Origenes Cup 2015

Welcome back to the Puggimer Sports Network Dreadball fans.  I'm Gurn Blanston, and with me, as always, is our color commentator, Dill Blowhard.

Thanks Gurn.  We have another great night of Dreadball as the Origenes Corporation brings you the Origenes Cup for 2015.  But before we get started, a quick word bit about our sponsor.

Origenes Corp found its humbling beginning with cloning cattle to meet the demand of Enforcer armies food consumption. With the sudden popularity of Dreadball, Origenes Corp found lesser sponsored teams coming to them to clone their star players.

As more and more teams came to Origenes, the margins exploded. Shortly thereafter, Origenes soon found their focus changed from cloning cattle to cloning Dreadball players exclusively. CEO Obidiah Twinning soon had a spectacular idea of sponsoring a Dreadball Tournament with the idea of increasing company profits by offer team from the tournament cloning services as players are “retired” during the games.
Now in its 4th season as a tournament, CEO Obi Twinning now sees the NADC as another way of increasing its profits and has made moves to join the NADC.

This is a North American Dreadball Circuit North Regional Champion, and the winning coach takes home the coveted golden Blaine trophy, and free entry to the Adepticorp Champions next March in Chicago at Adepticon 2016.

It is a much sought after prize Dill.  Tonight there are six teams competing.  First onto the pitch was the winning coach of Cincycon David Baker, with his new Hobgoblin team "Shaken & Baken".  

It was a surprise move when coach Baker suddenly left his previous team after their win, with some saying it wasn't voluntary, but other said you could see the change coming a mile away.  Or was that smell it a mile away?

Next out, coach Jon Carter led his unincorporated team, the "Crew of the SSV Yawning Bear SR-3".

This team is fresh off of a huge win in their local Dreadball league.  This is his first time coaching this team in the NADC, and everyone is wondering if they are ready for the big time tournament scene.

Following up are two Terraton teams.  First is coach Chris Jachimowicz and the "Malachi Crunch"

That is easy for you to say Gurn.  Chris J has a tough looking team of turtles, ready to go.

Right behind them is coach Wes Anslinger and the classic "Ukomo Avalanchers".

The Avalanchers are a classic terraton team.  It will be exciting to see how Wes handles them on the pitch.

Once again, the corporation "Ringers" have shown up on the pitch.  Not much is known about them, but they seem to show up in all sorts of tournaments - and somehow always end up getting disqualified in the end, never walking away with a single trophy.

You are correct Gurn.  Every time we try to talk to the coach of the "Ringers" he mysteriously vanishes, and we can get no information on him.

Finally, a late arrival onto the pitch was a newcomer to the Puggimer Sports Network.  Coach Richart Matney and his female corporation team "Killa Hurtz"

We aren't sure what caused them to be a late arrival, but the crowds cheered when the lovely ladies came out to play.

And with that, why don't you take us down to the pitch Gurn for the first exciting round!

Round 1 Started off with the Malachi Crunch taking on the Hobgoblin Shaken & Baken.  It was a close match, with the Crunch barely surviving with a 1 point win over the Hobgoblins.

The Hobgoblins fought back, with their Hulk guard being the star player, killing several of the turtles, and sending more off the pitch for three rounds to recover.  The crowd loved the violence, as always.

David Baker plays Chris Jachimowicz in the first round
The unincorporated crew faced off against the other Teraton team, coming out with a landslide victory in the 8th rush.

The terratons couldn't seem to get off they shells to score in this one, but did take a little comfort in killing one of the uniincorporated strikers.

More first round action as Jon Carter faces off against Wes Anslinger.
Finally, just under the time limit, the Killa Hurtz team showed up for their match against the Ringers.   However it seems that their travel did not do well for them, as they fell in a landslide victory to the ringers in the sixth rush.

These pretty little ladies just needed a little more time to warm up.

 The second round was just as exciting as the first.  First up the infamous Ringers took on Jon Carter's unincorporated, with a surprise landslide victory in the seventh rush.

It was a right fought match, but if you are able to shut down the unincorporated strikers and spread them out, then the corporation can take advantage of their passing game to pull out a victory.

On table two, it was hot Terraton on Terraton action, as Chris took on Wes.  These closely matched teams battled back and forth until they sound of the buzzer and the match ended after rush 13 in a tie.

