Origins 2015 Overview

I had planned on updating this every day on the happenings at Origins 2015 - however getting back to the room after midnight every night, and running events starting at 8 am in the morning does not leave much time to write.  So now that I have had a day to recover, time to share.  This will be several posts over a few days, highlighting the various events that I ran.

So first off, a general wrap up of the convention.

Wednesday started off very well, which set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  After arriving at the GCCC (Greater Columbus Convention Center), I checked in and picked up the badges for myself and my assistants, then I headed over to hall F to check out my event space.  After walking back and forth from it all weekend, I have decided that it is named hall F because it is so F****** Far from everything else!.  I counted up the steps it took me to get from my play area to the food court - and it was about 900 - with about a 3' stride that is estimating a half mile, back and forth, several times a day.  If you want to check the map, I was in the upper right corner of Hall F, and the escalator to the food courts is at the farthest right of the map.  At least I was staying at the Hyatt, so the hotel was just slightly past it.  I remember when I had previously run invents in 2007 - the miniatures were in hall C, and the vendors were in the big hall D.  But enough of the whining about my sore feet and exhaustion!

Unfortunately, Mantic is not at Origins, so their presence is almost entirely me.  This being the third year of running Kings of War events - I just had a bit of a laugh when I saw the hall map and was told where my area was.

I was assigned the MC Events section
I tried to figure out how Mantic ended up as MC when it struck me - they used my initials, not Mantic.  I wasn't sure if that was a good thing with all I have run in the past two years or not.  It did cause quite a bit of confusion as even the area volunteers weren't sure when people asked about Kings of War or Mantic.  It got better, but I did have one person 20 minutes late because he couldn't find it.

I'm not sure why anyone had any issue finding me though - I had a nice sign to identify  my events.

How could you miss the Kings of War sign?
What is really funny is the Hawk Games was not running anything - they did have a booth and this GIGANTIC sign, but any Dropzone Commander events were being run by Origins40K, which was about 30 feet to the left of this sign.  Not only that, but they had made a bit of a wall on their area, so all you could see from the sign was the back side of a bunch of red carts.  I didn't even try to count the number of people I redirected over to them because they thought that DZC would be by the sign.

I got my area set up and was ready to go.
My six Learn to Play Kings of War tables
I would like to be able to upgrade to full game boards - but I don't currently have any way to store or transport 6'x4' boards (and while mats or plastic modular boards are cool and not too bad for one - when you look at the idea of possibly 12 that is way beyond my budget for a while (and unless I win the lottery, that would be forever)).

Things went very well.  I had a total of 94 players, with 38 games of Kings of War taught, 14 people in the Mega Battle, 5 in the Dreadball tournament and 4 in the Kings of War tournament (posts on all of these to follow).

To finish this off, I have to add this picture.  One of the women who demo'ed Kings of War (and then came back to play again) had some of the coolest socks - they were the classic John Trumbull painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence!
Cool, geeky, historical socks.
 (Ok, once I found the wikipedia link I found it is not the signing, but the drafting committee presenting it to the continental congress - but that is splitting hairs.  The socks were just cool.)