Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Behind the Microphone

When it came time a couple of months ago to write up the Dreadball tournament from Cincycon, I wanted to do something a little less dry than team x played team y.  For some reason the character "Gurn Blanston" popped into my head.  Gurn was something my friends and I came up with in high school anytime we wanted to make a joke about an on-the-scene reporter.

I don't remember if it was Eric, Ozzie or Roach that first thought of the name, but we used to just use that silly name when it was appropriate.  So I figured why not promote him to sports personality.

Whenever you watch sports (and you know how much I watch sports (Go Sports!) (though to be honest, I do like watching American Ninja Warrior and Battle Bots)) it is always a pair or reporters who 'discuss' the event.  One is a 'professional' broadcaster, while the other, always a former athlete, is the color commentator.  Usually the color guy seems to have some brain damage, because they are the ones saying some of the absolutely stupidest things.  So I figured Gurn needed a color commentator to work with, and after hitting my head against the wall for a bit to get in the appropriate mood, I came up with the name "Dill Blowhard".  Dill is thus a former dreadball player- big and not necessarily the smartest block in the wall.

I don't remember when someone posted the link to these minis, but once I saw them over at Hungry Troll for bloodbowl camera goblins, I figured I needed some.  Then I saw the reporters, and had to have the pair as well.  I figured I could use them as Dreadball cheerleaders, or even as rush or score markers.

It wasn't until after I wrote up my second Dreadball report featuring Gurn & Dill that I thought of these that I had in a baggie somewhere.  I dug them out - and realized that I had the miniatures for Gurn and Dill, plus their camera men.

So, for all of you that wanted a quick behind the microphone look at Gurn and Dill.  I didn't have a name for the goblins until just now - when I thought of the great Ren Faire duo Puke & Snot (the originals (snot unfortunately died back in 2008))

Gurn Blanston and Dill Blowhard, with Puke and Snot, their trusty camera goblins
Gurn doesn't get out much lately due to a severe skin condition (such that he catches fire in the sunlight), but is still very enthusiastic about Dreadball.  A former guard, Dill is currently lucky to be able to form coherent words, but manages to still be able to state the obvious.  Puke & Snot manage to catch all the action for the vid screens, even if he network won't spend the money to upgrade their equipment.

So the next time you see a report from the Puggimer Sports Network - you will know who it comes from!

Edit : I've never played Bloodbowl, so I had no idea these were Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, travelling announcers in the Bloodbowl book.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wayback Machine : Da Beach Boyz

One of the reasons I decided to do this was to consolidate all my hobby / gaming content in one place.  I realized that in the years I've been in the miniature gaming hobby, I've done some - well I find them fun and interesting, and I've got seven plagues, 3 glasses, 4 flasks and 4 certificates (plus there have been a few that all I got was more plastic crack, and no trophy) that can, I guess, qualify them as award winning armies.  (Oh yeah, my avatar is another award, for winning the first Dayton Confrontation tournament).

So the wayback machine is a chance for me to revisit some of these old projects - take new pictures (when I started the digital camera was able to take a whopping 640x480 pictures (no, megapixel count was not yet a thing then) on 3 1/2" floppy disks).  Now my phone has a significant better camera, and I now have both a Foldio and Foldio2 (which just arrived this past weekend) which give me affordable light boxes to get, I hope, much improved pictures.  While I plan on updating my web site (of course you regularly check the irregularly updated http://puggimer.net, don't you?), I figured this was also a good forum to show off, and talk a bit about them as well.

