Friday, May 29, 2015

Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking Badgers!!!

Or maybe we do!!!!  (Incidentally I did just happen to watch Blazing Saddles again - such a great movie (and boy do I now feel old realizing it is 41 years old))

I've been redoing my demo army lists in anticipation of Origins next week.  Most have been fairly straightforward; with the point costs going up across the board I've had to drop a unit here or there.

My dwarfs, on the other hand, were more problematic.  I have three regiments (2 Ironclad, 1 Shieldbreakers), 2 troops of Ironwatch rifles, 2 cannons, an organ gun, standard bearer and warsmith.  In the new rules - you only get 1 of a hero or war engine or monster per regiment (not one of each - you need a horde for that).  So I had to drop the heroes.  And that left me way under points.

The first idea was to use the Ironclad as Ironguard - which added a hundred points to the list, but didn't feel right for a demo army, since the Ironguard are elite unit, and a bit too good for demo games.  I also had used a lot of magic items, again something I don't like in a demo army.

Well this past weekend at Nashcon, I picked up 10 Berserker Brock Riders for only $15 - and figured a troop of them would fix my issue nicely.  I had to change one of the cannons into an organ gun as well to get enough points, but now I have a more balanced list that is also better at showing off the Mantic models.  (Plus when I think about, with the changes to artillery, the organ guns may be better than the cannons now).

On the Mantic Madness facebook group I made a painting pledge for this month to paint these up.  With the better half out of town until next week I had plenty of time to paint up the nutters on badgers

Berserker Brock Riders
Ok - so I should have shown them unpainted first - but since when I link to this it uses the first picture in the entry, I wanted the painted ones out first.  However the pieces parts are :
Brock Riders parts, and organ gun barrel
I do have to say that these are some of the most complicated to assemble models that I have gotten from Mantic - 11 pieces per model, with several that are not immediately obvious where they go.  Each mount has three pieces of armor that must be attached, the riders have a piece of the saddle, as well as a badger head that goes on their capes.  But they came together ok I think.

Then I pried a cannon barrel off of one of the cannons, and glued two organ gun barrel sets together (cutting of the end barrels for the lower half to fit between the wheels).  This to make it look a bit different than the stock one.  Very quick to paint up and glue in place of the cannon barrel.

Fifteen shots of hot death upon their hated enemies.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Nashcon 2015

As we pause this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure our freedom, it is only fitting that we celebrate their lives by pushing plastic soldiers around and rolling dice to re-enact their battles.  

This was my first trip down to NashCon - a miniature wargaming convention held just south of Nashville by the HMGS Mid-South Chapter.  Not knowing what to expect, when I was asked to come down and run Kings of War (and this was actually the 2nd time I had been asked.  Last year I had been asked to do it as well, but got very little interest, and it fell just before our family vacation (meaning it would have been three weekends out of town in a row (with Origins two weeks later)).  Getting a bit more response than before (actually, two different people asked me to run it) I thoguht it would be fun.  I also figured I'd run a Dreadball tournament down there as well.

One of the best parts (as a tournament organizer) of Nashcon turned out to be the prize support - as the convention provided quite a bit.  For the Kings of War tournament I got several items from Gavin at, including an Army Painter starter paint set, a set of walls (and everyone needs more terrain) and Fleabag Riders (I always feel it is good prizes when I'm just a little bit reluctant to give them away because I'd like them myself!).  Even more impressive however was the awesome battle sword from Todd Perkins and the Laughing Corpse gaming club.  They were running the 40K tournament, and created a Best General sword for us.

The sword was just so awesome to be able to give away!
When I first submitted this event, I expected it to be small (not knowing of many people playing in TN) so I set it at 1000 pts (I view this as a 'beginner' tournament).  I then got some feedback that a local club would get up to 18 people on their monthly Kings of War days - so I didn't know quite what to expect.  As it turned out, it was on the small side, with five players (and that nasty ringer guy, who keeps bringing Abyssal Dwarfs and doesn't lose enough with them).  

