Gem City Mayssacre 2024 Fluff

The Gem City Mayssacre 2024 very quickly sold out (which was great).  However, Scott Sallee wrote up several run promotional posts centered around his Halfling army.  Facebook posts end up quickly getting lost, so I thought I'd copy them here.


April 27, 2024

A cool spring breeze rushes in the window sending the parchment papers fluttering off the desk.   The Watch Master for the 11th division of the Shire’s defense force, sits behind the desk seemingly oblivious to the papers floating around the room.  In his hands, the small clamshell picture frame, the left side a portrait of his wife, the right side, his Ma and PA.  

His stare, that of a man hundred of league’s away from his hearts true love.  

A rapping on the door startles him, bringing him back to the small room he calls his office.   One of the few private room the Prancing Dragon had, before it became the head quarters for the Shire 11th.   The Public House, once a year waystation for travelers on their way to Hodenburg, now  his home, and office.   

The knock on the door more stern this time.

“Come in!”

In to the room, a young halfling, maybe 18 summers under his belt, wearing the pink shirt that the Braves of the 11th have taken on. He marches over to him, stopping, with a stop of his left foot, an textbook salute, the youngster waiting for him to return the salute, so the Watch Master, placing the pictureframe back on his desk, he returns the salute.

“Permission to speak,Sir!” standing as straight as a board, eyes forward.

“At ease, permission Granted, what news do you have?”

Relaxing slightly, “Sir, Private Jacobson, Sir couriers have come in from 3 of our lookouts!” in a very practiced and polished motion, 3 leather tubes are presented to him.

He takes the tubes, each still have the wax seals in tact.

“very well..”noticing the papers scattered about the floor, “.. before you are dismissed, can you please pick up the papers, thank you” and with that he turns the large (well of halflings standards  large) chair around and begins to open each tube.

Each having the same form,but different information.  All concerning.

These three came from the information (spy) network of the Shire,  forces are on the move,  moving to the map table, ignore the Brave spurring around the room…  he places more wooden blocks on the map.   The Map representing the known world of Panithor, made possible by the Halfling cousins from Ej, with the airships and Grenadier suits, the map was as complete as possible.

“Jacobson, when your done, send word to the Feast Masters, Sergeant s, and Watch Captains.  Tell them to be here after supper,  and Jacobson… put on a pot of water,  keep the teapot full, this meeting is going to be a long one….”

“Sir, yes sir” the halfling walks out

Plotting the estimated course… all 19 armies are heading for the same place,  Gem City, is what the nickname is…  

“Thaddeus, you look perplexed.”  The voice belonging to Feast Master Kolin.

“Kolin..  you should use the door, “ looking over at where the strange raspy voice came from.. the window.

“you started me….   I an getting used to your… umm… New condition, but you really should try to follow the proper protocols.  

Feast Master Kolin, stepping closer, his pale white, bloodless skin, the strange yellow glow from his eyes, and the fangs….  The Fangs are what is the most unnerving aspect of this transformation.  It has only been a few weeks since the battle with the Vampire occurred.

“Thadd,  what’s up… I feel the call going out to undead in the area,?”

Kolin, something has stirred up a heaping mess of trouble….  And we are in the path of some of it!”

Gem City Mayssacre is approaching.   The event is sold out,  a 1 day, 3 games tournament in Dayton, Ohio on May 19th!  

Who will emerge from the Mayssacre alive?  What General will come away with the surviving army?

Only time will tell….


May 13, 2024

Standing at the edgecof the railings, watching the troops mustering,  he ponders the implications of the scouting reports.

Behind him, on a table lay a map of Panithor.  Standing over the map, is his old friend Kolin  the Feast Master.

“Is this correct?  It seems like the Northern Alliance is emptying out and heading south.”

The Temple Hold goblins,  the undead from the temple of Dread, Night Stalkers, Twilight Kin… all on the move.  

The map strewn with carved pieces, each representing and army  and pins with string attached, running to the carved wood.  

“All these armies on the move,  looks like they are heading to the same place.  Gem City!”

“I know, something big is brewing.  I have asked, nay the Shire has asked, so much from you…. I only trust you to lead this band.  We must find out what is going on, our spies and scouts have not returned from there.  The company is gathering,  I have sent scouts ahead,  Areonauts and Poachers… here is a map with your route, and the supply stores hidden locations.”  The Muster Master walking up to Kolin.  “bring em home,  but also bring home the information  we need.” 