So Sherman, for our first foray back into history, how about we visit the second orc & goblin army I made for Warhammer?  Set the wayback machine to

Da Beech Boyz

The entire army, it all it's glory
I'm often asked what inspires my crazy armies.  The idea for this one came about quite by accident.  Jon Cash is a great Warhammer player (and all around good guy) in Indianapolis, who not only kicks my butt playing the game, but also routinely beats my painting and best army votes as well.  At one point he was thinking of doing a pirate themed orc & goblin army, so put forth a query on a local forum asking for ideas for his squig hoppers that fit his theme.   As soon as I saw his question, the idea of night goblins jumping the shark - literally - popped into my head.  He didn't go for it, and I don't think he ever actually did the army, but like so many other projects, this quickly took on a life all on it's own, with ideas for units popping up left and right.  Yes, I already had an orc & goblin army (The United Greenskin Postal Service, but they are another trip in the Wayback machine), but it didn't seem to be a problem for me to make a new one.  I'd use many different units - figuring armored black orcs didn't fit the water / beach theme I was coming up with - but savage orcs who were already half naked did.  They new arachnarok spider kit had just come out, and I really wanted to use it.  Of course I needed squig hoppers jumping the shark.  Spider riders naturally became crab riders, and the savage orc boar boyz - well what would anyone be riding at the beach but jet skis?

I love giants.  I have five of them for three armies, and am working on a sixth (to maybe add to my Mantic goblins - using the fantastic Nightmare Whiskey Golem model from Wyrd).  Of course I needed a giant in the army.  It didn't take long for my demented imagination to come up with the image of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, in her pose pushing herself up on the rocks, with the water splashing behind her at the climax of her song.  You know the one.

Everybody loves the little mermaid.  Until now :-)
I like giants, and GW came out with a really great giant kit a few years back.  Very flexible - though not quite enough for what I needed.  I actually bought a little mermaid 'barbie' doll for the tail section.  I sculpted the tail fin from thin plasticard and greenstuff.  I connected the tail to the body with greenstuff - and used a silver chain belt to help hide the join.  The boobs are extra thorax sections of the spider riders (it took 2 spiders to make one crab, cutting off the thorax then putting the abdomens and legs together).  I picked up a big bag of assorted sea shells, so finding a couple for the bra was easy.  The hair was all green-stuffed as well.  I didn't have a rock, but did find a big sea shell for her to push up against.  The arms were cut and re-positioned, and extra chain was used for the rest of the bikini top (since she needed something to hold it on due to the 'size').
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
The giant comes with the huge stomach - having it sit on the seashell just went to push this conversion to 11.  I did not intend to make her look pregnant (the rest is intentional).  After painting I added a few piercings made from single chain links.  The make up scheme was based on Tammy Faye Bakker (wow, I had not seen pictures of her while suffering with cancer - and I thought she was scary before!) - there was no subtlety to be had here.  As a little 'easter egg', I added a tattoo of Flounder

Is it a tattoo, or did Flounder get crushed by her belly?
 One of my favorite parts was putting a tramp stamp on her as well.  I wish I could say I painted this, but it is actually a pattern I found online and printed out as a decal.

You can thank me for the wonderful dreams you will be having about her later.
The other big centerpiece model was the arachnarok spider.  I wanted to include this, so it naturally became a lobster.  I kept the howda and forest goblins pretty much intact,  The claws were basically made of greenstuff, the antenae are just wires.  The bands on the claws are simply blue rubber bands. The victim in the claws actually is a bit that comes on the plastic giant kit.
I like how you can see the lobster, but still see a lot of the spider in it

I think it was one of my son's ideas to do the rubber bands - they really add a nice touch.
 The tail of the lobster was made from strips of plasticard, curled around the thorax of the spider and providing the plate 'look'.  I actually brought home a couple of lobster shells left over from dinner at Red Lobster.  At one point I was thinking about trying to clean and preserve the actual lobster tail, but eventually decided against it.  The tail goes all the way underneath, ending in a three part 'fin' like a real lobster.
Tell me, does this picture make my butt look big?
 As I write this, I realize I'm rambling a bit, not doing the units in any order.  Well, yes, there is an order (to me) - starting with the coolest models and going from there.  It's my blog - I can be as random as I want.

Speaking of random - I have always loved the randomness of the orc & goblin army.  In fact randomness was the inspiration for the original "United Goblin Postal Service".  One of the most random aspect has always got to be night goblin fanatics.  After you release them, you have no control over where they go.  I wanted to theme them appropriately - and got the idea to do sea creatures.

