Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking Badgers!!!

Or maybe we do!!!!  (Incidentally I did just happen to watch Blazing Saddles again - such a great movie (and boy do I now feel old realizing it is 41 years old))

I've been redoing my demo army lists in anticipation of Origins next week.  Most have been fairly straightforward; with the point costs going up across the board I've had to drop a unit here or there.

My dwarfs, on the other hand, were more problematic.  I have three regiments (2 Ironclad, 1 Shieldbreakers), 2 troops of Ironwatch rifles, 2 cannons, an organ gun, standard bearer and warsmith.  In the new rules - you only get 1 of a hero or war engine or monster per regiment (not one of each - you need a horde for that).  So I had to drop the heroes.  And that left me way under points.

The first idea was to use the Ironclad as Ironguard - which added a hundred points to the list, but didn't feel right for a demo army, since the Ironguard are elite unit, and a bit too good for demo games.  I also had used a lot of magic items, again something I don't like in a demo army.

Well this past weekend at Nashcon, I picked up 10 Berserker Brock Riders for only $15 - and figured a troop of them would fix my issue nicely.  I had to change one of the cannons into an organ gun as well to get enough points, but now I have a more balanced list that is also better at showing off the Mantic models.  (Plus when I think about, with the changes to artillery, the organ guns may be better than the cannons now).

On the Mantic Madness facebook group I made a painting pledge for this month to paint these up.  With the better half out of town until next week I had plenty of time to paint up the nutters on badgers

Berserker Brock Riders
Ok - so I should have shown them unpainted first - but since when I link to this it uses the first picture in the entry, I wanted the painted ones out first.  However the pieces parts are :
Brock Riders parts, and organ gun barrel
I do have to say that these are some of the most complicated to assemble models that I have gotten from Mantic - 11 pieces per model, with several that are not immediately obvious where they go.  Each mount has three pieces of armor that must be attached, the riders have a piece of the saddle, as well as a badger head that goes on their capes.  But they came together ok I think.

Then I pried a cannon barrel off of one of the cannons, and glued two organ gun barrel sets together (cutting of the end barrels for the lower half to fit between the wheels).  This to make it look a bit different than the stock one.  Very quick to paint up and glue in place of the cannon barrel.

Fifteen shots of hot death upon their hated enemies.


  1. Thanks. A little limited as I want the demo armies to be pretty basic (pretty much they are base colors and a wash) to show people that you can get a tabletop force together pretty easy. However I did want some warpaint, but the black on the cheeks made them look like I hadn't painted the faces until I highlighted the rest of the skin.


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