Friday, January 29, 2016

We are the walking dead!!!

During the last Mantic open day, there was a secret room that you had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to enter and playtest a new secret game.  Meanwhile the US Pathfinders were given a clue and under strict secrecy let in on the new licensed game.

Well it has been announced - Mantic is making The Walking Dead game.  The Walking Dead: All out War is a skirmish game pitting two teams of survivors against each other.  What makes it unique is the walkers are not part of either side, they are after everyone.  Walkers are attracted to noise - so is it worth shooting your opponent if it means you will be swarmed by walkers?

Based on the Skybound comic book that has been a hit for over twelve years, the game will initially feature Rick and Carl Grimes, four other survivors and twelve walkers. 

They are hoping to do 120 sculpts for the range, and you can see they are pretty cool looking.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The Governor
Walker (or should it be crawler?)
Rick & Carl against a gang
Walkers safely behind a fence
The plan is for the retail game to run $50, with expansion packs for $20 each, containing new heroes, cards and walkers.  The kickstarter will have one pledge which will include the game and all of the wave one expansions, plus probably additional goodies like 3D terrain (ruined cards) and a deluxe (mouse pad material) play mat.  Mantic is known for giving great value in their kickstarters - so don't worry if it initially looks like the pledge does not have enough value.  They are actually looking at the idea of setting a pledge / backer limit - so if they get so much then they will basically not allow any more pledges in - so if you want the kickstarter it is suggested you get in early and not wait until the last minute.
Retail game components
Play mat
character cards
terrain - police car
objective - weapons / ammo
Finally, Ronnie Renton (the president of Mantic) talks about the game on Beast of War Weekender

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on the February 1 at 08:30 EST. It closes on the February 29 18:59 EST. Shipping Wave 1 is expected to be dispatched in August 2016.

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Manticon is coming!!!

How many tournaments have you played in where you just had one round that was horrible, and you wish you could fix it?  Well coming up in March is your chance.

Manticon is a Kings of War tournament with a twist.  The main tournament is 4 rounds on Saturday. However on Friday night and Sunday morning there is a bonus round.  You do not have to play in either of these rounds, and even if they do they CANNOT negatively affect your score in any way.  However you will have the option to replace your lowest round score from Saturday with your LOWEST bonus round score.  Yes, LOWEST.  So you can't just crush your opponent in KILL! on Friday night with your super nasty all shooting list that cannot move and replace your crappy INVADE! score with it.  But if you do well on both Friday and Sunday, then you can replace a score.

The scenarios will be almost random.  The one Friday is set :-).  However for all the others, the lowest ranked player from all previous rounds will pick the scenario for the next round.  You can only pick once, so if you are hugging the bottom working hard for the wooden spoon then the next worst score gets to pick and so on.  But we don't want to make picking the next scenario that easy either - we are thinking about something fun like having each scenario be a balloon on a dart board.

We want to make this more than just a tournament though, so we have some other fun events planned.  On Saturday night there will be an Auction, and on Sunday afternoon there will be a Figure Fair - where you can bring your models to swap and sell.  In addition we plan to have open gaming until midnight Friday and Saturday, and as many demos of other games as we can do.

Not only that, but there will be vendors available as well, and it is being held at Henry Horton State Park (ok, it is in March so while camping is available it may not be ideal).

Tournament information is available in the sidebar to your right, if you are on a full screen device (for mobile devices click here ) and the full website can be found at

We plan to make this an annual event, expanding the offering of Mantic games until it is truly a Mantic Convention!

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Monday, January 25, 2016

Stand up straight, young man

A little hobby time (it feels like it has all been reviews and new product pictures, and not any projects).

I finally got in a Greater Obsidian Golem for my Abyssal Dwarfs.  This uses the same body as the Greater Earth Elemental for nature / dwarfs, but has two different heads and a different set of arms.  If you ordered this as a separate add-on (for only $15 - why did I not do this?) as part of the Kings of War Second Edition Kickstarter then you got both sets of arms and all three heads.

If you just got it as part of a Nature army, then it is ONLY the elemental, and if you got it as part of an Abyssal Dwarf army (or commercially, as it has been out since July) then you only got the Golem arms and heads.

So for my Greater Earth Elemental, I put him together in the 'original' pose, which is somewhat apelike.  I had one arm raised (if I had both on the ground it wouldn't have fit on even the 75mm base provided.
Greater Earth Elemental
My son then showed me his conversion of this figure.  He did not like the crystals on it, nor did he like the gorilla pose.  He cut off the crystals and repositioned the legs to make it stand up straight.  He then added small rocks and sand to fill in all the cracks and cover where the crystals were, to make it more of earth base than rock based.
Yes, this is the Mantic Greater Earth Elemental - same kit as the picture above
Well he got me thinking - I could straighten my golem as well to help differentiate it from the elemental.

I put he chest piece on, and then examined the body.  It was pretty obvious where it needed to be cut to reposition the legs.

The legs appear to have a nice, flat join to the body
I wasn't sure if the resin would act like the resin/plastic (restic) and boardgame plastic models, but I decided to give it a try (the worst that could happen would be it got wet).  A cup of water for a minute in the microwave, then a bit of a soak, and the resin softens nicely.
warming up in a cup of hot (near boiling) water
These pieces were too big to truly reposition without cutting, but it is nice to know the resin does soften if I decided to do some repositioning on smaller models.  Once warm and soft, then it was quite easy to cut the legs off with a sharp hobby knife (making sure to cut down on the mat instead of holding it and cutting my finger after the blade clears the model - like I did last week (blood, sweat and tears go into this hobby after all)).  The angle on the left wasn't as perfect and I had to go from both sides, but it worked well.
double amputee
I also clipped off the dangly bit from the first photo - just to keep it family friendly. :-)

The next step was to reattach the legs in the original position with pins.  What I wanted to do was to rotate them back (thus rotating the body upward, straightening the pose).  To attempt to keep it 'realistic' I wanted to go around the center of the joint.

