Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carpe Noctem: Mounted Zombie

Well last night I mounted the topless zombie - pics to come. I also finally got in my magnet bases, so have started putting together some skeletons and working on the coats for them. At least since they are dead it will give an excuse for my putty work :)

One thing I'm enjoying a little is actually doing them in identical poses - I want the regiment to be the 'dancing' skeletons - so have them look all the same is working for me. In fact, it is good that I have lots of sprues, as I'm thinking of having the one regiment all use the legs with the bent knees (alternating by row), and he un-armored torso.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Carpe Noctem: Display Plans

Yes. I will make a display base to take to tournaments - check out my UGPS page. For them I made a post office, and from the side it was a mailbox.

So I figure a stage at one end for the characters, then the rest would be space for the 'crowd'.

But don't get me wrong - this will be a fully playable army - right now I am planning on 2250 pts base, though I can cut it back to 2150 or 2000. I expect it to 'premier' next summer at the Olde World Warriors tournament at Origins 2008, then hit the Buckeye Battles Indy GT, GenCon Indianapolis and next years Marauders Mayhem Indy GT. I'll probably hit the other local tournaments with them as well. The Central Ohio Warhammer Slackers holds a few tournaments a year, and now that my FLGS is back (Krystal Keep Games and Hobbies) I expect they will have a few tournaments as well.

I have only been to one 'official' GT - years ago they held one in Columbus OH. I took my first generation of the UGPS there.

Living outside of Dayton Ohio, I try to get to the tournaments I can drive to in a reasonable amount of time (2 hours or so). My oldest son plays but is now in college, but my youngest also plays, so it is a bonding thing as well.

I've won a few awards in this region, but that isn't my goal. I like to build an army that looks cool, and that people remember and bring others over to come and see. Winning "General's Choice" at the Marauder's Mayhem this last year was really cool, as was winning "Best Appearance" at Origins and winning overall at GenCon (even though I had a record of 1-1-1).

I've also won a few Confrontation 3 tournaments, but with Rackham going to pre-painted minis I'm no longer interested in that game.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carpe Noctem: Are you really in the band?

No. Neither am I a real Tyrant or Postmaster - however since I command the army . . .

It is funny - with my postal Orcs & Goblins, I've had lots of people ask if I was a mailman. I just like doing fun, themed armies. When my oldest son bought my old VC army, he was in the marching band, and wanted to do an army that was all musicians - and undead musicians made me think of the Grateful Dead - but he wasn't interested in that idea. His undead marching band never materialized though.

I am a real computer puggimer however!

And as for taking some time - it will go a little faster once I get the bases in. I'm getting them through my LGS, mainly because it just re-opened under new ownership (actually owned by a friend of mine) and I want to support them as much as possible, even if it ends up being a little slower. Also, one of the things I've found is that I have to stop and let things dry or I screw them up - almost had to start over on the zombie because of that. Once I have a better idea what I'm doing it will be faster - right now I'm just figuring out how to make the tails. BTW - the skeletons are based on this picture, though I don't know if I'm going to do the sneakers as well. Definitely the coat, hat and cane. But do they have shields - and if so where do they fit?
aupload-wikimedia-org_wikipedia_en_8_8c_gratefuldeadmoviedvd01-jpg.13640 (299×433)

Carpe Noctem: Janet & tux

Ok - that one drunk chick that waves her shirt at the band - my wife says her name is Janet



I still may rework this - change the legs so that she is sitting on someones shoulders instead.

And the start to a skeleton in top hat and tails



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Carpe Noctem: Starting the Grateful Undead

This looks like the appropriate place to get started. I have decided to get back to VC, and am doing an army based on the Grateful Dead.

I have lots of ideas, so we'll see how it goes.

Zombies - well these are the deadheads - all in tie dye. I'm hoping to make one unit holding up lighters using LEDs

Skeletons - based on the Uncle Sam figure - topcoats w/ tails and hats - all in red white and blue stripes, with canes.

Ghouls - these will be the roadies - though I'm really not looking forward to them becoming a ranked unit at all.

Banshees - these are the groupies - again if they end up having to be in a unit then it really hurts the concept.

Dire Wolves - Dancing teddy bears.

Spirit Hosts - Clouds of smoke over some figures, lots of mushrooms on the bases as well.

Characters will all be based on the band - guitars as great weapons!

The display base will have a stage with scaffolding on it. I'm thinking of getting some cheap black square speakers to put in the scaffolding, and then play Grateful Dead music via an iPod while setting up.

So far I've got 2 1/2 zombies assembled. I like the GF9 magnetic bases and am waiting to get more in. The 1/2 is a bit of a conversion - everyone remembers that one drunk chick who always takes off her top - yep - female zombie with bare breasts waving a shirt!

I'll try to get WIP pics of her up soon.