The squid is mainly greenstuff and a few tentacle pieces.

The octopus is many tentacle pieces from various bits, with greenstuff for the body and blow tube.  Pin heads were used for the eyes.  He was actually built in an afternoon up at The Toledo Game Room .  My youngest son had qualified for the Throne of Skulls 2nd round, but he was only 14 at the time so I had to drive him up for it.  I didn't qualify, so I had pretty much nothing to do while he played except to explore the awesome bit bins that Daryl has there - I picked up some glue, a hobby knife, a handful of chaos tentacle bits and created the octopus.

The jellyfish is actually almost completely Valejo water effects.  It is a gel that sets up transparent - so I filled the inside of one of those plastic cups that you get from vending machines with stickers or toys.  It was actually too thick to set up, so I pried it out to try again and it popped out perfectly round on the top.  A bit of white paint - and then fishing line for the tentacles, again coated in water effects.
They might not look like night goblins, but they are great fanatics!
 Let me talk about the basing for a moment.  I decided that the theme was orcs & goblins at the beach - but some units were definitely water based, while others were intended to be on land.  I struggled for a little bit on how to make them consistent, then said screw it.  The water based units were based with blue tinted water effects, I used a craft stick to give them little 'wave' peaks.  The land based units had the sides and tops of their bases painted tan, then a layer of sand was glued to it.  The sand didn't need any additional paint - as it was supposed to be sand after all.  (Of course this did mean that EVERY time I got the army out I would find sand coming off the bases).

One of the new units added to the army list at the time was the Mangler Squig.  I liked the idea of them, but it took quite a while for a model for them to come out.  When it did, they were stacked on top of each other.  Like so many other people, I said "screw that" and made two out of the kit.  These were some of the last models added to the army, and it took a while to think of what I could do with them.  The first one became a beach ball, that two goblins are "playing with" as it bounces back and forth over a net.  I like that I was able to convert two of the 'handlers' to be playing volleyball.  The ball is greenstuff to cover up the squished night goblin on his back - with the added chains to 'control' him.
Now serving 1 - love.

So if the squig steps on the net is it in or out?

 For a while I played with only the one squig, but then I had a chance to add a few more points, so converted the second one.  This one I put in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses - with a night goblin trying to steer him. Sunglasses of course, because what cool squig goes out with his shades.  There are two fixes that I think this model still needs.  First the finecast leg just isn't strong enough to holdup the body, so it leans a bit.  This needs a steel pin through it to give it strength.
Coolest squig on the beach!
The second I realized was he really needs a pair of white 'ear buds' and wires leading to an ipod / iphone in his shirt pocket.  I do have to say that even before the conversion I thought this was a cool model (I always like the goblin in his mouth peeking out).

The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades!
I mentioned spider riders already, which became crab riders (because crabs are basically underwater spiders, right?).  These were made from the forest goblin spider riders, with claws from the daemonette kits (basically fiddler crabs,with one huge and one small claw).  The unit is lead by a goblin big boss on gigantic spider, but rather than that kit I converted it based on the Tomb Kings metal tomb scorpion (without the tail or front skull, and green stuff).  All the eyes here are sewing pins painted black, sticking up a bit to represent the eye stalks.

Just keep them away from butter and they will do fine!
Of course crabs actually move sideways - so most of them are facing to the side!
Of course I need to show the unit that started it all.  Much like the crab (spider) riders, it has a goblin big boss on giant squig in the unit, and six more squig hoppers.  The movement tray had to change for these since skirmishers changed while I was working on these.  All of the sharks are green stuff over metal squig or squig hopper models because I wanted to keep the teeth.  Eyes are again all pins painted black.  They aren't that effective of a unit anymore, but they will always be in the army as they were the inspiration for it.
So I finally jumped the shark with my conversions

This is actually the model it represents underneath all the green stuff.