One of the biggest drawbacks to playing the ringer army is I tend to forget to get pictures of the other games - which I did the first round.  I played by Abyssal Dwarfs against Rebecca and her Orcs, Jon played his undead against Paul and his dwarfs, and Matt played his undead against Terrell's Kingdoms of Men army.

In the second round, I played Jon (he hates when he has to play his old man, but managed to do better than he expected with a solid draw), Matt played Paul and Rebecca played Terrell.
Paul rolls the dice against Matt
Terrell counts his hits as Rebecca calmly watches
Abyssal Dwarfs getting flanked by the undead
In the final set of games, I played Terrell, Jon played Matt, and Rebecca played Paul.

Terrell getting distracted from the fight for the portal

Jon carefully measuring his catapult shot against Matt

Paul is flabbergasted by Rebecca's bold move
When it was all over, Jon came out on top.  I had to adjust the scoring a bit, as out of the five only one (Jon) (and the ringer, which doesn't count) had a fully painted army.  So I decided NOT to judge painting this time (but I had better see more painted armies next year!) so Champion and Best General were effectively the same award.  Rebecca walked away with an opportunity to excel at another game with a copy of Mars Attacks!, and everyone else got to choose one of the prizes donated by the convention.
Paul, Terrell, Rebecca, Matt and Jon

And the winner of the awesome sword and (not nearly as awesome next to the sword) champion plaque
So while small, it was a fun tournament and I look forward to possibly doing it again next year.

I did mention that I set up a Dreadball tournament as well.  This was then upgraded to an NADC South regional championship - where the winner would receive a coveted Blaine trophy, and free admission to the Adepticorp NADC Championship at Adepticon 2016.  Did I mention that this was generally a Historical Miniatures event?  It turns out that most people coming to a miniature event aren't interested in a board game championship - and except for my son (who I brought with me) I didn't have anyone show up for this.  So Blaine goes unclaimed for now.

Below are the final results - which as always were generated using warscore.  Head over to there to check out the current US Kings of War standings.

I also wanted to give a special thanks to Matt - also known on the Mantic forums as DustCrusher - as he is the creator of the fantastic unit cards that I have been using for the past two years when I demo Kings of War (and I am definitely going to miss these when I start teaching the 2.0 version at Origins and Gencon)

Nashcon 2015

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Attrition Objective Players Choice Favorite Opponent Total Awards
1 Mike Carter (Ringer) Abyssal Dwarfs Rebecca Bruce, Jon Carter, Terrell Scoggins 80 2530 8 88 Ringer
2 Jon Carter Undead Paul Dempsey, Mike Carter (Ringer), Matt Berkoitz 75 2345 7 4 86 Champion / Best General
3 Matt Berkoitz Undead Terrell Scoggins, Paul Dempsey, Jon Carter 65 1190 5 1 1 72
4 Terrell Scoggins Kingdoms of Men Matt Berkoitz, Rebecca Bruce, Mike Carter (Ringer) 60 1460 7 3 70
5 Paul Dempsey Dwarfs Jon Carter, Matt Berkoitz, Rebecca Bruce 50 1255 3 1 1 55
6 Rebecca Bruce Orcs Mike Carter (Ringer), Terrell Scoggins, Paul Dempsey 30 120 4 1 35

Monday, May 18, 2015

On a wing and a prayer

I'm sitting here at my desk the other day, paying bill, when I look up and notice something.  Generally I try to keep all my hobby 'stuff' (my wife pronounces it with more of a 'sh' sound, kind of rhyming with "it") together, but occasionally some of it tends to spread out a bit.  In this instance it is some unfinished models that have managed to creep up to the top of my desk.  Or, looking at them, I think they have all flown up there.
Ignore the clock, huge stack of itunes video CD's, and the scourge bearer under glass
It occurs to me, not that I have a bunch of models I need to actually finish, but that ALL of them have wings.  What is it with me that I can't seem to finish winged models?  I have done 20 gargoyles, three elohi and an ur-elohi, all with wings.  But these buggers sit up there on my shelf, mocking me from above.

