CincyCorp Cup 2015

Welcome again fans to the live coverage of the Second annual CincyCorp Cup Championships.  I'm your announcer, Gurn Blanston, and with me, as always, is our color commentator, Dill Blowhard.

It has been an amazing night of competition here at Cincycon in their new location at the Butler County Fairgrounds.  The crowds have swelled the attendance figures to 150 % more than last year.  
Keith v David to start the tournament
While the outlying competitions do not draw the attendance of the sanctioned NADC (that's North American Dreadball Circuit) regional events, the crowd still goes wild when they see a good slam, especially one that knocks a players head right off their shoulders!

This years competition was fierce.  Keith Ambrose looked to be the fan favorite as he returned to once again coach his Veer-Myn team, "Disease Vector".

Keith's team last year suffered a crushing defeat in the finals, as the Asterian team he was facing beat won in a landslide victory after only a total of three rushes.  There is still controversy over the referees call of a foul that caused his striker to be thrown out of the game after his very first action on the teams first rush.  And while some have called dirty tricks and 'foul' play, we all know that the robot referees are incorruptible, and their rulings are final.

Disease Vector, coached by Keith Ambrose
Disease Vector got in several more practices matches, and were much better prepared this year.  What the crowds were not prepared for was his darling daughter, who was following in daddy's footsteps and coaching her own female corporation team, "Fluffy Bunnies of Death".

You are so correct Gurn.  No one expected these bunnies to succeed, but the crowd loved them.

A new coach barely arrived in time for the games to begin from the east region.  David Baker 
coached a team of the Unincorporated, "Shaken & Bacon", and they definitely upheld the reputation that the rebels have earned here in the north region.
Shaken & Bacon, coached by David Baker
You said it Gurn.  Between their slippery strikers, their pummelling guards and the jacks that move even faster than guards when they slam, these teams have no real weakness for their opponents to exploit.

Finally the competition was rounded out by the ever present Corporation Ringers.

While the ringers are a balanced team, who show up all over the galaxy, they never seem to actually end up winning any of their tournaments.  This still remains a mystery to many.

You said it Dill.  The rules committee decided that this year it would be a round robin championship, with each team playing every other team.  Three exciting rounds of Dreadball then took place.  In round one, Shaken & Bacon defeated Disease Vector with a final score of 4, while the Ringers ended up with a landslide victory over the Fluffy Bunnies of Death in rush 7.

Disease Vector put up a great showing in this first round, even managing to kill one of Shaken & Bacon's jacks early on.  Amazing for the rats was the fact that they actually managed to successfully pick up and throw the ball nearly every attempt, quite unusual for these furry beasts.

Round two saw two very close games, as each game ended with score of 1 for the victor.  Fluffy Bunnies of Death beat Disease Vector.  The ringer managed a kill against Shaken & Bacon, but was not able to pull out the victory.

It was the Fluffy Bunnies who ended up on the receiving end of death in the second round, as the rats made their second kill of the night.

In the third round, the ringer managed to pull off a landslide against Disease Vector in the 10th rush, while Shaken & Bacon did the same against the Fluffy Bunnies in the 12 rush.

There was a little controversy in the ringers win Gurn, as their appeared to be some outside coaching on that last action for four points, but in the end it is the score that counts.

So after a great night of Dreadball, David Baker took home the Cincorp Cup for 1st place.

Keith Ambrose was awarded the Bloodiest Coach for two kills.

Alex Ambrose took home the Fan Favorite award with 8 cheers.

The ringers ended up, in the end, being ineligible for any awards.

Well that wraps it up for the Cincycorp Cup this year.  We look forward to seeing everyone back here in three weeks on March 23rd for the NADC Southern Regional Nashcorp Cup Championship at Nashcon!  For the Puggimer Sports Network, I'm Gurn Blanston,
and I'm Dill Blowhard.  Until next time sports fans!

Cinycorp Cup 2015 Results

Place Name Opponents Team Team name Tournament points Kills Cheers Award
1 David Baker Keith Ambrose, Mike Carter (Ringer), Alex Ambrose Unincorporated Shaken & Bacon
2 Mike Carter (Ringer) Alex Ambrose, David Baker, Keith Ambrose Corporation Ringer
3 Keith Ambrose David Baker, Alex Ambrose, Mike Carter (Ringer) Veer-Myn Disease Vector
Bloodiest Coach
4 Alex Ambrose Mike Carter (Ringer), Keith Ambrose, David Baker Corporation 2 Fluffy Bunnies of Death
Fan Favorite