Getting a little excited

Like most gamers, I get excited about new shinies.  Waiting for new models to come out once they are announced is always a bit aggravating, because we all want it now.  Waiting for them to come across the sea from the UK is even worse.

This morning, I saw a post on facebook that referred to a german blog entry  But it was the pictures that I just have to share.  There are all from their website, and they have said that they will be posting more over the week, so go there and check them out.  Click on the pictures for full size versions.

First up, the new dragon, painted up.
This just keeps looking better and better.  This will be for both Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest, as well as three (one with a different head) monster mounts for Kings of War 2.

One thing I'm looking forward to this summer is the release of the Forces of the Abyss army - which was funded in the Kings of War Second Edition kickstarter.  Generally they have just shown concept art, but here are some shots of the Abyssal army.  The first one several units - but also note in the upper right corner the DS:DKQ figures - including the oh so hoped for door:

They actually went and did some more close-ups of the individual units - so first the Lower Abyssals:

Next, the Flamebearers, which are as shooting unit that is an alternate build to the Lower Abyssals

Finally, a closer look at the Succubi unit - the other hard plastic unit funded by the kickstarter

I for one am excited about these, and will keep a lookout for more.


  1. Very cool, I ordered these with my pledge!

  2. Starting to wish I had ordered Abyssals too, but everyone else seemed to be going for them.

  3. Excellent miniatures. It's thrilling to see those pictures.


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