They aren't completely random.  When my buddies game store (I still miss Krystal Keep) went out of business, I managed to pick up the Great Winged Taurus cheap, with the plans to convert it and mount my Abyssal Dwarf Overmaster on it.  Primed, but now gathering dust.
Several years back I did some trading at Buckeye Battles - a great WFB GT held by the Central Ohio Warhammer Slackers.  I don't remember what I traded, but I got a Cockatrice in return, that again ended up primed and that is it.
A few years back, my son and his friends tried to do a Warhammer map campaign, and they invited me to join in.  Early on I took a space that was a Chimera nest - my dwarfs had to fight against 6 Chimera's, and if they one, then they got to add one to one of their lists.  Dwarf war machines took out five of them before they ever got to my lines - I purposefully left the last one because I wanted to see how a unit of slayers did against it - and they took it out in one round of combat.  So I picked up a Chimera - this time I actually managed to not only prime it, but to begin a base coat.  The campaign only lasted about a month - I never had a chance to play a game where I could actually use the Chimera.
During the first Reaper Bones kickstarter, I saw this clockwork dragon and had to have it.  I thought it would be really cool to paint this up and take it to my office at work.  I did manage to glue it to a base - but the rest is still not even glued together - occasionally I have to put the wings back when they fall out.
Included in that kickstarter was the special edition Sophie vampire (known as kickstarter Sophie, is she is kick starting the motorcycle).  Cool, but I'm not sure if I ever planned on painting her.
Of course I already mentioned a while back the fantastic "Dragons Don't Share" kit for which I really love the terrain pieces - I painted them all up pretty quick, but of course still have the actual dragon to do
And then finally is my conversion for Arhak Soulbinder on his Manticore.  I had a lot of fun converting this, but it appears he won't be in the 2nd edition of Kings of War, so I won't have a chance to actually play with the model - so he is up there with the rest
A few years ago I actually won a (then current) metal model of a Reaper skeletal Dragon - once again all he ever got was primed white with some tan on his wings - he is now on a shelf in the basement with at least one wing that has now come off.

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out why exactly I seem to have a problem painting wings.  Or things with wings.  Or big models.  Or more specifically, models for which I have no other use than just to paint - that will never end up seeing the game table.

I think the last is the main reason (though maybe it is the wings that intimidate me).  Because I can look to my right and see five bins of Mars Attacks!, Deadzone and Warpath models, some of which need assembled but most just need painted - and not a wing in site there.  But not playing much of those either.  (I don't want to talk about the 38 martians I started painting back in February and are still waiting for the final silver base coat before being washed and detailed.)

So maybe sharing these models so desperately in need of some color love will help to give me incentive to finish them.  Or at least show some of the people who say I am a painting demon (ok, so yes I have done a 1000 pt army in a week - more than once) that I am a mere mortal - and am just as far behind painting as anyone else.  Of course they say that if you ever finish painting all your minis, then you die.  So this is also a plan to stay immortal.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

Ok, so where were we.  Oh yes.

So with Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, we both settled down for a long win . . .  wait a minute – winter is OVER!!!  Spring has sprung, and it is even attempting to pretend it is summer, with it still being 81 degrees outside at 9 pm tonight!  What ever happened to warm spring days and pleasant nights – we go from freezing to summer instantly.  I know, everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.

So what is going on right now?  Kings of War of course!  We had our second annual Kings of War tournament at Cincycon on May 2nd, with five players (up from three the year before).  The turnout was a little disappointing, but it was still a lot of fun.  Of course Kara Brown took top honors (this is getting to seem a little repetitive – we need to get more players so she can have some competition)!

