Carpe Noctem: Starting the Grateful Undead

This looks like the appropriate place to get started. I have decided to get back to VC, and am doing an army based on the Grateful Dead.

I have lots of ideas, so we'll see how it goes.

Zombies - well these are the deadheads - all in tie dye. I'm hoping to make one unit holding up lighters using LEDs

Skeletons - based on the Uncle Sam figure - topcoats w/ tails and hats - all in red white and blue stripes, with canes.

Ghouls - these will be the roadies - though I'm really not looking forward to them becoming a ranked unit at all.

Banshees - these are the groupies - again if they end up having to be in a unit then it really hurts the concept.

Dire Wolves - Dancing teddy bears.

Spirit Hosts - Clouds of smoke over some figures, lots of mushrooms on the bases as well.

Characters will all be based on the band - guitars as great weapons!

The display base will have a stage with scaffolding on it. I'm thinking of getting some cheap black square speakers to put in the scaffolding, and then play Grateful Dead music via an iPod while setting up.

So far I've got 2 1/2 zombies assembled. I like the GF9 magnetic bases and am waiting to get more in. The 1/2 is a bit of a conversion - everyone remembers that one drunk chick who always takes off her top - yep - female zombie with bare breasts waving a shirt!

I'll try to get WIP pics of her up soon.