A slashing we will go

One thing that Mantic seems to be doing fairly well lately is re-purposing their resin monster kits to make more than a single (with the addition of additional / different bits).  Examples of this are the Giant / Frost Giant / Shadow Hulk, the Deadzone Goliath / Kraken / Terror.

One of the newest of these if a re-purpose of the Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher (see my review of that kit here) to make the new Goblin Slasher (for either the Goblin or Orc armies.  I'm just going to talk about the new bits here - go to that review to see how to assemble this guy (I'm not actually going to assemble this - it may become a prize at War Kings III in May.

This kit uses the body, tail, lower jar and hind legs of the winged slasher.

There are new fore-legs.  There is no longer an option for the Orcs to take a non-flying slasher however.  The Salamanders have a slasher - I'd expect this to just have different crew for them (and a different rider to make the Fire Drake for Salamanders).

The legs seem to use the same sculpt for the upper portion, with a new lower half and feel (and of course no wings), fitting the model very well.

There are some small resin sprues for the crew and sharpstick thrower.  The first is a new saddle, the firing arm for one of the crew, and a wheel to wind up the war engine.

Then there is the spear arm and the quiver of spears.  The spear arm on this one was bent a bit, but nothing a quick dip in hot water won't fix nicely.

Then the bolt thrower body and actual thrower.  Looking at these pictures, I seem to have mixed these up a bit - the first one is the bottom of the body, but the top of the thrower.  The third is reversed, showing the top of the body but the bottom of the thrower.  That's what I get for trying to take pictures after a long day of playing Kings of War in a tournament (at Indy Storm) then driving home from Indianapolis.

The crew are really nice, as good as any of the new resin goblins that came out for Vanguard.  With the new hard plastic goblin sprue Mantic is making for the little gits I may have to replace most of my demo army!

The gunner has two tabs on his seat that fit into the base of the body, and his arm will, of course, go in his right side to be ready to fire it.

The other member of the crew is just holding on to the side of the beast with a spear.  It looks like there is a little flexibility where to put him, though with the angle of the feet and arm he does need to go on the starboard side of the titan (For those who may not be familiar with nautical terms - starboard is the right side of a ship when facing the bow (forward).  Port is then the left side (I learned the difference remembering that port and left both have 4 letters).  These are very useful terms, as it eliminates the confusion of saying something is on the right side of anything - is it my right (looking at it), or the models right (looking back at me).  Starboard/port eliminates that confusion).

The only part of the new kit that is not completely obvious is the machine.  The first step there is to attach the saddle to the indentation on the back.  You might have to clean it up to get it to fit flush (which I have NOT done here, as nothing is being glued together.

Then the body fits onto the front of the saddle, with the front legs resting on the collar of the slasher.

The bolt thrower then fits in place.  On either side of this piece there is a slight gap on the bottom - this is where the the upright from the body fits to make sure it is in the right position.

The gunner then fits on the body, and the other crewman hangs off the side.

I really like these resin monster kits - too much probably as I have several I've put together waiting to be painted - and yet no armies to actually put them in to use in a game!  Maybe I'll do some rules for a Titan-smash monster arena game with them at some point (would be a fun Mantic night game, or for conventions like Adepticon / Origins and Gencon ).

Because it is all fun and games . . .