Behind the Microphone

When it came time a couple of months ago to write up the Dreadball tournament from Cincycon, I wanted to do something a little less dry than team x played team y.  For some reason the character "Gurn Blanston" popped into my head.  Gurn was something my friends and I came up with in high school anytime we wanted to make a joke about an on-the-scene reporter.

I don't remember if it was Eric, Ozzie or Roach that first thought of the name, but we used to just use that silly name when it was appropriate.  So I figured why not promote him to sports personality.

Whenever you watch sports (and you know how much I watch sports (Go Sports!) (though to be honest, I do like watching American Ninja Warrior and Battle Bots)) it is always a pair or reporters who 'discuss' the event.  One is a 'professional' broadcaster, while the other, always a former athlete, is the color commentator.  Usually the color guy seems to have some brain damage, because they are the ones saying some of the absolutely stupidest things.  So I figured Gurn needed a color commentator to work with, and after hitting my head against the wall for a bit to get in the appropriate mood, I came up with the name "Dill Blowhard".  Dill is thus a former dreadball player- big and not necessarily the smartest block in the wall.

I don't remember when someone posted the link to these minis, but once I saw them over at Hungry Troll for bloodbowl camera goblins, I figured I needed some.  Then I saw the reporters, and had to have the pair as well.  I figured I could use them as Dreadball cheerleaders, or even as rush or score markers.

It wasn't until after I wrote up my second Dreadball report featuring Gurn & Dill that I thought of these that I had in a baggie somewhere.  I dug them out - and realized that I had the miniatures for Gurn and Dill, plus their camera men.

So, for all of you that wanted a quick behind the microphone look at Gurn and Dill.  I didn't have a name for the goblins until just now - when I thought of the great Ren Faire duo Puke & Snot (the originals (snot unfortunately died back in 2008))

Gurn Blanston and Dill Blowhard, with Puke and Snot, their trusty camera goblins
Gurn doesn't get out much lately due to a severe skin condition (such that he catches fire in the sunlight), but is still very enthusiastic about Dreadball.  A former guard, Dill is currently lucky to be able to form coherent words, but manages to still be able to state the obvious.  Puke & Snot manage to catch all the action for the vid screens, even if he network won't spend the money to upgrade their equipment.

So the next time you see a report from the Puggimer Sports Network - you will know who it comes from!

Edit : I've never played Bloodbowl, so I had no idea these were Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, travelling announcers in the Bloodbowl book.