May 2015 Newsletter

Ok, so where were we.  Oh yes.

So with Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, we both settled down for a long win . . .  wait a minute – winter is OVER!!!  Spring has sprung, and it is even attempting to pretend it is summer, with it still being 81 degrees outside at 9 pm tonight!  What ever happened to warm spring days and pleasant nights – we go from freezing to summer instantly.  I know, everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.

So what is going on right now?  Kings of War of course!  We had our second annual Kings of War tournament at Cincycon on May 2nd, with five players (up from three the year before).  The turnout was a little disappointing, but it was still a lot of fun.  Of course Kara Brown took top honors (this is getting to seem a little repetitive – we need to get more players so she can have some competition)!

Meanwhile the Kings of War second edition beta testing seems to be slowing down a bit.  The final update before submission is scheduled for May 10th (yes, Mother’s Day!).  The rules are looking good, and the lists seem to be very well balanced – all for the making of a great new edition of everyone’s favorite game!  If you haven’t checked out the beta test rules already, they are easily available on facebook in a pinned post on the “Kings of War Fanatics” group, or on the Mantic forums at .

However rules are the only parts of the new version of Kings of War popping up.  I found a german blog that had pictures of the new painted Dragon, as well as Lower Abyssals, Flame Bearers and Succubi from the Abyssal list.  Check them out on my blog at .  There is one small bit of bad news concerning the new edition however.  Right now things are not scheduled to arrive in the Mantic warehouse until late July, meaning that the release of the new rule book and new miniatures will have a slight delay, with shipping now scheduled for August.

If you are excited about the new edition like I am, then you can have a chance to try it out at Origins in June!  Yes, all of my “Learn to Play” sessions will be using the 2.0 rules (or as close to the final ones as I can get), as will the Mega Battle (since it uses my demo armies).  If all you have is your 1.0 1000 pt army, bring it anyway and we will convert it on the fly (and if it is legal for 1.0, then we will allow the new 2.0 version for the Mega Battle even if it doesn’t fully conform to the 2.0 rules – because it is all fun and games!).  The tournament at Origins will still be 1.0, as the new rules are not official yet.  For all the details, check out my web site at .

While there will be a lot of Kings of War at Origins, it is not the only Mantic game being played there.  Yes, the first annual Origenes Corporation NADC Northern Regional Adepticorp Qualifier will also be taking place there.  For those of you that haven’t been following the Dreadball announcements on the Mantic Blog, NADC is the North American Dreadball Circuit.  We have divided the US & Canada into four regions (North, South, East and West (how original!)), and each region will host two to four qualifying tournaments.  Qualifying for what you ask?  For free admission to the 2016 Adepticon North American Dreadball Championship, and a special Blaine trophy, that’s what!  And the winner of the Adepticon Championship will go on to play the winner of the UK championship (who will be flown over from the UK) for title of World Dreadball Champion.   For 2017, the Adepticon Champion will fly over to the UK to battle their counterpart, with the plan to continue alternating venues each year.  Full tournament information is at the same site as for the Kings of War tournament, and you can register for Origins at .

Did I hear someone in the back grumbling that they live down in eastern Tennessee and won’t be able to make it to Origins to compete?  Well have no fear, you still have time to get in on the Nashcorp NADC Southern Regional Adepticorp Qualifer held at Nashcon (south of Nashville) on May 23rd.  This is the same type of qualifier, with the winner getting the same trophy and admission to the tournament at Adepticon!  Full tournament details are at , and information on Nashcon is available at .  Plus we are also having a 1000 pt Kings of War tournament there on May 23rd as well.  I hope to see lots of new faces at Nashcon over Memorial Day weekend!

If you are more interested in the smaller size fantasy games and are looking for information on Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf Kings Quest.  First up, did you check out the awesome dragon I showed in my blog above?  This is the same on as for Kings of War, and looks too cool.  There have also been several pictures of the new game components that people captured at Salute in the UK - .  These are simply looking fantastic!  This should also starting shipping in August – but I’m hoping that they will have both this and KoW2 at GenCon!

For all of you Dreadball fans, there is more than just the tournaments going on.  You may have missed it (ah, the drawbacks of only sending out one newsletter a month) but six new teams for Dreadball underwent beta test at the end of April.  This was only two weeks, but there were many changes made to help to balance these.  If you want to check them out, the final versions are all up on Jake Thorton’s (he is the guy that writes Dreadball, Deadzone and Mars Attacks!) blog at .

Speaking of Mars Attacks! – if you wanted to go beyond the set scenarios the new World War book is being released at the end of this month.  This is the much awaited points system for Mars Attacks!, as well as rules for multi-mat games and more.

For Deadzone – well the kickstarter is over for Infestation, so things are a little quiet right now as all the real work is slowly being done.  I’ll let you know when I know.

Of course there are always people asking about Warpath.  When is it coming out?  When is the kickstarter?  Where are the vehicles?  Well there is a rules committee working on the Warpath rules right now.  They have been a little delayed with the press to get the Kings of War rules out in beta and tested, but once those are put to bed then many more alpha test games will be going on.  No dates have been set yet, though Mantic has said there won’t be another kickstarter for a while, so your wallets can breathe a little easier.  I also can’t tell you that the REDACTED are getting an awesome new REDACTED that may even REDACTED in REDACTED REDACTED!!!  I know you are just as excited about that as I am.

Finally, what is happening locally in the Dayton area?  We just finished our first Dreadball League, with Jon Carter handily beating everyone not only in the league but also in the six player Dreadball Ultimate game we played to top it off.  We are taking a slight breather while waiting for the next Kings of War escalation league to start, which will be as soon as the 2.0 rules and models are available!  Until then, we are still meeting Monday nights at the Hobby Shop, who has graciously extended their open gaming hours from 6 until 10 pm on Monday evenings, so long as you are already in the store by 8 pm.

As always, here is a list of the confirmed events coming up in the area.  All the events should (or will have soon) pages up on my web site at
- 5/23/15 – Nashcon (Nashville TN) – Dreadball and Kings of War
- 6/3/15 - 6/7/15 - Origins (Columbus OH) – Dreadball and Kings of War.
- 7/30/15 - 8/3/15 - GenCon (Indianapolis IN) – Mantic will be there!

Because it is all fun and games …

Mike Carter
Your friendly local mantic pathfinder