Meanwhile the Kings of War second edition beta testing seems to be slowing down a bit.  The final update before submission is scheduled for May 10th (yes, Mother’s Day!).  The rules are looking good, and the lists seem to be very well balanced – all for the making of a great new edition of everyone’s favorite game!  If you haven’t checked out the beta test rules already, they are easily available on facebook in a pinned post on the “Kings of War Fanatics” group, or on the Mantic forums at .

However rules are the only parts of the new version of Kings of War popping up.  I found a german blog that had pictures of the new painted Dragon, as well as Lower Abyssals, Flame Bearers and Succubi from the Abyssal list.  Check them out on my blog at .  There is one small bit of bad news concerning the new edition however.  Right now things are not scheduled to arrive in the Mantic warehouse until late July, meaning that the release of the new rule book and new miniatures will have a slight delay, with shipping now scheduled for August.

If you are excited about the new edition like I am, then you can have a chance to try it out at Origins in June!  Yes, all of my “Learn to Play” sessions will be using the 2.0 rules (or as close to the final ones as I can get), as will the Mega Battle (since it uses my demo armies).  If all you have is your 1.0 1000 pt army, bring it anyway and we will convert it on the fly (and if it is legal for 1.0, then we will allow the new 2.0 version for the Mega Battle even if it doesn’t fully conform to the 2.0 rules – because it is all fun and games!).  The tournament at Origins will still be 1.0, as the new rules are not official yet.  For all the details, check out my web site at .

While there will be a lot of Kings of War at Origins, it is not the only Mantic game being played there.  Yes, the first annual Origenes Corporation NADC Northern Regional Adepticorp Qualifier will also be taking place there.  For those of you that haven’t been following the Dreadball announcements on the Mantic Blog, NADC is the North American Dreadball Circuit.  We have divided the US & Canada into four regions (North, South, East and West (how original!)), and each region will host two to four qualifying tournaments.  Qualifying for what you ask?  For free admission to the 2016 Adepticon North American Dreadball Championship, and a special Blaine trophy, that’s what!  And the winner of the Adepticon Championship will go on to play the winner of the UK championship (who will be flown over from the UK) for title of World Dreadball Champion.   For 2017, the Adepticon Champion will fly over to the UK to battle their counterpart, with the plan to continue alternating venues each year.  Full tournament information is at the same site as for the Kings of War tournament, and you can register for Origins at .

Did I hear someone in the back grumbling that they live down in eastern Tennessee and won’t be able to make it to Origins to compete?  Well have no fear, you still have time to get in on the Nashcorp NADC Southern Regional Adepticorp Qualifer held at Nashcon (south of Nashville) on May 23rd.  This is the same type of qualifier, with the winner getting the same trophy and admission to the tournament at Adepticon!  Full tournament details are at , and information on Nashcon is available at .  Plus we are also having a 1000 pt Kings of War tournament there on May 23rd as well.  I hope to see lots of new faces at Nashcon over Memorial Day weekend!

If you are more interested in the smaller size fantasy games and are looking for information on Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest.  First up, did you check out the awesome dragon I showed in my blog above?  This is the same on as for Kings of War, and looks too cool.  There have also been several pictures of the new game components that people captured at Salute in the UK - .  These are simply looking fantastic!  This should also starting shipping in August – but I’m hoping that they will have both this and KoW2 at GenCon!

For all of you Dreadball fans, there is more than just the tournaments going on.  You may have missed it (ah, the drawbacks of only sending out one newsletter a month) but six new teams for Dreadball underwent beta test at the end of April.  This was only two weeks, but there were many changes made to help to balance these.  If you want to check them out, the final versions are all up on Jake Thorton’s (he is the guy that writes Dreadball, Deadzone and Mars Attacks!) blog at .

Speaking of Mars Attacks! – if you wanted to go beyond the set scenarios the new World War book is being released at the end of this month.  This is the much awaited points system for Mars Attacks!, as well as rules for multi-mat games and more.

