Breaking like the wind beneath my wings

I almost never receive copies of anything to review (in fact I can only think of twice that I have), so often it takes some time before I can actually get something in to talk about it.  Often these are part of my compensation for running events.  Sometimes it takes months thanks to UK Royal Mail and the USPS, and other times as little as two weeks.

Case in point, the new Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher.  I ordered one for working at Origns, and it got here in exactly two weeks (as opposed to the previous order, that is going on 2 months now to arrive).
Studio painted version
Let me start off by saying that this model is simply amazing.  It may be my favorite Mantic model so far.  So much so that while I had intended to have this as prize support for a future event I am keeping it instead - and I don't even have an orc army to put it in!

Box art - standard box with sticker for product on front
Mantic has done away with the plastic 'VCR' boxes, instead now using simple printed cardboard, with a thicker cardboard tray inside.  In order to be as efficient as possible, they are trying to standardize the box size and system - so you can see that instead of a separate box printed for the model, it is a big sticker on the front and the back for the actual model (over a standard Kings of War box)

and back sticker
After opening it, I realized that I couldn't find the Mantic points.  Lately they have been printed on the cartons, which is unfortunate because it means cutting this apart if you want them, and there has been more than once where I want to keep the box because I didn't intend to assemble and use the model immediately - and this left a hole in the box.

In this case however, they weren't on the back, nor were they inside.  It took a bit, but I finally completely opened the box top and bottom, and found them on the bottom flap - a nice inconspicuous place that is out of the way, and allows you to clip your points WITHOUT ruining the packaging!

Hiding the Mantic points on a BOTTOM flap
Inside was a big baggie of resin, and an MDF chariot base.  No instructions, but this is simple enough it doesn't need them.  All the parts fit together extremely well.

The krudger comes in three pieces - the body, right arm with a spear, and left arm with a shield

As for the slasher - the body is one piece. I really started to like the detail here.

There are two rear legs

A single tail piece

A lower jaw

And the two forelegs / wings.  Some people want to claim that a slasher is a wyvern - but that is probably because that most likely old Warhammer players that had the orc warlord on wyvern models to use for this.

The wings are suitably huge, with large leathery flaps.  Even though somewhat folded while not in flight, they don't ever just disappear.

The only thing about the wings is there needs to be an option without them.  I had thought of trying ot trim the wings off the forelegs (if you put them in hot water first, the resin becomes very soft and easy to cut).    They have this option for the new undead wyrm / dragon - if you don't want wings they actually have two resin 'plugs' to fill in the holes where they are mounted.

With this model, there doesn't appear to be any real gap to be plugged - though without wings the forelegs may need to be bigger  (we don't want him looking like a T-Rex with tiny arms).    This would then make this kit usable without the wing upgrade, as well as a Goblin slasher, and even a Salamander fire drake (which also could be done with or without wings).

A goblin howdah with a sharpstick thrower could be made to fit in the saddle indentation that has the krudger, and a salamander rider could also be made instead of the krudger.

Please Mantic - made the forelegs without wings so we don't have to hack up this great model!!!!

Assembly is quite easy.  As is common with resin, long thin pieces often bend and warp.  A quick dip into near boiling water, followed by a dunk in cold water, and the spear was back to being it's straight self.

Aside from bending, I'm also afraid that the spear may not hold up to repeated game play - being as thin as it is.  I already considered cutting it and drilling a hole in the hand to replace the spear with a brass rod.  While I haven't (yet), it would be fairly straightforward.

There is an indentation on the back of the slasher where the saddle is mounted.  The Krudger fits perfectly into it.  Now if they just had a Salamander that would fit it as well (hint, hint, hint)

The bottom jaw fits perfectly.  There is a lot of detail and character in the face, with armor across the node and forehead.  It looks like he could use an orthodontists though :-)

The back legs and tail fit easily.  I did find in the square holes for the tail and one of the forelegs that there was a small blob of resin left in it that had to be scraped out.  While I'm picking nits, I also notices some very tiny bubbles, but not large enough to be able to actually find again if I wanted to.

Once the two back legs were on, I couldn't help but be reminded of the shriekers in Tremors 2: Aftershock.

Nice detail on the tail, and good use of the strap to hide the joint (and they didn't overuse the straps either!)

The forelegs / wings.  Again an option without the wings would be great.  The forelegs without the wings are actually a bit thin by themselves (so it seems to me), so something bulkier may be needed.  I actually pinned these and did not yet glue them on.  I think I could actually find a way to fit the non-winged version into my Orc demo army if the conversion were still doable by me.

The nice thing is the wings fit easily under the strap, but there is still detail there (it isn't a flat spot), so it really appears you could do a wingless version.

Of course, it is pretty cool with the wings on it.  The wings have such character and depth to them - they are not flat but look like there is a huge flap of skin that doesn't quite fold up.   Too many times you see models were the wings could just disappear when folded up - these definitely do not do that.

Putting the krudger on top finishes off the model.  He is also not glued - simpler to attach him after painting.

Some people have remarked that Mantic is going a bit crazy with the "Exceptional base size" rule.  I do like he idea of separating out monsters into two categories - 'normal' monsters on 50mm bases, and titans on 75 or 50x100 bases.  As you can see, he still overflows the chariot base it came with.

As is often the case, resin models can have some gaps that might need filling.  Since most hard plastic models on sprues are computer designed, there is less chance of an imperfect fit.  I only noticed one gap, inside the left leg (thus the porn shot pose) - and unless you plan on having your model upside down (or are simply a perfectionist and can't stand to leave even a small gap intact) there is no need to break out the green stuff.

Finally - a top down view - he would overflow even a 75mm wide base.

Of course, how does it look in comparison.  Well here is my old krudger on boar from my demo army (yes, he sword finally broke of at Origins - if I still have the piece in the bin than I'll try to get it glued back on before Gencon).

To compare it to some other winged monsters - put it between the Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed and the Abyssal Fiend.  He definitely seems to fill the base better tan the fiend, though doesn't have the mass a dragon has either.

So I expect to start seeing a lot more of these soon.

Because it is all fun and games . . .