Carpe Noctem: Mounted Zombie

Well last night I mounted the topless zombie - pics to come. I also finally got in my magnet bases, so have started putting together some skeletons and working on the coats for them. At least since they are dead it will give an excuse for my putty work :)

One thing I'm enjoying a little is actually doing them in identical poses - I want the regiment to be the 'dancing' skeletons - so have them look all the same is working for me. In fact, it is good that I have lots of sprues, as I'm thinking of having the one regiment all use the legs with the bent knees (alternating by row), and he un-armored torso.


  1. Skaramak von Carstein : 10/31/07
    A really great, wild idea. I am looking forward to seeing them as they progress.


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