Heroes and Demons

For all you Dungeon Saga fans, the new Infernal Crypts expansion is being released by Mantic this month.  For a full review of this expansion see my earlier post The Abyss is growing.

For those who really like the pre-assembled game plastic, you can pick up additional sets of these miniatures to boost your forces (and if you want to see how these compare to the Kings of War releases that came out in February - well simply look here Abyssal Comparison.  You get Two Lower Abyssals, a Flamebearer, an Abyssal Guard, a Sucubbus, a Hellhound, a Tortured Soul, an Efreet and a Moloch for MSRP of $24.99.
Denizens of the Abyss
Not only can you pick up more demons, but you can also get the legendary versions of the two new heroes that come in the set.  These are metal models, and include Arianya the Naiad, and Venetia the cleric from Basilea.
Legendary Heroes of the Crypts
If you have a copy of the Adventurers Companion (and if you are a fan of Dungeon Saga then you really need this expansion to give all the rules for playing without an overlord, playing without a pre-set dungeon, and generating and improving your own heroes or monsters.  Plus there are now heroes to go with it.  This set includes Gunn the dwarf Engineer, Ravenna the human Witch, Enric the Vampire, and Helcan the Elf Assassin.
Legendary Heroes of Mantica
Because it is all fun and games . . .