Legen - wait for it - dary!

First - no more complaining as the rest of my kickstarter finally arrived.  It was missing a couple of things that Mantic Customer Support says have already been dispatched (a card deck, a hero stat card).  There is one figure I did not get because they are out (and may not be making more) - however it is one of those that doesn't have any rules anyway (Ravenna the Witch)  - so I can live with that.

One of the aspects that I like about playing the game is that even the standard characters level up when playing campaigns - to the point where eventually you flip over their hero card and use the Legendary side.

During the kickstarter, there were only design sketches of the various legendary heroes.  I thought it would be a good time to show the actual miniatures, paired up with their standard versions.

One note - instead of the standard blue plastic versions of several of the heroes, I received the upgraded resin versions.  In addition, the retail versions of all the legendary heroes appear to be in metal, not the resin you could purchase through the kickstarter.

First, of course, are the original four adventurers in the base game.  Their legendary figures are packaged as Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth

Orlaf - Human Barbarian.  Orlaf finds some more furs, a helmet, and another weapon.

Rordin - Dwarf Fighter.  As is seen on most of these - Rordin grows a bit when he becomes legendary.  He also exchanges his hammer for an ax and gets some shoulder pads.

Madriga - Elf Ranger.  This is one of the more 'realistic' upgrades - she gets a hood and a better bow - and just looks improved.

Danor - Human Wizard.  In contrast - this is one of the worst upgrades.  You take the fairly young wizard and add what - forty years to him?  About the only thing the same is the satchel he carries. Now I honestly like the legendary figure more - but it somebody else completely - it does not appear to be an upgrade.

and just to show we don't play favorites with the heroes - Mortibris the Necromancer (his legendary figure is available for free using Mantic Points).  This is another case where the legendary version, while a nice figure, does not look like an upgrade to the previous one.  In fact the normal version, with the skeleton being summoned just appeals to me much more.

Then we add two more in the Infernal Crypts expansion, and the Legendary Heroes of the Crypts. One of the interesting ideas they did for each expansion was to include two new heroes with new models, and two new hero cards that use existing models (generally from the base set) - with slight differences.

Arianya - Naiad Demon Hunter.  This is probably the worst for the 'upgrades'.  Arianya is female - referred to as such in the books, and has breasts and a more feminine shape.  The upgrade - well I see absolutely nothing female about it - the breasts are gone, the faced is much more masculine, and even the exposed belly is now covered in armor.  The eyepatch doesn't help this either.  The legendary figure is simply another Naiad - a cool pirate Naiad, but it is not Arianya.

Venetia Beriassor - Human Cleric.  Venetia seems to have some of the least upgrades - she changes her weapon (and I need to use hot water to straighten it out, or replace it completely) and gets a mask, and a little bit of upgrade to her robes - but otherwise is the same figure - even the same pose.  Much like Rordin, a nice upgrade.

Kapoka - Gladewalker Druid.  These next two may be my favorites.  So little is known about Gladewalkers - so the idea of him getting bigger fits.  Changing his antlers from the 'deer' shaped ones to more 'moose' ones works for me, as does the new staff.  Keeping the robes and markings the same just ties these together nicely.

Hrrath Flamespitter - Salamander Fighter - Like Kapoka - Hrrath just got an obvious upgrade.  A little bigger, better armor, horns, and now he is actually holding flame (to go with his name Flamespitter).  Once again I can see this as an upgrade instead of a new character completely, as it should be.

The upcoming Tyrant of Halpi will add two more heroes, and the Legendary Heroes of Halpi.  (Sorry, no links there because they haven't put them up for sale yet).

Ibrahim, Human Paladin.  This one is again a bit bigger - it is funny to me how his cloak also grows significantly larger.  I'm not sure what is up with the new weapon - or even what it is supposed to be. It looks more like a staff though it is a bit short there - all I could figure was it helps him with his healing spells.

Ally McSween - Halfling Thief.  Ally also grew quite a bit and gained a cloak.  The legendary version is, to me, actually closer to the art on the character card than the original.

So there are all the heroes (and one villain) and they Legendary versions.  The legendary figures aren't required at all to play the game, but if you really enjoy them may make a nice addition to your figure collection.  Plus they are also very useful if you want to put them in your Kings of War army.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. I heard one of the Wizard's magic items you find in-game causes him to grow a beard... or that was meant to be the joke at the time, hence why Epic Wizard has a beard.


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