Origins 2015 : Learn to Play Kings of War

The biggest event I ran was 11 sessions of Learn to Play Kings of War.  I used the 2nd edition beta rules, since the final versions are not out yet (last word is they are currently in the proofreading stage, before going to the printer so they will ship next month!!!).

I have found that the game system is straightforward enough to allow me to give a (somewhat) brief overview of the rules, and then get multiples playing.  So much so that I can run 12 people through a demo at a time on six tables.  At Origins they even game me full size tables, so there was a huge amount of room.

I took pictures of several sessions as people were playing - check them out.

Mike Moyer (on the left) got in a practice game on Wednesday night before the big tournament on Saturday.

I never got her name, but the girl with the long blonde hair had the Declaration of Independence socks!

Kings of War, it isn't just for men.  Women like it too!

Even historical gamers find the rules smooth and easy to learn.  Hearing that Mantic is planning on releasing a book of historical lists for Kings of War got them very interested.

Kevin (on the left) liked the game so much, he went bought himself a Basilean Army!

Kevin (on the right now) with his friends.  They didn't have time to finish their first game.

A game on Friday morning.  The player on the right came back again to play on Sunday as well.

Kevin (on the right) and his friends came back the next day to do another session so they could finish their game.

Kevin just kept coming back.  He later came back to play the last game on Sunday with his cousin before we closed everything up.

Kara Brown (in the center), teacher by day, Kings of War US Champion on the weekends, helps a family with the game on Saturday.  She may give better demo than I can (and wasn't loosing her voice!)

Amy Stamper (on the right) helps out with a game on Saturday, before going on to win the tournament!

More family learning the game.  They played last year, and were enthusiastic about learning the new rules.
So we had a total of 38 learn to play games.  If  you are interested in any details of the armies, I have them posted on my web site at puggimer.net  The links for the army lists are still last years version 1 lists, but I hope to get them updated with the version 2 lists soon.