From a cabinet, he pulls out a bottle of aged Shire Scotch.  Pouring two glasses worth.  

“For the Shire!”

The both tilt back the  glasses.

“You leave at first light.  The troops already know…”

May the Light of the Celestians guide you,  May the wheat grow tall for you!”

With that they finish the glasses…

They talk late into to the night, reliving  the past adventures, mostly from their youth.

Leagues away, in Temple Hold the Goblin King, readies his forces,  through the warrens of the hold the forces make way, until they must leave the safety of the tunnels…  likevan ants nest disturbed, the Goblin forces emerge… forming up into a loose formation… off through the fields and forrest they scurry, towards the Gem City..

Deep in the Temple of Dread,   Lady Elenor sits holding council with her Necromancers, the final plans made, the route planned out, with a simple nod the group disperses moving off to gather the zombies and the others going.

The moon shining through clouded sky, the gates creaking on rusted hinges,  bats scattering through the nights.  The army of the undead is on the move.

From the far north originating from three encampments, marches out to war, three detachments from the Northern Alliances their tracks on the ice covered tundra, disappearing moments after they past as the winds whip up ice and snow.

Throughout Panithor, similar scenes play out from other villages, Dwarven holds and in the Void.   All the armies with the same destination,  Gem City.


May 15, 2024

At each village it is the same,  all the villagers come out to see the spectacle, of the Halfling army marching past. The road is framed by  the adults, waving and cheering on the young warriors. Younger Halflings run along side the army, some marching  in groups, others standing and staring in awe. 

  A unit of Stalwarts at the head of the army,  the flags of Hodenburg and the Shire 11th held high, metal armor glimmers in the sun, the unit as one turn and salute when they see the village leaders.  Behind the Stalwarts   one of the great lumbering machines an Iron Beast,  smoke coming from the top and out the snout, with the smell of cooking bacon as well. 

The driver and assistant dressed in the traditional Chef garb.  

A lone figure, that of Feast Master Kolin stands next to the driver, eyes forward, a grim expression on his face, he turns and salutes as well. Murmurs and whispers filter up along with the cheers. 

 “Is that the vampire  guy?”

“I heard he took on a vampire…”

Kolin, stares forward, focused on the latest information…

 “ Forces of Evil are surrounding the City…  please send help!!   Mayor of Gem City”

Following  after the Braves, Yellow Spear,  Wild zrunners,  and some Ej Grenadiers  marching forward, following the examples of saluting the officals.  

The vanguard of the army, another Iron Beast lurching along.    Along with the marching soldiers, above them a few Aeronauts, drifting in the clouds.  

Cheers from the crowds help bolster morale as the head onwards.

  The column makes its way through the Shire on its way to the Gem City.

Along the edge of the Shire boarder, scouts report seeing many strange beings,  all seemingly heading the same way.

Closer to the Gem City,  a ripple appears,  the Void opening up,  out of that vortex of chaotic energies emerges an army,  armed and armored with strange looking weapons,  heavy studded club looking weapons,  the armor a design not many have seen before of laqured wood, silk ties.  The face plates of the helms show great tusks, evil grins,  glowing eyes.  Many of the warriors wearing strange flags fastened to the backs of their armor. 

The language sounds foreign to any and all that hear it...  

An encampment is meticulously set up. The Twilight Oni have arrived, the general Lord Tatuga emerges,  looking around,  his army bowing deeply as he walks through  the camp, to his pavilion.   Inside his generals wait…

He looks at the maps arrayed, with hard, cold  eyes,  he looks up at one of the Navigators. 

“Your incompetence has cost us the element of surprise,  we have arrived too close to the town!”

Close by, the Dino Clan goblin scouts witness this strange army appear.  Word sent to their King.   

Upon hearing the news, he stands looking over his den of warriors…”This transgression must not be allowed…”

He grabs his sword, and armor looking around he bellows….”TO ARMS you lazy filth,  we have invaders to fight!”

Hidden in the mountain stronghold, still recovering from a previous battle, Warlord Thonaara meets with Orc scouts from another Warlord.  Since her troops can not attend the glorious upcoming battle, the honor has been gifted to another…  that warhost of orcs only days away from the Gem City.

