January SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Happy New Year!!!  It is officially 2016, and winter has finally decided to arrive.  I hope everyone got all the toys they wanted from a fat man with a beard (no, Santa, not me!).  So the new year means new news!

Wave 2 for the Kings of War 2nd Edition kickstarter is shipping, and many people all over the world are posting pictures of their new goodies.  Not me, of course, because I still haven't gotten mine yet, but watch my blog for pictures once I do.  For everyone else in the same boat, Mantic says that everyone should receive their wave 2 by January 25th.  One of the items in wave 2 is the new campaign book - Destiny of Kings.  Everyone who backed the kickstarter got a link to download a free PDF, and if you bought a hardcopy it is included in your wave 2 box.  If you didn't back the kickstarter, then you will have to wait for the February general release of the book.

Be on the watch - the end of this month will be the release of the new Goblin army box, as well as the new Goblin biggit, the sharpstick thrower and the big rocks thrower.  (Kickstarters got a kit that makes either, but the commercial release is one or the other).  Then in February, not only is the campaign book coming out, but also the brand new Forces of the Abyss army!  Whether you want Molochs or Succubi, the new army is finally here.  For those who cannot wait, the Abyssal Mega Army will include three bases of the new Tortured Souls (so new that pictures of them have yet to be seen, and they are not scheduled for general release unit this summer!  It appears that this large infantry unit will actually consist of multiple man-sized models per 40mm base - several new sculpts similar to the one included in the Dungeon Saga Abyssal Crypts expansion.)  (Unfortunately for those waiting for the Forces of Nature army to be released, this won't be until summer).

Mantic has just mentioned in they blog that there will be some new releases for several armies (Dwarfs, Elves, Undead, Orcs and Abyssal Dwarfs) in March.  So far these look to be a 3 model Undead Wight unit, a 5 model Elven Silverbreeze cavalry unit, and an Abyssal Dwarf Slave Master.

Locally, our latest escalation league has morphed into practice sessions for Adepticon.  No one seemed to feel like they could do 500 points a month right now, and didn't want the pressure.  They all still want to play games however, so we will continue to meet at the Hobby Shop every Monday night from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Bring multiple sized lists (anywhere from 1000 to 2500) to give maximum flexibility - those going to the championship at Adepticon want to practice with their 2500 pt lists, and maybe those doing the doubles tournament want to try combined 1000 pt lists (which can be played against a single 2000 pt list as well).

Adepticon registration continues, and Gen Con registration is right around the corner as well.  If the event you want for Adepticon is sold out, please get on the waiting list, as this is how they determine if they can add more space to events.

Rather than listing all the upcoming tournaments every newsletter, I have actually added a page to my blog to (attempt) to track all the Kings of War tournaments in the US.  Locally I would like to have an Adepticon primer in February, but have not yet scheduled this.

Dungeon Saga is selling strong; so strong in fact that both the base set and the Adventurer's Companion expansion have sold out at Mantic.  Both are getting a second printing and should be available again in February if not sooner.  Check with your FLGS, and they should check with their distributors however, as they may still have copies.  Then watch for the Infernal Crypts expansion in March!

The first print run of the Adventurer's Companion had a lot of typos (specifically the page references), so Mantic is allowing those who got it in the Kickstarter to get a reprinted edition (at no cost other than postage).  In addition, a lot of people have said they wanted more of the book boxes for Dungeon Saga than they got in the kickstarter. Mantic has reopened the pledge manager to allow you to get the book reprint, additional boxes, or a custom Dungeon Saga backpack until January 10th!

The Dreadball Challenge Cup - a campaign for Dreadball OR Dreadball Xtreme comes out this month, plus a new MVP set - the Hazard System Heroes - which include the Gemini Twins.  This should be everything that was in the works for Dreadball but keep watching.

The Deadzone beta is finishing up, with the Deadzone:Infestation kickstarter scheduled to ship very soon (though I doubt they will actually make the original January ship date). This looks to really fix the issues many people have had with the game (as well as add the Veer-Myn and the new industrial terrain).  Cards are gone, replaced with command dice.

The new Warpath Kickstarter pledge manager is now live - you have until February 28th to lock in your pledge (and if you don't want to have to wait months extra for it, make sure you get it done correctly and on time).  There are six factions, with five new hard plastic vehicles (plague does not have their own vehicles, instead 'looting' corporation vehicles).  Their will actually be rules for two games - the squad level Firefight, where each model can be equipped differently, and then the mass combat sized Warpath (yes, think Kings of War IN SPACE!!!).  The beta for these rules continues as well - check my blog for pictures of some of the cool new models concepts.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions or suggestions.  Stay warm, and keep painting.

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Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder