We are the walking dead!!!

During the last Mantic open day, there was a secret room that you had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to enter and playtest a new secret game.  Meanwhile the US Pathfinders were given a clue and under strict secrecy let in on the new licensed game.

Well it has been announced - Mantic is making The Walking Dead game.  The Walking Dead: All out War is a skirmish game pitting two teams of survivors against each other.  What makes it unique is the walkers are not part of either side, they are after everyone.  Walkers are attracted to noise - so is it worth shooting your opponent if it means you will be swarmed by walkers?

Based on the Skybound comic book that has been a hit for over twelve years, the game will initially feature Rick and Carl Grimes, four other survivors and twelve walkers. 

They are hoping to do 120 sculpts for the range, and you can see they are pretty cool looking.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The Governor
Walker (or should it be crawler?)
Rick & Carl against a gang
Walkers safely behind a fence
The plan is for the retail game to run $50, with expansion packs for $20 each, containing new heroes, cards and walkers.  The kickstarter will have one pledge which will include the game and all of the wave one expansions, plus probably additional goodies like 3D terrain (ruined cards) and a deluxe (mouse pad material) play mat.  Mantic is known for giving great value in their kickstarters - so don't worry if it initially looks like the pledge does not have enough value.  They are actually looking at the idea of setting a pledge / backer limit - so if they get so much then they will basically not allow any more pledges in - so if you want the kickstarter it is suggested you get in early and not wait until the last minute.
Retail game components
Play mat
character cards
terrain - police car
objective - weapons / ammo
Finally, Ronnie Renton (the president of Mantic) talks about the game on Beast of War Weekender

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on the February 1 at 08:30 EST. It closes on the February 29 18:59 EST. Shipping Wave 1 is expected to be dispatched in August 2016.

Because it is all fun and games . . .