In the city, news of the approaching armies is not hard to find. Those that could leave have already left,  those remaining begin to fortify the city.  Hastily erected barricades begin appearing at all the street corners.  

The Mayor  looking out over the near panicked city… 

 “Sir, we have sent messages out to all our allies, and trading partners.  The last of the children and those that can’t fight left 3 hours ago, by wagon.  The city gates will be closed and barred in 12 hours.” 

The Mayor holding on to message tubes  his knuckles white with his grip “ any news?  And responses!!?? ”


May 16, 2024

The light of the new dawn rises, the golden streams of light painting the city in a glow, the beauty of the morn lost on all in the city.   Like an wasps nest that has been hit, the citizens of the city move about seemingly lost for purpose.  Yet the city walls have been bolstered up with anything available.  The streets slowly turning into a maze of blockades.   Shops borded up,  shuttered windows being nailed shut.   The local militiamen and women drilling in the square,  the corporal, and Sargents leading, while the officers meet with the Mayor.  

Gen City is preparing for a siege.

The Mayor sitting in his paddes and comfortable chair, oversees the meeting.  His advisors,  the heads of all the guilds in town, the officers of militia, and skulking in the showdows, a representative of the shader side of the city.  

“we have had responses,  just this morning, another raven arrived.  Thar brings it to two drawrven holds, Salamanders, the Brothermark, 3 villages from the Norther Alliance, an emissary of the Green Lady, and a Halfling detachment; all honoring the call for help.”

Reading the latest report.  

Kolin, The scouts, and word from Hodenburg all confirm, multiple armies converging on the city,some friendly, some not.

Be careful, help the citizens of the city,  if possible help our kinfolk inside on anyway you can.   The Temple Hold Goblins, and the Temple Dread undead are close to your position.”

Gathering his thoughts as hecwalks to the center of the encampment.

Spring up in a blur, he stands ontop  of one of their Iron Beasts.

“I will not lie to you, we have been through do much together.  In a few short days we will be within sight of the walls surrounding the Gem City, and so will forces from all over Panithor.   Our kinfolk are trapped inside the city,  we must do what we can to liberate them.  We will show them  what the Shire can do!”  

Cheers coming from all that can hear him.     

In the distance, unseen by the halfling scouts, observers from some of the other forces watch from hidden positions, noting the size and make up of the army.  

Out of their holds,  from different clans, march two Dwarven forces, unaware of the other force.  Long columns of troops marching in perfect unison,  years of military training evident in the displays from each hold.

What is the fate of the Gem City?  Will the Forces of Good prevail?   Will the city be sacked, looted and burned???

Only time will tell…

Sunday the battle for Gem City Mayssacre will take place.  20ish armies from around the Midwest will meet in a 3 game, one day event.  

Dice will roll, laughs will be had,  stories told,  on the table  and hopefully in print.  A good time will be had… at the end of the day…  the Fate of the Gem City will be made…


May 20, 2024

The Muster Master drops the message tube,  his face almost drained, he drops into his chair.

“Sir?!  Are you ok?”, his steward alarmed,  “bad news?”

“The city fell!”  Was all he said.

“Gem City has fallen!” the news spread across Panithor as reports of the battles filtering through official and unofficial channels.  

Far away from the Inn that is now the HQ for the 11th Shire regulars…

Feast Master Kolin standing on an Iron Beast on a distant hill, he looks at the smoke coming from the city.  His haggard troops arrayed around him, many heavily bandaged. 

The Iron Beast turned into a pack mule of sorts,  using what they could, find to build a large (for halflings at least) cart.  Those that can’t walk have been placed on it.   The trip back to the Shire will be long and slow.  

He and a handful of others stand guard over their comrades, while they rest.

In hand,  his report for the day.

“ We were surprised,  at first we thought they we ratkin,  but as we closed on them,  it was not ratkin from the mines, no they were squirrel like,   coming at us from the trees and ground. (Salt the earth, scenario…  halflings vs ratkin..  Rats won)

As we moved,  trying to get to the City, and evacuate our kinfolk,  we ran into one of the forces from the far north.  The fog of war,  the Alliance forces, not realizing we were friendly,  they attacked.  We had to fight through them, keeping eyes on the object.

(Halflings vs Northern Alliance,  Loot, Halflings won)

We made to the meeting area,  there we found some of our kinfolk, those that made it out before all access was cut off.   The smugglers and thieves shutting down the tunnels they use.