For Deadzone – well the kickstarter is over for Infestation, so things are a little quiet right now as all the real work is slowly being done.  I’ll let you know when I know.

Of course there are always people asking about Warpath.  When is it coming out?  When is the kickstarter?  Where are the vehicles?  Well there is a rules committee working on the Warpath rules right now.  They have been a little delayed with the press to get the Kings of War rules out in beta and tested, but once those are put to bed then many more alpha test games will be going on.  No dates have been set yet, though Mantic has said there won’t be another kickstarter for a while, so your wallets can breathe a little easier.  I also can’t tell you that the REDACTED are getting an awesome new REDACTED that may even REDACTED in REDACTED REDACTED!!!  I know you are just as excited about that as I am.

Finally, what is happening locally in the Dayton area?  We just finished our first Dreadball League, with Jon Carter handily beating everyone not only in the league but also in the six player Dreadball Ultimate game we played to top it off.  We are taking a slight breather while waiting for the next Kings of War escalation league to start, which will be as soon as the 2.0 rules and models are available!  Until then, we are still meeting Monday nights at the Hobby Shop, who has graciously extended their open gaming hours from 6 until 10 pm on Monday evenings, so long as you are already in the store by 8 pm.

As always, here is a list of the confirmed events coming up in the area.  All the events should (or will have soon) pages up on my web site at
- 5/23/15 – Nashcon (Nashville TN) – Dreadball and Kings of War
- 6/3/15 - 6/7/15 - Origins (Columbus OH) – Dreadball and Kings of War.
- 7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN) – Mantic will be there!

Because it is all fun and games …

Mike Carter
Your friendly local mantic pathfinder

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kings of War returns to CincyCon

On May 2nd, Kings of War returned to Cincycon.  Many dice were rolled, enemies crushed, and the lamentations of their women was heard . . . wait a minute.  I'm going to have to stop making that old Conan joke.  Half the players at this tournament were women, and the current reigning Adepticon champion is a woman (who was one of the ones playing at this tournament).  So attempting to be less sexist, much fun was had by all (and not a lamentation was heard, and there was much rejoicing).

The day began with a father/son grudge match, with the youth and skill losing out to age and treachery, as my Abyssal Dwarfs managed to defeat Jon Carter's undead.   Adepticon champion Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs easily defeated Beth Hill's Twilight Kin, and Amy Stamper's dwarfs managed to take revenge for one of the many slights they had received (or believed to received) from Keith Ambrose's dwarfs.
Keith carefully picking up his dice to roll his hordes triple attacks against Kara's war engine
Round two showed some hot and steamy Abyssal Dwarf on Abyssal Dwarf action, as Kara's evil stunties beat mine.  Undead faced Dwarfs, and managed to recover some pride beating the dwarfs and adding to their ranks of undeath.  At the other end, Elves reenacted their age old civil war against the Twilight King, and Beth's leather clad pansies beat Keith's tree hugging pansies (in my mind I see this as a slap fight).

The final round saw Kara face off against Beth - so now instead of good dwarfs v. good elves, we have evil dwarfs v. evil elves.  To no one's surprise, Kara came out on top (she wouldn't be the reigning champion if she lost a lot, would she?)
Beth is questioning if I really need to memorialize this defeat
Jon and Keith squared off, undead v. elves.  A closer game, but Jon managed to pull out another win to put himself in second place overall.
Jon making sure his movements are measured exactly
On the final table, Amy's dwarfs fell to their evil cousins as my Abyssal Dwarfs pulled victory from the jaws of defeat (if I had not gotten a very lucky flank charge on her Brock riders (Badgers?  We don't need no stinking Badgers!)
Amy rolling a bunch of dice as her driller eviscerates my Immortal Guard
Of course the armies were all very well painted and looked great.
Real life caught up with Beth and she had one unpainted model

Amy's dwarf army, showcasing her brock riders and allied phoenix

Jon's highly converted undead, with Fire Elementals and Blood (water) Elemental Nature allies

The Ringer army (mine).  Someday I may finally make a display board for them.