So lets finish off the rest of the goblins in the army.  I have always loved night goblins - and they have some of the most characterful models.  I used some old metal netters, and the musician is a squig herder - but I love bagpipes.
Who sells sea shells by the sea shore?
One of the things a lot of people don't notice at first is the zinc oxide on all the noses.  I did this consistently for all the night goblins - since they generally live underground they aren't used to being in the sun, so they need to keep their big noses from burning.  If you take a look, all the night goblins have this (but the forest goblins don't need it).
It wasn't until after they were complete that I realized I should have used the shell as umbrellas.
Unlike my first orc & goblin army, this was designed to use both orcs and goblins.  I hadn't used savage orcs before because they had previously been very expensive metal models.  When GW came out with the plastic savage orc boys kit they were much more reasonably priced.  (Ok, so why doe 10 savage orcs cost $29, while 10 dark elf witch elves cost $60?  Sure the witch elves can make two different types of models - but still, the price difference is ridiculous.  Now even $29 for 10 is a bit much - one (of many) reasons I quite buying GW models when I can get 20 great ax orc models for $25 from Mantic (if I want the morax models it is $25 for 10 because of the metal bits).  If you ignore price (because we are all independently wealthy you know) GW does make some really nice models - though a lot of the current styles are not to my taste.

Anyway, when I thought about the savage orcs - with all their hands in the air - it made me think of the bodybuilders of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica - so I used different sized washers to make the weights, and bits of sprue trimmed down to make the barbells.  I pulled a Gold's Gym logo off the web, and then orcified it (so it is Green's Gym now).  I really liked how the blue war paint on the dark green skin, so used that for both these and the boar boyz.
No pain, No Gain.  Of course the pain should be from the enemy.
From the side you can see more of the weights, including the Big Stabba - which is the weights held by two orcs.
The savage orc boar boyz (hmm - $29 for 5, or mantic has 10 orc gore riders for $35) used the new plastic savage orc riders - however I wanted them on jetskis.  So like I had done for the Hells Angels in my Grateful Undead (again, a subject of anythor wayback machine), I actually bought a lot of 40K ork biker bits off ebay.  I then wrapped the bikes with platicard - essentially keeping only the handlebars exposed.  I used the water effects again to make each of them have a squirt of water coming out the back.

To be honest - the jetski's did not come out as good as I would have liked.  Looking back now I should have seen if there were other models for jetskis out there, or something closer.  So points for originality and ideas, but I lose some for execution.

One note - I didn't know what I wanted to put on the banner, and searching the web I saw the SeaDoo logo, and putting it on it's side it almost looks like stylized glyphs instead of letters - so I went with it.

Savage Orc boar boyz.  The blank bases in the front corners are where the characters go in the unit.  I used the blanks when displaying the unit for judging.
Unit with Characters (Warlord and Shaman, both also on boars).  This does hit like a ton of bricks!  
In Warhammer, characters are important.  You have to have at least one to be your general.  You usually want a Battle Standard Bearer to help keep your units around.  Wizards are almost required, if just for magical defense even if they don't get spells off.

So to start off was my general - a Savage Orc Warlord on boar.  This was a conversion, mainly of a 40K ork biker boy with the head from the savage orc shaman.  I moved and added in a second wheel on the back to make this a three wheeler, which seemed more appropriate on the beach.  One reason why he wasn't displayed with the unit is he is based on the beach, while they are in water.  So separate for display, but for gameplay I freely mix them (I put the BSB in with the orcs on foot as well).

