Carpe Noctem: Display Plans

Yes. I will make a display base to take to tournaments - check out my UGPS page. For them I made a post office, and from the side it was a mailbox.

So I figure a stage at one end for the characters, then the rest would be space for the 'crowd'.

But don't get me wrong - this will be a fully playable army - right now I am planning on 2250 pts base, though I can cut it back to 2150 or 2000. I expect it to 'premier' next summer at the Olde World Warriors tournament at Origins 2008, then hit the Buckeye Battles Indy GT, GenCon Indianapolis and next years Marauders Mayhem Indy GT. I'll probably hit the other local tournaments with them as well. The Central Ohio Warhammer Slackers holds a few tournaments a year, and now that my FLGS is back (Krystal Keep Games and Hobbies) I expect they will have a few tournaments as well.

I have only been to one 'official' GT - years ago they held one in Columbus OH. I took my first generation of the UGPS there.

Living outside of Dayton Ohio, I try to get to the tournaments I can drive to in a reasonable amount of time (2 hours or so). My oldest son plays but is now in college, but my youngest also plays, so it is a bonding thing as well.

I've won a few awards in this region, but that isn't my goal. I like to build an army that looks cool, and that people remember and bring others over to come and see. Winning "General's Choice" at the Marauder's Mayhem this last year was really cool, as was winning "Best Appearance" at Origins and winning overall at GenCon (even though I had a record of 1-1-1).

I've also won a few Confrontation 3 tournaments, but with Rackham going to pre-painted minis I'm no longer interested in that game.


  1. puggimer : 10/26/2007

    Thanks. She may not be done yet - I am still debating on whether to keep her as is, or have her sitting on the shoulders of somebody else (which would mean cutting off the lower half and rebuilding it). If I do that, then she might be the standard bearer for the unit :lol:

    Bug16 : 10/29/2007
    Definitely have her on somebody's shoulders! I can appreciate the work required, but it would fit the theme incredibly well. :)


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