June SW OH Mantic Pathfinder News

Memorial day has come and gone, and it is officially June now.  I'm not sure where the time flies, but summer looks to be upon us.  Of course it is now feeling like spring (with a projected high today in only the low 60s, and rainy), so no wonder everyone seems confused.

The big thing is Origins!  If you have been hiding under a rock, Origins is 5 days of gaming in Columbus Ohio - and I'll be there with a vengance.  I'm running 11 sessions of "Learn to Play Kings of War" - and these will be using the new beta rules (which, the last I had heard, and currently in layout in preparation for printing, with no major changes expected).  In addition, the ever popular Mega-Battle is back as well, and it is also going to use the beta rules (because it uses the demo armies which have been converted).  If you haven't converted your list yet, bring you 1.0 version and we'll convert it and let you use it - so long as it was 1000 pts and legal in 1.0 you can use the 2.0 result for the Mega-battle - because it is all fun and games.

But not only that, but Mantic tournaments are coming back to Origins this year.  Friday night Dreadball makes its Origins debut - registration is at 4 pm.  This is a NADC regional qualifier - meaning the winner gets an exclusive Blaine trophy and admission to the Adepticorp championship at Adepticon 2016!  Not only that, but there is a Kings of War tournament (1500 pts, no uniques, up to 1/4 allies) Saturday starting at 4 pm.  This is a regional qualifier for the Clash of Kings final - so again will have a Blaine trophy (assuming FedEx gets it to me on time - last check it is on the plane over the Atlantic as I type this) and admission to the Clash of Kings championship at Adepticon 2016 as well.

Pre-registration for Origins ends today, June 1st (I haven't been able to find the exact time, so assume midnight eastern and don't put it off any longer).  Pre-registration saves you $10 off a four day badge (or $5 off a one day) versus buying at the con, and avoids some of the lines there.  Unfortunately Mantic will not have a booth - however Game Table Adventures from Newark OH will be there with Mantic product - please support them at booth 132.  Head over to http://originsgamefair.com/registration/ and get your badge and event tickets.

Now that everyone is pre-registered and all the Mantic events are sold out with huge waiting lists (wait, you haven't registered yet?  Didn't you see that the pre-registration deadline is TODAY.  Go do it NOW!  I'll wait).

Hmmm dum de dum hmmm de dum hmmm de dum.  Hmmm dum de dum hmmm de dum hmmm de dum.

Oh, you're back?  Good.

Are you a subscriber to the Mantic blog yet?  If not, then you should be.  This past month they showcased all their game systems with some of the great new models coming out - and this month they will be spending a week on each of the different games - beginning TODAY with Kings of War 2!  Head over to http://manticblog.com/ and check out all the new shinies (and you might even see a mention of a certain friendly local pathfinder you all know and love (or at least tolerate) from last Friday.

So what new news is in the news?  Kings of War 2.0 has completed their public beta, and the rules look really good.  Those pesky angels have been taken down a peg (that we all agree they needed), though my evil stunties had their artillery nerfed as well.  So many things are rebalanced - I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.  Unfortunately, it is running a little bit late, so Mantic will not be able to make the original estimated July ship date (they are expecting it in the warehouse by the end on of July, and won't have time to package and turn it around), so instead this will be shipping in August.  If you haven't downloaded the beta rules and lists yet - check out last months newsletter to see where you can download them from (and if you are new to the newsletter, or (gasp) didn't save it (oh, the heartbreak.  Even though I'm devastated, I shall try to carry on), am I publishing all my newsletters (even using bloggers handy dandy auto-dating feature to play Sherman and Mr. Peobody to post newsletters that were written before the blog existed) on my new blog at http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/ (just in case once a month is not nearly enough gaming insanity for you)).

If you ever have those times where you want to battle a friend, but don't want a heavy handed rule set getting in the way of killing everything in site - then Mars Attacks! is for you.  This great game came out last year - and this month comes the final release - Mars Attacks: World War!  Now you can go beyond the base scenarios in the game and pick any force you like, with point costs for ALL the miniatures in the game (oh, and they gave the humans a WW II era tank to help them out).  Plus it has the rules for larger games - spanning 2 or even 4 mats.

If you want to go full four mat wild - then you will need more scenery.  This month comes the release of the rest of the great 20th century scenery kits in the Battlezones line.  Both intact and ruined versions are available, to enable you to expand Greenville as big as you might ever want.  Not only that, but this brick scenery is also great for any 25mm to 30mm 20th century historical gaming as well.  You can use it to model french villages after being hit by artillery in your Bolt Action or othe historical games.

If you are more interested in the future - have no fear - Dreadball Season 5 is almost here!  A new book, four new teams (Mechanites, Mutants, Convicts and Kalyshi) as well as a fantastic new deluxe pitch.  If you have liked the foldable, rollable, flexible pitch that comes with Dreadball Ultimate or Xtreme, then now one is available for regular Dreadball.  I've already got one on preorder myself.  One of the new rules in the new book will be the ability to use the Xtreme mechanic for choosing teams in regular, on-off games.  (Sorry, the DBGS still keeps a tight reign on the teams allowed in leagues and tournaments).  So now comes your chance to mix Judwan Strikers with Nameless guards for ultimate mayhem!

If you are looking for all out war - the new Warpath alpha rules are coming this month.  I've seen them, and I can say that REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED is REDACTED REDACTED.  REDACTED uses REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED!  You won't belive how REDACTED REDACTED works against REDACTED REDACTED!  And that's all I have to say about that.  Be aware when they come out that they are ALPHA rules, and thus subject to many, many changes.

Locally things are fairly quiet - as most everyone is chomping at the bit for KoW2 to come out.  Once it is released we will be starting a new escalation league with the new lists, models and rules.  Until then, we still try to meet up on Monday nights at the Hobby Shop at 6:00 for some games - even if they aren't Mantic.  They stay open until 10:00 for us (though you have to be in the store before 8:00), so come by for some fun.

As for future events - there are only two for sure - Origins and Gencon (did I mention Origins is this WEEK!).  However I am talking with some people about running a Kings of War 2.0 tournament up in Newark at Game Table Adventures, and even the possibility of doing one down in Nashville in the fall.  So same tuned to the same bat channel, same bat time for more news and fun.

- 6/3/15 - 6/7/15 - Origins (Columbus OH) – Dreadball and Kings of War.
- 7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN) – Mantic will be there!

Because it is all fun and games …
Mike Carter
Your friendly local mantic pathfinder