Don't sell them short

A lucky few of us ordered the new resin dwarf warband from the kickstarter (and got it last month).  For the rest of you unfortunate souls, you will have to wait for the retail release in January (though you can preorder it from your FLGS or on the Mantic webstore).

I showed pictures of the new resin models that came in the kickstarter already,  But there are going to be some new goodies even for those of us who already bought the hairy little rocks.
Dwarf Warband Set
MGVAD101 £29.99/€39.99/$44.99 
Short in stature but as unyielding as the mountains themselves, the Dwarfs are a proud and noble people who attach a great deal of importance to heritage and  custom. It is a na├»ve opponent indeed who does not acknowledge the Dwarf talents for war – when the Dwarfs go to war, they do so to win. 
Contents: 5 Hard Plastic Ironguard, 2 Hard Plastic Ironwatch, 1 Resin Sergeant, 1 Resin Ironguard, 1 Resin Ranger, and 20 Vanguard Cards. 

Two of the old plastic sprues, and three of the beautiful new resin models.  I actually got 29 cards in the kickstarter, but it included all the support and large units as well.  What will be interesting to see is if there are any new units in these cards that the kickstarter backers did not get.  We didn't get a battle driller - but wait . . .

Dwarf Reinforcement Pack
MGVAD301 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99 
Induction into a dwarf hold’s military is a long and difficult process, for their masters are nothing if not strict and stubborn. Civilian aspirants must each serve years as a Levy –under the stern watch of Ironclad warriors –fighting in small skirmishes until they are deemed ready for true war. 
Contents: 1 Metal Levy with weapon options, 2 Metal Ironclad, and 6 Vanguard Cards including Levy, Ironclad, Brock Rider and Battle Driller.

Ok, so it looks like this is three new metal models, as well as the card for the Battle Driller and Brock Rider (I was very curious why they were missing this unit).  We got the Levy and Ironclad in the kickstarter, but not these new models.  It looks like I'll be picking up this pack just to complete my set.

Dwarf Support Pack: Ironwatch
MGVAD205 £9.99/€12.49/$14.99
Veteran marksmen, the Ironwatch spend years mastering their weapons. Having fought in wars for many decades, their experience and skill are invaluable tools to any warband, although the black powder rifles they sometimes bear are appreciated, too. 
Contents: 1 Resin Ironwatch and 1 Vanguard Card. 

I really like this model - though it is a bit of a shame that the base Ironwatch on the card comes with a crossbow and not the rifle on the model.  You can purchase a "Marksman's Rifle" for a single model (it is a rare item after all) however.  Plus if you get the warband set you get a sprue (2) ironwatch models that you can make with crossbows to match the cards (but this model is so much nicer than the older hard plastic ones).

Dwarf Support Pack: Shieldbreaker
MGVAD204 £9.99/€12.49/$14.99 
Shieldbreakers are aggressive fighters, with little to no thought of self-defence. Often encountered on the front lines of an army, these belligerent warriors can also be found joining an advance party; to clash with the enemy all the faster. 
Contents: 1 Resin Shieldbreaker and 1 Vanguard Card. 

A nice model, but is just doesn't seem to fit my idea of a dwarf with a two-handed weapon (though it is missing the shield)

Dwarf Support Pack: Mastiff Packmaster
MGVAD203 £9.99/€12.49/$14.99 
Younger dwarfs often mock packmasters for work they consider to be beneath a warrior. Such mockery lasts only until the packmastersets his charges loose – a pack of purebred war dogs with sharp teeth and a taste for ankles. 
Contents: 1 Resin Mastiff Packmaster and 1 Vanguard Card.

While this model doesn't have a separate profile for Kings of War, I can easily see it included in a pack of throwing mastiffs, or even in a unit of dwarfs that take that option.  This is the only resin model that had any options - with two right and two left hands.

Dwarf Support Pack: Flame Priest
MGVAD202 £9.99/€12.49/$14.99 
Dedicated to the Fulgria, the Goddess of White Fire, the mysterious Flame Priests are able to harness and channel fire into weaponry. They use their knowledge to destroy as the dwarf Warsmiths use the same powers to create masterworks of metal and engineering. 
Contents: 1 Resin Flame Priest and 1 Vanguard Card. 

This is one of my favorite of the dwarf vanguard models.

Dwarf Support Pack: Steel Juggernaut
MGVAD201 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99 
KnorriIronheart’s personal battle armour, his Juggernaut, has divided opinion amongst the clan lords. Some have placed orders for their own personalised versions, or have their own engineers scrambling to copy the design. Others see it as an affront to warfare and the armour of a coward. 
Contents: 1 Resin Steel Juggernaut and 1 Vanguard Card. 

This is competing with the flame priest as my favorite dwarf model.  I can't help but wonder how many times we will actually see earth elementals (the other large option) fielded when this is available (though it does also take up a valuable support slot).

However, in case you don't care for dwarfs (yes, I'm shocked that some of you don't), there are also releasing a few other models, including the Ice Elemental for the Northern Alliance

Northern Alliance Support Pack: Ice Elemental
MGVAL401 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99 
Ice Elementals are a rarity in Mantica, able to be summoned only in the frozen northern realms. Sustained by the magic of the Ice Kin, they can be led to war in any environment. 
Contents: 1 Resin Ice Elemental and 1 Vanguard Card

The clear blue resin version that was unique to the kickstarter is just so cool, it is ice cold!  The normal resin versions should be great as well, but just not clear blue great!

Kuzlo & Madfall Mercenary Booster
MGVAM202 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99 
On the battlefield the combination of Kuzlo's unpredictable magic and Madfall's even more unpredictable tendency to eat anyone that gets too close is a dangerous one... to foes and allies alike. 
Contents: 1 Resin Kuzlo & Madfall Mercenary and 1 Vanguard Card. 

Who doesn't want a goblin shaman riding a giant lizard?  Plus he is also available as a Kings of War unit in CoK 2019 - or maybe even use him as goblin slasher.

Firebrand Mercenary Booster
MGVAM201 £9.99/€12.49/$14.99 
Firebrand is a legendary corsair, renowned for breath-taking feats of bravery, swashbuckling action, and daring escapades. Her fantastically exciting life and phenomenal skills are what all other salamander corsairs aspire to. 
Contents: 1 Resin Firebrand Mercenary and 1 Vanguard Card. 

A cool mercenary that first came out for Kings of War in Uncharted Empires, and now comes to Vanguard.

The other two mercenaries that came out in the kickstarter were Blaine and Ronaldo the Bard - and I don't expect either of them to be released to retail (but to show up as being able to order for points).

Of course the giant is also being released - but truly, haven't I gone on about him enough (here, here and here)?

Because it is all fun and games . . .