Pinning is VERY easy with the resin.  (I need to do a post on pinning, as I've had several people ask about it, and it is an easy, extremely useful technique).
Once I put in the pins, I was able to put the leg back in its original position
right leg back in original position with pin
then rotate it around the pin
Right leg rotated around joint
The same was done with the left leg.  This one did not fit quite as well when rotated as the angle changes much more - showing how the pin was absolutely required.  I stood the model up to make sure the feet were standing flat and the body was in the more upright position I wanted, and then glued he legs in place (with superglue).
both legs rotated
On my son's model he hid the new joins with sand because he wanted his to less rocky and more earthy.  Since I was keeping the original rock texture I just filled the gaps with green-stuff (hmm, maybe another how to post for that as well).  I also realized that I had a nice photo box (my Foldio2) that I could use to do better pictures without all the background clutter on my work surface.  (Not being much of a photography person, it always surprises me that the colors seem to change based on the background and lighting - but then we all saw the blue black / white gold dress controversy this past summer)
left leg green stuff
A bit of green stuff on each leg to fill in the gaps.  Without leaning over and putting one arm down, the model (can you really call something this big a miniature?) now fits nicely on a 50mm base.  I put it on one to make sure the legs were correct and flat - and then realized that since this is going in my Abyssal Dwarf army - it needed to be on cork to match the lava bases for the rest of the army.  So after the legs were set for a few hours, a little bit of super glue remover and a hobby knife got them off easily, and then add a bit of cork and pin the feet to it.
right leg green stuff
The model comes with two heads - but the one with the visor just is too similar to the lesser obsidian golem version - and I like the other one better.  So does everyone else, as I've yet to see any pictures on-line of anyone using the other head.
Then add the arms.  These were again pinned, just because they don't fit well into the arm sockets.  I actually had to remove and replace the original pins as they weren't long enough - the usual 1/4"-1/2" length that I normally leave didn't actually manage to reach the body when I put the arms in place, so I had to make much longer ones.  The armor and shoulders both had a 'natural' fit, so I went with it.
and arms
So to show the difference - here is the Golem next to the Elemental - standing almost an inch taller. Even though they have the same body - they do not appear to be the same model much at all.
Comparison to the Greater Earth Elemental (yes, I started painting the GEE while working on the GOG)
Because it is all fun and games . . .

Friday, January 22, 2016

DeadPath or WarZone or something like that.

Not everyone backs every kickstarter, and even those that do don't always see the updates.  Both the Deadzone:Infiltration and Warpath kickstarters had updates with some cool new renders.  One of the awesome things is you should be able to use most of these in both DeadZone as well as Warpath and Warpath:Firefight.

So first up, on the Warpath front, we have renders of the new Plague Bursters.  Big, nasty and most likely smelly - they just want to give you a big hug, before exploding and infecting you and everyone around you.
oozing growths
bizzare mutations
Next up is some new renders of the GCPS Hornet Dropship.  The kit also includes components to build a 'plague-ified' version.
GCPS Hornet Dropship
Troop Carrier compartment
that actually opens
On the Deadzone front - it looks like the Kickstarter will ship in March (so two months late, not fantastic but overall not too bad).

First up is the Enforcer Jetbike hard plastic set, complete with clear plastic flight stands.
2 jetbikes in a kit.
Mantic also released the final test-shots for some of the new plastic miniatures.  These are the ones that were changed over from being metal originally.

The enforcers get a special character
Recon Unit N7-117
The Veer Myn have a new special character The Piper - I love the idea of reversing the old pied piper story in the future.
The Piper
Of course the piper needs rat swarms to go with him
Rat Swarms
Night terrors are bigger Veer Myn with special weapons strapped to their backs
Night Terror
These apparently come out much better in plastic than metal
Night Terror
The Veer Myn progenitor is a hero
Progenitor with Sniper Rifle
Even more disturbing is the brood mother.  The new plastic is actually standing up better than the metal version - the metal studio version has had the staff break three times now - while the plastic one is holding up just fine.
Brood Mother
Of course what is a Mantic kickstarter without Blaine?  (The answer of course is the first one.)
Blaine on Jetbike
If you thought the plague 1st generations were huge killing machines - wait until you see the new 1st generation Aberation - even bigger and meaner!
Plague Aberration
The Veer Myn are known for their wild war engines - like the Heavy Chem Laser.
Veer Myn Heavy Chem Laser
Or the Heavy Chem Thrower.  I would expect you will be able to make either variant from the kickstarter, but will most likely be sold as two distinct kits when it goes retail.
Veer Myn Heavy Chem Thrower
Of course you need crew to fire it, not just drive it
Veer Myn Crew

Veer Myn Crew
For those who are into stunties, Mantic has put out a clarification on the Forge Father's Steel Warriors Sprue.  There will be two flamers, one Magma Cannon, one Hailstorm Autocannon and one Mjolnir Missile Launcher along with rifles, pistols and close combat weapons, as shown. Those of you building units for Warpath will always have spares from fielding units of Steel Warriors to create whole units with flamers and heavy weapons (Stormrage Veterans). Those of you building for Deadzone will have more than enough option to build your strike team from just one sprue.
Forge Fathers Steel Warriors Sprue
Rest of the Forge Fathers Steel Warriors components

Because it is all fun and games . . .