Better late than never

It seems to me, at least from the handful (we won't comment on the size of the hands) of kickstarter projects I have pledged to that it is becoming more common to allow late backers to pledge through the pledge managers.  I know Mantic has done this for people, and apparently Ares Games also allows for this.

It seems that dungeon crawl games are quite popular, and when I saw the Sword & Sorcery game I was intrigued, and when I saw the miniatures for it even more so.  Granted I was thinking about using them for other games because my actual playing time (aside from my regular Monday night Mantic games (almost exclusively Kings of War) at The Hobby Shop) seems to be shrinking (part of that comes from the fact that my entire gaming group went and grew up, got jobs and moved out of the house (all of which are good things, but make it much harder to play a game on the dining room table at the drop of a hat).

This is a dungeon crawl as I mentioned.  It is a fully cooperative game with no dungeon master required, with that part being run by an AI engine.  The base retail game has a choice of six heroes, and four monsters (gremlins, raiders, orc warriors and orc shamans) as well as two bosses (the Orc King and Troll).  Cards, dice, map tiles and tokens galore, and a scenario book.

For kickstarter backers they add 7 more heroes, 7 more monsters and three more bosses, as well as more tiles, tokens, cards and scenarios for these new miniatures.  They even added cards to allow you to use the monster miniatures from their Galaxy Defenders game.

All the miniatures are pre-assembled - and the monsters come in three colors which match their difficulty - green are the weakest, blue middle of the road, and red the most difficult.  Each of the monsters comes with two green, two blue and one red.  One of the additional stretch goals was to make each of the five models for a given figure posed differently - so these are all unique.

Like most kickstarters, they had add-ons you could purchase in addition to the base pledge.  Some looked good (we all know how people go crazy over plastic doors!) and some where pretty meh (the dice bag and custom metal coins).

However what made me jump on this was the add-on for the five headed dragon.  I liked this so much, I bought a second expansion just to get another of these models.  I honestly don't know if I have a use for it, but this is a beautiful model.

I expect to see more pictures of the upcoming models as the long wait to October progresses.

Ares has opened up their pledge manager to allow people to make late pledges - so if any of these intrigue you (for either the game or just some of the miniatures) you have until February 15th to get in on this here.  You can also get more information on their Facebook page.

Because it is all fun and games . . .