Not so sneaky peak

Well the holidays are over, and things are gradually getting back to normal (though can someone tell me why sand makes me gain so much weight?  A week at the beach down in Mexico and I gain 8 lbs - it has to be the sand (can't be the Margaritas after all :-)).

Mantic did manage to sneak in a few Christmas presents on their web store that not many people have seen - namely some retail releases of single miniatures that were previously available only from kickstarters or in limited packs.

First though, is the long awaited release of one of the last models from the Kings of War II kickstarter - the Basilean War Wizard.   I believe it was available again in Vanguard, but now they snuck it in as a web exclusive model.

In addition, they are also adding the Dungeon Saga heroes as web exclusives as well - scattered throughout the various armies.  So know you can buy individual metal models for:

Basilean War Wizard
For Basileans, magic is an integral part of all walks of life, including battle. War-wizards, masters of fire and weather spells, wreak havoc upon the foes of Basilea with inferno and lightning. In particular, magic has been found to be a potent weapon to counter the denizens of the Abyss, against which it seems to have a greater effect.
This was first part of the Kings of War 2nd Edition kickstarter, and then I think you could get him in the Vanguard kickstarter, but now he is finally available on his own.

(But where is the Arbalast model from the kickstarter?)

Basilean High Paladin
The High Paladins, supreme warrior-priests of Basilea, armour themselves and take to the field alongside their Paladin brothers. They are powerful fighters, sustained by the unquenchable fire of faith and filled with a burning desire to smite all evil from the face of the world.

This is the legendary version of Ibrahim, Human Paladin (from the Tyrant of Halpi expansion)

Basilean Abbess with Koliskos
The spiritual leaders of the Sisterhood guide their warriors from the front. Setting amongst the enemy with a heavy flail or curved koliskos, they bring the light of the shining ones to those without faith.

From the Infernal Crypts expansion is the legendary version of Venetia Beriassor - Human Cleric

The dwarfs get a bit of love.  First the Battle Driller is now available to buy instead of using points
The Dwarf Miners guild has long used technological innovations to aid in its excavations. Some members of the guild take their drilling devices into battle, charging them into the enemy ranks with spectacularly unpredictable results.

This is, of course, because it is now available to use in Vanguard.

In addition, the Legendary version of Rordin is now available as well
Dwarf King with Axe
The noble rulers of Dwarf-kind come from ancient lineages and inspire utter devotion in their people. With a lifetime of warmongering behind them, and bearing magical rune-encrusted weapons and armour, they are mighty warriors in their own right.
I have no love for them, but Mantic does have some for the elves.

Elf Army Standard Bearer
Usually drawn from long-serving champions of the Palace Guard, it is a singular honour to carry the army standard into battle. Bearing the ancient enchantments of protection, the standards of the Elven Lords are a blessing to their warriors and an anathema to the forces of evil.

I believe this model has been out of print for a while - being one of the command models that used to be sold in a pack, but now available by himself.

Elf Master Hunter
For some Elves, life at court is interminable, and they become filled with a wanderlust that takes them far from their kin. Alone in the trackless forests, made become gladestalkers, while a few, often exile-princes of noble bearing, become masters of the beasts, often found upon the battlefield accompanied by massive sabretooth Lyrynx.

This is the Legendary version of Madriga from the base Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Quest game.
Forces of  Nature also get a couple of Legendary Dungeon Saga heroes as well

Gladewalker Druid
Guardians of the forests, the mystical Gladewalkers are seldom seen by any save the Sylvian Elves. Their natural affinity to the forest makes them ideal druids, with few ties to the mortal world.

This is, of course, Legendary Kapoka from the Warlord of Galahar expansion.
Salamander Clan Lord
The Clan Lords are the supreme commanders of the Salamander armed forces, often leading from the front and by example.

And also from the same expansion is Legendary Hrrath Flamespitter - Salamander Fighter
In addition to these, they revealed two new models coming for Vanguard on the Mantic 12 days of Christmas blog.

The Dambuster - a frog riding a . . . frog?

Goblins don't get any love yet, but that is because they are coming out with a whole bunch of new models for Vanguard - also revealed on the Mantic 12 days of Christmas blog.

Mawpup launcher
Nightstalkers are also getting something 'newish'.  The way they were packaged in the Vanguard kickstarter, it was very easy for people to end up with a LOT of Horrors that they couldn't use - since they are warriors in Vanguard but heroes in Kings of War.  So Clash of Kings 2019 added a special unit of them - Horror Riftweavers - a bunch of horrors on a 50 mm base (classified as a monster).
There are actually more goodies coming for Nightstalkers when they Kings of War army is released.  New pictures of fiends and the Terror have been released - and also REDACTED REDACTED.

Orcs don't get anything unfortunately - which is a shame as I would have thought they would release the actual Warlord of Galahar model for them (though maybe they don't have a resin/metal version of him?)
sadly, not yet available on his own
Salamanders (what, you didn't know Mantic has a page up for the Salamander army?) get the Clan lord, but also Artakl (though he was already available).  Not yet enough for a full army, but maybe enough for Vanguard?  Check them out.

No love for the Trident Realm of Neritica either, which is a bit surprising, as there is a Legendary version of Arianya - Naiad Demon Hunter

Normal and the legendary version
Finally, the Undead get Jarvis (already available) but also

Undead Vampire Lord
Despite its many and hideous drawbacks, vampirism exerts a lure equal to that of necromancy. Vampires can be terrible and glorious, above the concerns of humanity, and powerful magicians in their own right.

This is Enric the Vampire, originally released in the Legendary Heroes of Mantica four pack

That pack also included Gunn the dwarf Engineer, Ravenna the human WItch and Helcan, the Elf assassin.  Of course you remember seeing them all on my blog almost three years ago.

Also, if you want to see the resin versions of most of these models - I posted those in September.  Of 2016.

So not completely new, but new to a lot of you.

Because it is all fun and games . . .