There is nothing more evenly matched than two identical teams, and this game showed it as neither team was able to gain the advantage.

Finally on table three, David and his Hobgoblins continued to leave a bloody mess on the pitch against Richard and Killa Hurtz.

The final score ended in another tie after 12 rushes, but once more the Hobgoblin Hulk went rampaging through everything, racking up two more kills and two more 3 rush injuries.

Third round action found the Ringer against Chris and his Terratons.  The Ringers seemed to be on a streak, getting another landslide victory in the 6th rush.

The crowd seemed to enjoy this brief but high scoring game.

The Hobgoblins faced off against the Unincorporated.  The speed of the Unincorporated managed to avoid the power of the Hulk in this match, winning in a landslide on rush 12.

It is hard to shut down the hulk, and the crowd didn't appreciate the lack of damage he caused in this game.  Taunting him for not managing a single kill, he left the rush enraged.

Finally, Killa Hurtz pulled out a 1 point win over the terratons.  

Apparently the crowd isn't bothered by anyone hitting a girl, and cheered on the turtles as they racked up another kill.

Wes Anslinger faces off against Richard Matney in round 3.
 Round four saw Jon Carter's unincorporated face off against Richard Matney and his female team, and their ability to run interference nearly shut them down.  The unincorporated managed to pull out a 1 point victory.

Even the slippery strikers can be vulnerable to a jack hitting them during their scoring attempt., with the women scoring adding two kills to their total.

The ringers faced off against the Hulk and hobgoblins.  In a shocking display of brutality, the Hulk, still furious from the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd in the previous game, came out and killed two of the corporation strikers in the first rush - and put the other out for two rounds.  This time the crowd loved it.

The ringers were never able to come back from this crippling blow at the beginning of the game, but unfortunately the hobgoblins skill wasn't up to the hulks strength, and as the surviving corporation players did everything they could to contain this brute (even managing to take him off the pitch for a round), the hobgoblins fumbled several scoring attempts, only winning by 1 in the 13th rush.

Meanwhile, the terraton rivalry ended up being fought once again, as Wes and Chris had to face off yet a second time.

It was Chris who gained an advantage from their previous match, and managed to pull out a 3 point win against the rival turtles.

Our excellent Dreadball Coaches (R to L) Richard Matney, Chris Jachimowicz, David Baker, Jon Carter and Wes Anslinger
After the final round, the crowd was shocked to hear the Ringers had been disqualified again, being accused of tampering with the pitch.

While we hate to see any team removed from play Gurn, it was very suspicious that they managed to play on the same pitch for all four games.  The NADC is still investigating this, and a ruling is expected soon.

With the ringers removed, it left Jon Carter and his incorporated as the winners.  Chris Jachimowicz came in as the runner up, and David Baker and his Hulk (did he even have any other players?) was the Bloodies Coach with three times the kills of any other coach in the tournament.  Following up the awards was Wes Anslinger as fan favorite.

Jon Carter with the Golden Blaine trophy and his ticket to the Adepticorp championship!
Second Place Chris Jachimowicz
Bloodiest coach goes to David Baker (I am still limping after that game)
Fan Favorite Wes Anslinger
And that wraps up our coverage of the Origenes Cup 2015.  For the Puggimer Sports Network, I'm Gurn Blanston, and I'm Dill Blowhard, wishing you a great evening.  Until next time sports fans.

Origenes Cup 2015

Place Name Opponents Team Team name Game score Total Fan Favorite Bloodiest Coach Awards
1 Mike Carter (Ringer) Richard Matney, Jon Carter, Chris Jachimowicz, David Baker Corporation Ringer
2 Jon Carter Wes Anslinger, Mike Carter (Ringer), David Baker, Richard Matney Unincorporated
3 Chris Jachimowicz David Baker, Wes Anslinger, Mike Carter (Ringer), Wes Anslinger Teratons Malachi Crunch
2nd Place
4 David Baker Chris Jachimowicz, Richard Matney, Jon Carter, Mike Carter (Ringer) Hobgoblins Shaken & Baken
Bloodiest Coach
5 Richard Matney Mike Carter (Ringer), David Baker, Wes Anslinger, Jon Carter Void Sirens Killa Hurtz
6 Wes Anslinger Jon Carter, Chris Jachimowicz, Richard Matney, Chris Jachimowicz Ukomo Avalanchers
Fan Favorite