Sometimes Size Matters!

If you haven't jumped on the latest kickstarter rollercoaster from Mantic, now is your very last chance.  The Kings of War: Vanguard kickstarter closes at 6:59 PM EST on Friday, November 17th (25 hours after his post is scheduled to go live.

I was going to give pictures of all the achieved stretch goals and the modified pledge levels - but, as my son (who (so he says) gives me all my good ideas) mentioned (ok, and this time he was correct) that this is more interesting when it is not just spitting out content that is available elsewhere.  So go check out the stretch goals and the pledges yourself.  I'll wait quietly here while you do it.  Take your time.  I'm in no hurry.

Ok, you're back.  If you didn't notice, the Giant pledge is a great deal now - saving at least $60 over buying everything in it separately through the kickstarter, and the kickstarter prices are already discounted from what it will be retail.

One of the coolest new models is the PVC giant.  Right now they only have concept sketches for the $20 kit

as well as the frost giant $10 resin upgrade kit
Mantic says this is approximately 18 cm tall - the same as their giant stompy robot.

For those of use who are metrically challenged - this is about 7". However how does it stack up against other giants out there?  Well, of course, I don't have this giant yet, but I do have a lot of others, including a big stompy robot!

So you can see the comparison.  Starting on the left is a Reaper Bones Storm Giant, then an old GW metal Giant, then one of the GW Giants of Albion, then the current plastic GW Giant Chaos Gargant, and finally the Mantic big stompy robot.

In the front row are three Mantic minis - the first being Kaeris, then a Lesser Obsidian Golem, and finally the Centaur Hero (because I happened to have my nature army out (needed to glue an earth elemental back on the multibase).

The giants in my UGPS army (United Greenskin Postal Service) are green, with the old metal river troll heads (because why would pink, human looking giants going orcs & goblins?)  The other one is a slave (and thus the chains and gnoblar leading him around) for my Ogre Kingdoms army.

As you can see, the GW plastic giant Chaos Gargant is about 2/3 the size of the GSR.  The current cost for it is $83 on their web store.  I expect the Mantic one to be $49.99, but that is just a wild guess on my part.

Forge World has a resin giant that may be bigger, but with a price tag of £110 (or $145 in real money on this side of the pond) I won't be getting one.

When it comes down to it, Giants are all about size.  The new Mantic one may not be the largest available, but for the kickstarter price it is head and shoulders above all the others.

When this post goes live you will still have 25 hours to get in on the kickstarter (though I am scheduled to be on a plane at that time, so it will be a little while before I can share this all over Facebook :-) ) - otherwise you will have to wait until it is available at retail (most likely not until 2019).

Because it is all fun and games . . .