Savage Orc Warboss on boar
A savage orc great shaman was based on the kit - but swapping out the head for a normal head, adding pigtails (they are actually the tails from horses).  The tower and float were scratch built.  Of course if you watched tv in the 80's you know where the inspiration for her came from.
I named her Pamela.
For the BSB, I was trying to figure out what to do for a big banner - when the idea of a wind surfer came to mind - what could be a bigger banner to inspire the army than a huge sail?  Sprues and then I took a sheet protector and cut it up for the sail, with craftsticks for the board.  I reused the racing stripes from the jetskis here, and I think it worked out better.
Surfing the waves in his wetsuit.
Hang ten buddy!
The final model was originally for a specific tournament.  My friend Bill Robertson runs the "Siege at the Tower" GT, which is the longest running tournament in Ohio, and a great one that I highly recommend.  He likes to do some fun stuff, often requiring a little extra.  So this year we were supposed to bring in a "Chaos Spawn" model.

Basically in the first scenario, we would take one of your infantry models and he would be your messenger, who you had to get across the board.  He ended up getting exposed to the chaos wastes, and so in the next scenario the messenger came back as a chaos spawn.

Of course, you want the cheapest model you can as the messenger - which for me was a night goblin.  Thinking about him getting exposed and growing to a monster - yes I went all Incredible Hulk on him.  I used an Ogre body (filling in the hold in the middle that normally has a gutplate), with a night goblin head.  The hood is still there, but the robes are shredded (and of course he has purple pants!).  He is actually beating up on an orc who had been kicking sand in his face earlier (yes, I also based this off the ubiquitous Charles Atlas adds that were in every comic I read growing up).  Originally on a 40mm base for the tournament, I then re-based him to use him as a Savage Orc Big Boss.

Night Goblin Hulk Smash!!!
One thing I had seen other people do that I adopted was to make themed accessories for their armies.  This included the display board of course, but also things like turn counters, objective markers, etc.  Now one bit I've always loved was the snotling tied to a spear at the front of the pump wagon.  I took an old metal squig herder who was holding a big trident, and replaced it with the snotling on a stick.  I then had him roasting him over a campfire - the goblin equivalent of toasting marshmallows.  The goblin actually turns around the campfire, with the shell (and spear) pointing to the round number (which is blue water effects on the sand).  The fire is actually water effects as well, painted orange and yellow.
So keep rotating the snotling for six turns, or until he catches on fire.
Lastly of course is the display board.  Standard 2x2 size (though there is enough space to have made it a little smaller) - simply framed - half water and half sandy beach.  The coral in the corner was just to help break it up a bit - and is honestly a real pain as it keeps the board from being able to fit flat anywhere.  I probably would not have the coral if I did it over again.
The empty display board in all its glory.
So that is Da Beech Boyz - I believe it is 2500 points.  If I were to ever go back to it (not likely, as I've decided not to play WFB anymore, and Kings of War has Orcs and Goblins as two separate armies) I had thought about adding river trolls to it as they were a nice kit, though I'd need to do something to convert them.  The one other unit I never did was goblins surfing.  These would have been wolf riders - so the surfboards would all have the space wolves logos on them.  I wanted to make them in a wave - even a full tunnel with a hand in back.  One difficulty of course is doing this as 10 individual models that can be removed - though if I were to do it as Kings of War I could make a single diorama out of it.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Friday, June 12, 2015

Origins 2015 : Clash of Kings

This years Clash of Kings Regional tournament at Origins, while slightly disappointing in the number of participants, still increased participation from the prior Origins Kings of War tournament in 2013 by 400%!

It does seem to be a bit of a catch-22 for running tournaments at big conventions.  On the one hand, you get people coming in from all over the country and even the world for the convention.  On the other, a lot of people don't want to dedicate 8 or more hours to a single event when so much else could be going on.  I had hoped for more locals, but four players is much better than one!!

The event went off very smoothly.  US Clash of Kings Champion Kara Brown was there with her Abyssal Dwarfs, this time bring some undead allies.  Amy Stamper was also there with her dwarf army, with allies from her dragon themed nature army.  Mike Moyer brought his Kingdoms of Men, and Skip Bourque jumped at the chance to play in the tournament using my Abyssal Dwarfs.