Kara's steampunk Abyssal Dwarfs, with some beautiful conversions.

Keith brought his army in so I could get a good picture of it
Final results were Kara winning 1st place with her Abyssal Dwarfs

Jon taking home 2nd with his Undead

and Keith taking home best appearance with his elves.

Thanks to everyone for a great day of gaming, and I hope to see even more people next year.

Cincycon 2015

Place Name Opponents Army Battle Paint Players Choice Favorite Opponent Total Additional Painting Appearance Total Awards
1 Kara Brown Keith Ambrose, Mike Carter (Ringer), Beth Hill Abyssal Dwarfs 90 20 3 2 121 8 34 Champion
2 Jon Carter Mike Carter (Ringer), Amy Stamper, Keith Ambrose Undead 65 20 1 95 8 28 2nd Place
3 Mike Carter (Ringer) Jon Carter, Kara Brown, Amy Stamper Abyssal Dwarfs 65 17 2 85 4 25
4 Amy Stamper Beth Hill, Jon Carter, Mike Carter (Ringer) Dwarfs 50 20 1 73 4 26
5 Beth Hill Amy Stamper, Keith Ambrose, Kara Brown Twilight Kin 55 3 1 66 1 4
6 Keith Ambrose Kara Brown, Beth Hill, Jon Carter Elves 35 20 1 1 58 7 29 Best Appearance

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just want to share some more

There have been a couple of Facebook posts of pictures of the Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest miniatures - and I know that a lot of people aren't on Facebook so haven't seen them.  So I figure I'll try and link to them here as well for you to enjoy.

First up, Mantic Pathfinder Extraordinaire Matt Gilbert put up the picture of a lot of stuff:

Yes, the dragon is THAT BIG!  And check out the book - that is the retail box that the game will come in.

Then John Austin put up a few more

Did I say I loved this dragon?
Hopefully not how they will be packed
A Moloch
Undead Troll
Zombie Troll Shaman
Hordin & Gnasher and an Orc Greatax

Getting a little excited

Like most gamers, I get excited about new shinies.  Waiting for new models to come out once they are announced is always a bit aggravating, because we all want it now.  Waiting for them to come across the sea from the UK is even worse.

This morning, I saw a post on facebook that referred to a german blog entry  But it was the pictures that I just have to share.  There are all from their website, and they have said that they will be posting more over the week, so go there and check them out.  Click on the pictures for full size versions.

First up, the new dragon, painted up.
This just keeps looking better and better.  This will be for both Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest, as well as three (one with a different head) monster mounts for Kings of War 2.

One thing I'm looking forward to this summer is the release of the Forces of the Abyss army - which was funded in the Kings of War Second Edition kickstarter.  Generally they have just shown concept art, but here are some shots of the Abyssal army.  The first one several units - but also note in the upper right corner the DS:DKQ figures - including the oh so hoped for door:

They actually went and did some more close-ups of the individual units - so first the Lower Abyssals:

Next, the Flamebearers, which are as shooting unit that is an alternate build to the Lower Abyssals

Finally, a closer look at the Succubi unit - the other hard plastic unit funded by the kickstarter

I for one am excited about these, and will keep a lookout for more.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

CincyCorp Cup 2015

Welcome again fans to the live coverage of the Second annual CincyCorp Cup Championships.  I'm your announcer, Gurn Blanston, and with me, as always, is our color commentator, Dill Blowhard.

It has been an amazing night of competition here at Cincycon in their new location at the Butler County Fairgrounds.  The crowds have swelled the attendance figures to 150 % more than last year.  
Keith v David to start the tournament
While the outlying competitions do not draw the attendance of the sanctioned NADC (that's North American Dreadball Circuit) regional events, the crowd still goes wild when they see a good slam, especially one that knocks a players head right off their shoulders!

