DeadPath or WarZone or something like that.

Not everyone backs every kickstarter, and even those that do don't always see the updates.  Both the Deadzone:Infiltration and Warpath kickstarters had updates with some cool new renders.  One of the awesome things is you should be able to use most of these in both DeadZone as well as Warpath and Warpath:Firefight.

So first up, on the Warpath front, we have renders of the new Plague Bursters.  Big, nasty and most likely smelly - they just want to give you a big hug, before exploding and infecting you and everyone around you.
oozing growths
bizzare mutations
Next up is some new renders of the GCPS Hornet Dropship.  The kit also includes components to build a 'plague-ified' version.
GCPS Hornet Dropship
Troop Carrier compartment
that actually opens
On the Deadzone front - it looks like the Kickstarter will ship in March (so two months late, not fantastic but overall not too bad).

First up is the Enforcer Jetbike hard plastic set, complete with clear plastic flight stands.
2 jetbikes in a kit.
Mantic also released the final test-shots for some of the new plastic miniatures.  These are the ones that were changed over from being metal originally.

The enforcers get a special character
Recon Unit N7-117
The Veer Myn have a new special character The Piper - I love the idea of reversing the old pied piper story in the future.
The Piper
Of course the piper needs rat swarms to go with him
Rat Swarms
Night terrors are bigger Veer Myn with special weapons strapped to their backs
Night Terror
These apparently come out much better in plastic than metal
Night Terror
The Veer Myn progenitor is a hero
Progenitor with Sniper Rifle
Even more disturbing is the brood mother.  The new plastic is actually standing up better than the metal version - the metal studio version has had the staff break three times now - while the plastic one is holding up just fine.
Brood Mother
Of course what is a Mantic kickstarter without Blaine?  (The answer of course is the first one.)
Blaine on Jetbike
If you thought the plague 1st generations were huge killing machines - wait until you see the new 1st generation Aberation - even bigger and meaner!
Plague Aberration
The Veer Myn are known for their wild war engines - like the Heavy Chem Laser.
Veer Myn Heavy Chem Laser
Or the Heavy Chem Thrower.  I would expect you will be able to make either variant from the kickstarter, but will most likely be sold as two distinct kits when it goes retail.
Veer Myn Heavy Chem Thrower
Of course you need crew to fire it, not just drive it
Veer Myn Crew

Veer Myn Crew
For those who are into stunties, Mantic has put out a clarification on the Forge Father's Steel Warriors Sprue.  There will be two flamers, one Magma Cannon, one Hailstorm Autocannon and one Mjolnir Missile Launcher along with rifles, pistols and close combat weapons, as shown. Those of you building units for Warpath will always have spares from fielding units of Steel Warriors to create whole units with flamers and heavy weapons (Stormrage Veterans). Those of you building for Deadzone will have more than enough option to build your strike team from just one sprue.
Forge Fathers Steel Warriors Sprue
Rest of the Forge Fathers Steel Warriors components

Because it is all fun and games . . .