We used chess clocks (well, chess clock apps on our smart phones) to run this as a timed event.  I have usually found that this works very smoothly, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

In the first round, Amy went up against Skip, and she quickly destroyed his army.  Meanwhile, we had more people come by to learn to play on the empty tables in the back.
Amy v. Skip
Kara took on Mike.  It was a very close game, right up until a 7th turn was rolled.  Kara went first with about 90 seconds left.  She made two quick charges, resolved one, and then froze.  She looked at the clock and saw she only had about fifteen seconds left, and something snapped and she panicked.  She just kept saying "I don't have time to finish" over and over as her last few seconds ticked away, and everyone watched as, for the first time in ANY tournament I have run, the clock ran out.

Kara really was in a state of shock for a while.  She only had a single charge left to resolve a troop of wraiths.  After the game she tried to see how long it would take to resolve it - she had to roll five dice, then three from the hits with no wounds, and even with wounds it would have been an additional 2 dice for the nerve check.  She rolled them in about three seconds.

Luckily we had a dinner break after the first game, and she was able to collect herself.  Even for champions, it seems sometimes with the rush of adrenaline, the flight response hits and panic sets in.
Mike and Kara as they begin deploying their forces.
 In the second round, Kara played Skip - so we had Abyssal Dwarf on Abyssal Dwarf action.  There were beards flying everywhere as Kara was back in form beating Skip.
Kara smiles as Skip moves his forces forward.
 Amy played Mike to a draw.
Amy and Mike look over the battlefield situation.
 For the third round, Mike faced off against Skip for a victory.
Mike v. Skip on turn two, as their forces approach each other.
Meanwhile, it was family feud time as Kara battled against Amy.  The newlyweds showed now mercy however, and Amy managed to squeak out a win against Kara.
Kara v Amy - Abyssal Dwarfs against their good cousins
 There were nice armies there.  Unfortunately Mike had hastily assembled his Kingdoms of Men army, and did not have time to finish his war machine crews, which caused a serious blow to his painting score.
Mike Moyer's Kingdoms of Men
 Amy premiered her new Dwarf display board.  She used old Mage Knight Dungeons doors and furniture to great effect, including hiding a gold D20 in the treasure chest, and putting a working light inside the mine.
Amy Stamper's Dwarfs

A shot inside the mine, where you can see the working light she installed.
 Kara allied her Abyssal Dwarfs with the Undead this time instead of the Forces of Nature.  She was able to put the necromancer to good use dark surging her lesser obsidian golems into the fight.
Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs

(L to R) Kara Brown, Amy Stamper, Claude (Skip) Bourque and Mike Moyer
 In the end, Amy won her first tournament, earning her the coveted Blaine statue and an invitation to the Clash of Kings at Adepticon next year (so I guess she has no reason not to go now).  Mike came in second, and Kara took home another Best Appearance award.
Amy Stamper, Champion
Kara Brown, Best Appearance
Mike Moyer, 2nd place

Overall, everyone had a good time and we all look forward to continued growth next year.

Origins 2015 Clash of Kings

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Objectives Paint Players Choice Favorite Opponent Attrition Total Additional Painting Appearance Total Awards
1 Amy Stamper Dwarfs
Claude (Skip) Bourque, Mike Moyer, Kara Brown
2 Kara Brown Abyssal Dwarfs Mike Moyer, Claude (Skip) Bourque, Amy Stamper
Best Appearance
3 Mike Moyer Kingdoms of Men Kara Brown, Amy Stamper, Claude (Skip) Bourque
2nd Place
4 Claude (Skip) Bourque Abyssal Dwarfs Amy Stamper, Kara Brown, Mike Moyer

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Origins 2015: Kings of War Mega Battle

On Thursday night we had our second annual Kings of War Mega-Battle at Origins.  This started as a convention event that people could just come and play without needing to bring anything.  Of course if you have your own army, you are more than welcome to bring it (and use generic tickets, since the 'real' tickets are for the armies I provide).

This year saw the biggest ever, with 14 players.  That means we had 14,000 points of Kings of War on the table.  The event started at 8 pm, and we finished and cleaned up by a quarter after midnight!