This years competition was fierce.  Keith Ambrose looked to be the fan favorite as he returned to once again coach his Veer-Myn team, "Disease Vector".

Keith's team last year suffered a crushing defeat in the finals, as the Asterian team he was facing beat won in a landslide victory after only a total of three rushes.  There is still controversy over the referees call of a foul that caused his striker to be thrown out of the game after his very first action on the teams first rush.  And while some have called dirty tricks and 'foul' play, we all know that the robot referees are incorruptible, and their rulings are final.

Disease Vector, coached by Keith Ambrose
Disease Vector got in several more practices matches, and were much better prepared this year.  What the crowds were not prepared for was his darling daughter, who was following in daddy's footsteps and coaching her own female corporation team, "Fluffy Bunnies of Death".

You are so correct Gurn.  No one expected these bunnies to succeed, but the crowd loved them.

A new coach barely arrived in time for the games to begin from the east region.  David Baker 
coached a team of the Unincorporated, "Shaken & Bacon", and they definitely upheld the reputation that the rebels have earned here in the north region.
Shaken & Bacon, coached by David Baker
You said it Gurn.  Between their slippery strikers, their pummelling guards and the jacks that move even faster than guards when they slam, these teams have no real weakness for their opponents to exploit.

Finally the competition was rounded out by the ever present Corporation Ringers.

While the ringers are a balanced team, who show up all over the galaxy, they never seem to actually end up winning any of their tournaments.  This still remains a mystery to many.

You said it Dill.  The rules committee decided that this year it would be a round robin championship, with each team playing every other team.  Three exciting rounds of Dreadball then took place.  In round one, Shaken & Bacon defeated Disease Vector with a final score of 4, while the Ringers ended up with a landslide victory over the Fluffy Bunnies of Death in rush 7.

Disease Vector put up a great showing in this first round, even managing to kill one of Shaken & Bacon's jacks early on.  Amazing for the rats was the fact that they actually managed to successfully pick up and throw the ball nearly every attempt, quite unusual for these furry beasts.

Round two saw two very close games, as each game ended with score of 1 for the victor.  Fluffy Bunnies of Death beat Disease Vector.  The ringer managed a kill against Shaken & Bacon, but was not able to pull out the victory.

It was the Fluffy Bunnies who ended up on the receiving end of death in the second round, as the rats made their second kill of the night.

In the third round, the ringer managed to pull off a landslide against Disease Vector in the 10th rush, while Shaken & Bacon did the same against the Fluffy Bunnies in the 12 rush.

There was a little controversy in the ringers win Gurn, as their appeared to be some outside coaching on that last action for four points, but in the end it is the score that counts.

So after a great night of Dreadball, David Baker took home the Cincorp Cup for 1st place.

Keith Ambrose was awarded the Bloodiest Coach for two kills.

Alex Ambrose took home the Fan Favorite award with 8 cheers.

The ringers ended up, in the end, being ineligible for any awards.

Well that wraps it up for the Cincycorp Cup this year.  We look forward to seeing everyone back here in three weeks on March 23rd for the NADC Southern Regional Nashcorp Cup Championship at Nashcon!  For the Puggimer Sports Network, I'm Gurn Blanston,
and I'm Dill Blowhard.  Until next time sports fans!

Cinycorp Cup 2015 Results

Place Name Opponents Team Team name Tournament points Kills Cheers Award
1 David Baker Keith Ambrose, Mike Carter (Ringer), Alex Ambrose Unincorporated Shaken & Bacon
2 Mike Carter (Ringer) Alex Ambrose, David Baker, Keith Ambrose Corporation Ringer
3 Keith Ambrose David Baker, Alex Ambrose, Mike Carter (Ringer) Veer-Myn Disease Vector
Bloodiest Coach
4 Alex Ambrose Mike Carter (Ringer), Keith Ambrose, David Baker Corporation 2 Fluffy Bunnies of Death
Fan Favorite