Origins 2015: Kings of War Mega Battle

On Thursday night we had our second annual Kings of War Mega-Battle at Origins.  This started as a convention event that people could just come and play without needing to bring anything.  Of course if you have your own army, you are more than welcome to bring it (and use generic tickets, since the 'real' tickets are for the armies I provide).

This year saw the biggest ever, with 14 players.  That means we had 14,000 points of Kings of War on the table.  The event started at 8 pm, and we finished and cleaned up by a quarter after midnight!

As always, it seems that it takes the longest to get organized and everything deployed.

Everything is FINALLY deployed, and we are ready to start the actual game.  Good is on the left here, and evil is on the right.  The right flank is the light colored table.
For the forces of good, we had Keith Ambrose's Elves, Amy Stamper's Dwarfs, as well as my 1000 pt demo Elf, Dwarf, Ogre, Basilea and Kingdoms of Men armies.
The forces of Good, with both veteran and brand new players.  Three of these would compete in the Clash of Kings tournament on Saturday.
For evil, Kara Brown brought her Abyssal Dwarfs, Jon Carter brought his Undead, Beth Hill had her Twilight Kin, and my 1000 pt demo Undead, Twilight Kin, Orc and Goblin armies rounded out the list.
Fighting against the forces of Evil, which include the current US Kings of War Champion Kara Brown, and Jon Carter who faced her on the final table for the championship at Adepticon.
It would be an epic battle, with father against daughter, wife against wife, and we even had a player that had never before played Kings of War (and he had a blast).  There was a lot of experience at the table, and it looks like the Evil brought the better ranked players.

Simple scenario - the three towers were the objectives - and whichever side controlled the most wins.  So Cry Havoc and release the Kings of War!!!  One of the fun and different things I like to do for these Mega Battles is to throw out random events.  Each general had to pick a unit from their army, and when it was routed - well SOMETHING would happen.

We actually had three armies waiting in the wings - both my Abyssal Dwarf and the Forces of Nature decided they were going to sit this one out.

The game started, and there was much maneuvering for the first turn.  At the beginning of turn two, we saw most of the forces advancing, but very little combat has started.

From Goods perspective, Dwarfs, Kingdoms of Men and Basileans line up against Orcs and two armies of Undead on the right flank

Elves and Ogres steel themselves against the artillery of Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs in the center

More Elves and more Dwarves prepare to face the two armies of Twilight Kin and Goblins on the left flank
Turn four, and we are starting to see units routed.  Evil had lost their marked unit - a regiment of Orc GreatAx.  They rolled on the random event table - and got a six - the best possible result.  After being routed, the unit actually managed to gather their courage again and we able to redeploy on their own table edge to re-join the battle!
This time from the Evil side of the table.  The elves are advancing, and several Twilight Kin units have been routed.  A lot of forces are near the tower, with a lot more approaching.

In the center, the Ogres are pounding on the Orcs

And on the right flank, a huge scrum is building between Basileans and Undead.  The Basileans are outnumbered, but their superior skill is allowing them to hang on against the Hordes and Legions of Zombies (yes, there were two hordes and a legion of zombies (for those at home, that is 160 zombies!)
The fight continues, and there is much laughter and fun among all the dice rolling.  It is interesting to note that for ALL of the random events that happened when marked units were routed - Good managed to ALWAYS roll negative events, and Evil always rolled beneficial ones - even getting to redeploy a second routed unit.
Everyone is having a good time as the battle continues to rage back and forth.  For much of the battle, neither side seems to have an advantage.

After turn six, the left flank was contested, though the elves and dwarfs had a much stronger presence then the remaining twilight kin and goblins

In the center there was very little left but devastation.  Once again, nobody was able to claim the objective, because there just wasn't enough units left to get near it.

Finally, on the right flank, the forces of Good prevailed, and even though hugely outnumbered, the superior skill and resolve of the Basileans with the Kingdoms of Men allies win the day, with almost all of the Undead forces gone, and none left to dispute their firm grip on the tower, winning the game for Good!

So with a score of one objective to none, once again the forces of good were triumphant over the forces of evil (yes, for those of you keeping score at home that makes the record  4 - 0 for good ).  Evil needs to get it's act together if it is going to conquer the world!

Overall, it was a very successful night.  It is great to be able to play fun, less competitive events as well as the more hard core tournaments once in a while.  Everyone had a blast, and we look forward to the next one at GenCon!