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So to continue my discussion on how I converted my Kings of War 2nd edition 1000 pt demo armies to 3rd edition.

We start off today with the Forces of Nature.  This was a more challenging army for me, as I didn't want it to just be models that were all found in other armies - which, unfortunately, still describes too much of this army.

oops, forgot the Centaur Chief

Forces of Nature

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Salamanders RegimentSalamander Primes Regiment-5
Earth Elemental RegimentEarth Elemental Regiment-
Water Elemental RegimentWater Elemental Horde+70
Forest Shamblers RegimentForest Shamblers Regiment-5
Centaur Bray Hunters TroopCentaur Bray Hunters Troop-
Druid w/ Surge(7)Druid w/ Surge(4)-30
Centaur Chief-105


Beast of Nature+150

The first issue was unlocks.  I had a monster and 2 heroes, but only the Salamanders unlocked anything.  So while I don't like LI hordes in demo lists, I had a second box of Water Elementals, so they became a horde (thus unlocking the monster and 2nd hero).  Now however, the Centaur chief was too expensive, so I switched him out for another shaman (I have the new Vanguard shaman model just sitting there, begging to be painted (I also have the shaman that came in the army box as well - If anything Mantic makes too many shamans :-) ).

As I was working on the first installment of this ( here ) that I had to pause for a moment and take a quick check - and yes the Hydra was now a Titan (and I didn't want any titans in demo lists).  It is one of the cheapest titans in the game (so far) at only 150 pts.  However a Beast of Nature is also 150 points.  So I'm taking that instead.  I have to find a model for it however (while I could use the Hydra model (which is not Mantic), that could be confusing.  It looks like I'll have to dig into my box of Reaper Bones to find something I like.

Next are the big guys - Ogres

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Warriors RegimentWarriors Horde / crocodog+75
Warriors Regiment-130
Warriors w/ two-handed weapons RegimentWarriors w/ two-handed weapons/ crocodog Horde+75
Berserker Braves RegimentBerserker Braves Regiment-30
Shooters RegimentShooters* Regiment-10
Captain / heavy crossbowSeargent / heavy crossbow-25
Ogre WarlockOgre Warlock / Drain Life(5), Fireball(8)+40
Red Goblin BlasterRed Goblin Blaster-

First, this list had no unlocks for the two heroes and monster - and Ogres HAVE to take hordes to get any unlocks (as all the goblins are irregular (as they should be)).  So the warriors were combined to make two hordes (I had another regiment of Ogres w/ two-handed weapons from my first edition list, so this was not a problem (once I fixed the standard bearer (only a year + since I fixed the first one :-) )).  Everything else then pretty much stayed the same.

I do have a regiment of chariots (yes, all three fit on a the proper base (you just can't do them with the scythes)) that I thought of putting back in, but I'm not sure what would be good to drop (the braves and warlock probably, but that probably isn't worth it.

Finally, the army that so many people pronounce with an 's' in the name where there is none (they do that a lot with grocery stores here in Ohio - Kroger becomes Krogers, Meijer becomes Meijers, and the too many people say Trident Realms

yes, the picture was taken after I rebased the Gigas

Trident Realm of Neritica

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Naiad Ensnarers RegimentNaiad Ensnarers Regiment-
Naiad Heartpiercers Troop
Thuul TroopThuul Troop-
Riverguard TroopRiverguard* Troop / poison frog-5
Gigas RegimentGigas Regiment-
Naiad Wyrmriders RegimentNaiad Wyrmriders Regiment-25
Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion-150
Thuul MuythicanThuul Mythican/ Bane Chant(2), Lightning Bolt(3)+45

Naiad Ensnarers Regiment+140

Naiad Centurion+115

Once again I did not have the unlocks for the two heroes.  I figured the two types of Naiads weren't that crucial (and the riverguard were more unique (not being in the Nature list) and had shooting, so the Heartpiercers were dropped in favor of another regiment of Ensnarers.  I gave the Mythican some spells as well.  I decided to drop the Wyrmrider Centurion (though I'm keeping the model in the regiment since it is resin, to replace one of the outrageously heavy metal ones).

I am thinking about combining the ensnarers into a horde and dropping the centurion down to an envoy but then I realized that would only give me one hero ( plus a monster and war engine I wasn't using).

I have an envoy/centurion painted up, so the only real change here is having to rebase the gigas, since they became Monstrous Infantry.  For my one Trident Realm of R'lyeh army I had to do that as well as rebase the Placoderms (which became Heavy Infantry (and no longer can be taken as hordes :-( ).

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Any chance of changing the background colour of the tables?
    Great to see all the Kings of War demo lists you are doing.


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