarter updates.

And now we have some real pictures.

GCPS Hornet dropship, with transport module
Dropping off corporate troopers
GCPS Hornet Dropship without transport
Hornet without transport
GCPS Mule Transport, with trooper for scale
GCPS Mule (it ends up more of a pickup than a jeep)
new GCPS plastic troopers
alternate build (rangers) from the same sprue
Heavy Weapon teams get extra bits
for Warpath, Marauders are part of the GCPS Faction
Enforcer Persecutor

In addition, the REDACTED has been seen, and it is fantastic.  The REDACTED REDACTED is something I really like, and along with REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED just impresses me.

First secret view of the REDACTED REDACTED







Because it is all fun and games . . .