We did what we could, and started heading back.   That is when the forest folk attacked.  Pegasus, centurs and other followers of the Green Lady.  (Hold the Line, Halflings vs Green lady…another loss)

We held them off long enough for the refugees to escape.  The battle was brutal,  I saved those that I could.”

What he did not write,  was how he saved some of them..  guilt welling up inside him..  has he become the same as the vampire ?

16 other armies tattered and broken, all head off to the places they call home.   Weary and cautious each army takes trails, avoiding the other armies.  

One army remains,  they have taken the city,  the ripples in the air with an aroma akin to that after a lightening storm, accompanied by a strange purple and blue hues…  more of the Twilight Oni are arriving.  Gem City is now theirs.  

“May the Celestians watch over the citizens trapped in there…” Kolin utters softly.

In the city,  the Mayor’s office now in shambles,   the new overlord of the city,  sitting on an ornate chair, engraved with strange scenes, symbols and more, Lord Tutungal.

The city officials all kneeling before him,  heads bowed.  

His Oni and other strange beings,  searching the city, thevbuildings and homes that are standing now housing his army, as more arrive.  The citizens of the city being put to work, clearing and repairing the damages the battle caused.

The Twilight Oni now have a base and foothold in Panithor.  

Gem City Mayssacre was yesterday,  18 players, 3 rounds hosted by Epic Loot in Centerville, Ohio and ran by Michael C Carter .     Thank you for running it.

It was a fun filled day, players from at least 4 states made.  There were laughs, memories made, friendships renewed and a champion crowned.  

Jeff Franz, with his Oni based Twilight Kin.  

How long he holds the city, that is to be determined.


May 23, 2024

One last story....for now...

Once safely back in the Shire, the battered Halflings relaxed.  The local farmers and Tinkers showed up with more wagon,  the weary soldiers now riding in pony drawn wagons, started telling tales of the battles to the young ones.  A few of the injured, stayed off in the distance,  these are the ones Kolin had to use, extreme means to save.

 They reached the town commons, there a feast had been prepared, a feast that only Halflings could manage.  The wounded were tended by the local physician and herbalist, the others given fresh water, mead and drinks,  the good stuff had been brought out.  Those that they rescued from the city before fell given fresh clothes, the feasting went on into the wee hours of the night, many found soft beds to sleep in, other slept where they passed out.

The Mayor, and town elders gathered around Feast Master Kolin,asking questions and listening to his account.  At first they were weary of him, not many Halflings have fangs, or are vampires.  The recounting of battles, and other more humorous tales continued.  Kolin, no longer needed the rest that mortals required, could have continued talking all night.

 As the council departed for the night,  Kolin made way to the second camp,  there he was greeted with a mix of gratitude, resentment and many more emotions.   He spent the rest of the night with the halflings that have become part of his family, they were now Halfling vampire, not full vampires, but not fully Halflings either. 

At first light,  copies of his report, including scouting information they gathered on the other armies at the Gem City Mayssacre, were sent off in many directions. To Hodenburg and the Shire council, and to all the Muster Captains  and superiors along the boarders. 

Two days rest, and all but the most seriously wounded were back on the march homeward.  Spirits lifted, and full bellies, and more importantly, fully stocked supply wagons helped lift the 11th’s spirit.   Local militia escorted them until they reached the patrols limit,  there another patrol took over.  

News had spread ahead of them,  and each town and village turned out to greet them.

Arriving back at the headquarters,  Kolin dismissed the troop for some well earned leave.

He entered the Inn, walking straight up to personally report what happened, the part that he had not added in his report.

 “ Dire times mean dire actions, my friend,” the Muster Master for the 11th  told him as he looked at his friend. 

“As with you, they will find a place here in the Shire.”

Scattered around Panithor, homecomings were happening as the battered armies finally return home.  Laughter and sorrow mix as the battle tales are told and the fallen are remembered...

Gem City fell to the Twilight Oni, but how long will Lord Tatunga hold the city?  

Already plans to liberate the city are underway, new armies being raised, trained as some of the forces seek redemption, others a chance at glory, and some… a chance to fight a worthy opponent.  

December…mark your calendars, for that is when forces shall liberate Gem City!


Thanks again for the fun promotional stories Scott!!!!

My write up of the event and Tournament Results

Because it is all fun and games . . .