As always, it seems that it takes the longest to get organized and everything deployed.

Everything is FINALLY deployed, and we are ready to start the actual game.  Good is on the left here, and evil is on the right.  The right flank is the light colored table.
For the forces of good, we had Keith Ambrose's Elves, Amy Stamper's Dwarfs, as well as my 1000 pt demo Elf, Dwarf, Ogre, Basilea and Kingdoms of Men armies.
The forces of Good, with both veteran and brand new players.  Three of these would compete in the Clash of Kings tournament on Saturday.
For evil, Kara Brown brought her Abyssal Dwarfs, Jon Carter brought his Undead, Beth Hill had her Twilight Kin, and my 1000 pt demo Undead, Twilight Kin, Orc and Goblin armies rounded out the list.
Fighting against the forces of Evil, which include the current US Kings of War Champion Kara Brown, and Jon Carter who faced her on the final table for the championship at Adepticon.
It would be an epic battle, with father against daughter, wife against wife, and we even had a player that had never before played Kings of War (and he had a blast).  There was a lot of experience at the table, and it looks like the Evil brought the better ranked players.

Simple scenario - the three towers were the objectives - and whichever side controlled the most wins.  So Cry Havoc and release the Kings of War!!!  One of the fun and different things I like to do for these Mega Battles is to throw out random events.  Each general had to pick a unit from their army, and when it was routed - well SOMETHING would happen.

We actually had three armies waiting in the wings - both my Abyssal Dwarf and the Forces of Nature decided they were going to sit this one out.

The game started, and there was much maneuvering for the first turn.  At the beginning of turn two, we saw most of the forces advancing, but very little combat has started.

From Goods perspective, Dwarfs, Kingdoms of Men and Basileans line up against Orcs and two armies of Undead on the right flank

Elves and Ogres steel themselves against the artillery of Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs in the center

More Elves and more Dwarves prepare to face the two armies of Twilight Kin and Goblins on the left flank
Turn four, and we are starting to see units routed.  Evil had lost their marked unit - a regiment of Orc GreatAx.  They rolled on the random event table - and got a six - the best possible result.  After being routed, the unit actually managed to gather their courage again and we able to redeploy on their own table edge to re-join the battle!
This time from the Evil side of the table.  The elves are advancing, and several Twilight Kin units have been routed.  A lot of forces are near the tower, with a lot more approaching.

In the center, the Ogres are pounding on the Orcs

And on the right flank, a huge scrum is building between Basileans and Undead.  The Basileans are outnumbered, but their superior skill is allowing them to hang on against the Hordes and Legions of Zombies (yes, there were two hordes and a legion of zombies (for those at home, that is 160 zombies!)
The fight continues, and there is much laughter and fun among all the dice rolling.  It is interesting to note that for ALL of the random events that happened when marked units were routed - Good managed to ALWAYS roll negative events, and Evil always rolled beneficial ones - even getting to redeploy a second routed unit.
Everyone is having a good time as the battle continues to rage back and forth.  For much of the battle, neither side seems to have an advantage.

After turn six, the left flank was contested, though the elves and dwarfs had a much stronger presence then the remaining twilight kin and goblins

In the center there was very little left but devastation.  Once again, nobody was able to claim the objective, because there just wasn't enough units left to get near it.

Finally, on the right flank, the forces of Good prevailed, and even though hugely outnumbered, the superior skill and resolve of the Basileans with the Kingdoms of Men allies win the day, with almost all of the Undead forces gone, and none left to dispute their firm grip on the tower, winning the game for Good!

So with a score of one objective to none, once again the forces of good were triumphant over the forces of evil (yes, for those of you keeping score at home that makes the record  4 - 0 for good ).  Evil needs to get it's act together if it is going to conquer the world!

Overall, it was a very successful night.  It is great to be able to play fun, less competitive events as well as the more hard core tournaments once in a while.  Everyone had a blast, and we look forward to the next one at GenCon!