Gem City Mayssacre 2024

On Sunday May 19th, we had 17 players come back to Epic Loot in Centerville OH for the 2024 edition of the Gem City Mayssacre.  

First I want to give a very grateful thank you to Scott Sallee for all the really fun promotional posts he wrote up before and after the event.  He turned the entire thing into a story.  You can check them out in the Facebook Event.

Of course I tried to get pictures of everything.
Front Row: Grace Patterson, Ernie Dichiara, Dariusz Bienkowski, Nathanial Johnson, Felix Castro (ringer/assistant), Marshall Temple, Matthew Temple.  
Back Row:  Ben Kinne, Jon Carter, Steven del la Garza, Adam Kinne, Erich Trowbridge, Steve Malone, Cyle Pool, Jeff Franz, Paul Cravo, Scott Sallee, Jimmy Livers.

I was able to get almost everything set up in the store on Saturday night.

So that we were ready to get started on Sunday morning.

Round 1

Ernie Dichiara v Ben Kinne

Adam Kinne v Erich Trowbridge

Marshall Temple v Paul Cravo

Grace Patterson v Jimmy Livers

Steven de la Garza v Steve Malone

Scott Sallee v Jon Carter

Nathan Johnson v Matthew Temple

Felix Castro v Dariusz Bienkkowski

Jeff Franz v Cyle Pool

After the first round, we took a lunch break for pizza and for people to set out their armies for appearance scoring and voting.

Jon Carter's Ratkin Squirrelkin

Marshall Temple's Undead

Paul Cravo's Empire of Dust

Jimmy Livers' Dwarfs

Matthew Temple's Goblins

Dariusz Bienkowski's Northern Alliance

Nathanial Johnson's Dwarfs

Steven de la Garza's Brothermark

Scott Sallee's Halflings

Adam Kinne's Northern Alliance

Adam Kinne's Riftforged Orcs

Jeff Franz's Twilight Kin

Cyle Pool's Goblins

Erich Trowbridge's Dwarfs

Grace Patterson's Order of the Green Lady

Ernie Dichiara's Abyssal Dwarfs

Steve Malone's Salamanders

Unfortunately Steve Malone had to withdraw after the first game, which also meant that Felix no longer had to play.

Round 2 then started with sixteen players

Round 2

Dariusz Bienkowski v Cyle Pool

Matthew Temple v Adam Kinne

Marshall Temple v Jimmy Livers

Grace Patterson v Steven de la Garza

Paul Cravo v Jeff Franz

Ernie Dichiara v Jon Carter

Ben Kinne v Scott Sallee

Nathan Johnson v Erich Trowbridge

We had trophies (and gift cards to the store) for the winners, and a great selection of door prized thanks to Mantic Games, Winged Hussar Publishing and the Ohio War Kings.

Overall, Best General, Best Appearance, Jesse Cornwell Sportsman and Dice Hate Me trophies.

Enough prizes that everyone walks home with someting.

Round got started

Roumd 3

Jon Carter v Adam Kinne

Nathan Johnson v Ernie Dichiara

Grace Patterson v Scott Sallee

Erich Trowbridge v Steven de la Garza

Dariusz Bienkowski v Jeff Franz

Ben Kinne v Marshall Temple

 Matthew Temple v Jimmy Livers

Cyle Pool v Paul Cravo

and with that, all the enemies were crushed, and there was nothing left but to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Ben Kinne - Dice Hate me (new dice)

Jon Carter - Counter Charger

Matthew Temple - Best Appearance ($50 gift card)

Cyle Pool - Jesse Cornwell Sportsman award ($50 gift card)

Erich Trowbridge - Best General ($50 gift card)

Jeff Franz - Overall Champion ($100 gift card).

Full results can be found on the event page.

A big thank you to Felix Castro for helping out, and to all the players!

Because it is all fun and games . . .