Forces of the Abyss

The Kings of War 2nd edition kickstarter funded two new armies - The Forces of the Abyss and Forces of Nature.  I picked an Abyssal Mega army because they are the one army in the book that I did not yet have a 1000 pt demo force for.  (I also picked up a nature army, as I wanted to use as many of the new models for it as I could - but that still isn't painted (what - I still have some time before Origins :-) ).

In addition to the mega army - I picked up an Abyssal Fiend - because it looked cool.  Now it is too costly (pointwise) to go in a 1000 pt demo army, but I wanted one anyway - and figured while I was painting up the rest of the army I'd paint him up as well.

Abyssal Fiend
I regret nothing.  This is really a nice resin demon model, and quite fun to paint.  And he is huge.  Just for comparison here he is with an Efreet and an Abyssal Champion.
For scale - Efreet, Abyssal Fiend, Abyssal Champion
When I put this model together, I figured I'd put him on a 50mm base (instead of the 75 he came with) because he fits it just fine (well, his tail sticks out behind him).

I thought I'd compare him to some of the other big Mantic models - the Greater Earth Elemental (for Nature or Dwarfs) and the Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed (for the Abyssal Dwarfs).

and they say that size doesn't matter
Ok, so he isn't quite as massive as the others, but he definitely holds his own.  While I prefer to crop out the sides of the light box - well the wings just won't allow that.  I still don't have a regular Mantic dragon, but I should have two coming eventually.

So, on to the actual army I'm going to use for demos.  I tried the list a couple of times and made some modifications.

Of course, any army needs some shooting - and the new Flamebearers are just awesome, shooting their firebolts from their hands.
The base units for the Abyssals are Lower Abyssals.  These are the common foot troops - so two regiments of them.  These come from the same kit / sprues as the Flamebearers.
Lower Abyssals

Lower Abyssals
The other infantry unit that was released is the Succubi.  These female demons come with dual hand weapons, and pack quite a punch.  A troop has 20 attacks, while a regiment has 25.  I thought two troops with 20 attacks each was a bit much for a demo list - so I combined them into a regiment (which is also a slight bit less fragile).
Succubi Regiment
In order to provide some chaff and cover, built a regiment of imps (these models are from the succubi and lower abyssal sprues).
Imps* Regiment
In order to give some punch, two regiments of Molochs.  These are metal models - they come with three different bodies, six heads and several combinations of weapons.  I originally wanted to field them as a horde - but have decided to try to avoid hordes for my demo lists are they can be too hard to deal with.
Molochs Regiment

Molochs Regiment
Finally for some more ranged power - an Efreet.  Originally I was taking an Abyssal Champion with the lightning bolt upgrade to get inspiring - but then it was too confusing as to his use (does he charge into combat or sit and shoot).  The Efreet was the same base cost and didn't require upgrades.  No inspiring, but you can't have everything in a demo.
So this army will premier at Origins 2016 - available for both the Learn to Play events as well as the Mega-Battle on Thursday night.  So if you want to try the game, or try the army, come on buy and give them a shot.  There is no better way to see if you like an army than to try it.

Because it is all fun and games...