Good Move

So you've got your shiny new book for Kings of War third edition.   You've attempted to grok the rule changess (and tried NOT to back up after combat) and are just now understanding the changes to your lists.

I thought (hoped) that it might be helpful to see at least one way to convert armies from 2nd to 3rd edition.  Which ones?  Well all of them (in the book at least).  I have all of them as armies for when I run Learn to Play sessions at Origins/Gencon (and have used them for my "How You Use It!" tournaments).

A couple of restrictions I am keeping to:
1) NO artifacts - I want to keep these list simple and introductory, so I'm not adding any extra items
2) All armies have an inspiring unit (this from feedback in my HYUI tournaments)
3) NO titans - just too much for a learning game
4) NO unique units - again learning

In 1st and 2nd edition, I also had no Large Infantry (or Large Cavalry) Hordes - I thought these may be too powerful (though not really much more than a regiment of knights when you think about it).  Well now that Large/Monstrous Infantry and Large Cavalry regiments no longer unlock anything, this had to change (or else I would have to get a ton more models, and even my gaming budget is limited).

So here is how I'm converting my 2nd edition armies to 3rd (in book order).

2nd Ed List 3rd Ed List Pts Diff
Men-at-Arms(spear) Men-at-Arms(spear) -20
Elohi Regiment Elohi* Regiment -35
Paladin Knights Regiment Paladin Knights Regiment -
Sisterhood Panther Lancers Regiment Sisterhood Panther Lancers Regiment -
Heavy Arbalest Heavy Arbalest +20
High Paladin Paladin Chaplain w/Heal(2) -65
Priest +95

Directly converting over gave me 35 extra points - and there is nothing that cheap without taking artefacts.  So I figured I'd take two heroes (instead of one) to make up the difference - and while this is a small fairly elite list - it will absorb a tremendous amount of damage with Iron Resolve, Heal(2) and Heal(3).  Also, I have a priest model that I can paint up (as well as several Vanguard models that I'm not using in those lists).

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Ironclad RegimentIronclad Regiment w/throwing Mastiff+5
Ironclad RegimentIronclad Regiment w/throwing Mastiff+5
Ironwatch Rifles RegimentIronwatch Rifles Regiment-5
ShieldBreakers RegimentShieldBreakers Regiment-5
Berserker Brock Riders TroopBerserker Brock Riders Troop+10
IronBelcher CannonIronBelcher Cannon-
IronBelcher Organ GunIronBelcher Organ Gun+5
Greater Earth Elemental-160

Steel Juggernaut+150

This was a list that needed inspiring, and I had to drop the titan.  I had added it in 2nd because everything had dropped in points then, and the third war engine I originally had was a bit much.  I wanted something more unique (but couldn't get the points for a Steel Behemoth).  Originally I was thinking of a Warsmith and a standard bearer - but realized the great new model from Vanguard was almost the exact same points, and looked really cool.  I had 10 extra points then, so added a couple of throwing mastiffs.

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Kindred Archers RegimentKindred Archers Regiment-30
Kindred Gladestalkers Troop-130

Therennian Sea Guard Regiment+165
Kindred Tallspears RegimentKindred Tallspears Regiment-
Forest Shamblers RegimentForest Shamblers* Regiment-5
Stormwind Cavalry TroopStormwind Cavalry Troop-
Bolt Thrower
Dragon BreathDragon Breath-
Elven Mage (Lightning Bolt(5), MountedElven Mage (Lightning Bolt(5), Mounted, Heal(4), Mind Fog(2)+60

Army Standard Bearer+30

This was another list that needed inspiring (the mage was inspiring in 1st edition).  All I had was the mounted mage that came in the OLD army box.  In 2nd, the list had 3 unlocks for Heroes/War Engines/Monsters - but since the Forest Shamblers no longer unlock anything (because they are now irregular as well as being a Large Infantry Regiment), I now only had 2.

Looking back in my box of 'previously' used models, I had originally used Sea Guard (which, when using Mantic models, are simply a mix of bows and spears).  So replacing the troop of Gladestalkers with a regiment of sea guard gave me 3 unlocks to add the Standard Bearer, but I had to drop a war engine.

I had JUST painted up the Dragon Breath after Origins when I realized I couldn't have two bolt throwers in CoK 2019 (and now in 3rd) - luckily it was an easy list replacement as they are the identical cost.  Since I already had sufficient longer range (24") shooting, I figured I keep the newer model - so now I have two unused elf bolt throwers.

This also meant I need an Elven Army Standard Bearer - which I got a notification shipped last week :-).

Northern Alliance
2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Ice Naiads Troop (Warband)-75
Ice Kin Hunters Troop (Night Raiders)Ice Kin Hunters+10
Huscarls Regiment (Son's of Korgaan)

Human Clansmen+140

Human Clansmen+140
Half-Elf Berserkers (Reavers)Half-Elf Berserkers-25
Snow Trolls Regiment (Cave Trolls)Snow Trolls Regiment-5
Frost Fang Riders Regiment (Direfang Riders)

Ice Elemental Regiment+145
Ice Queen (Heal(3))Ice Queen (Bane Chant(2), Heal(5))+55


Yes, this is a new army, but I had used models from the Northern Alliance Vanguard lists to make a Varangur army, so it became my NA army.  Well some of it - some is being saved for the new Varangur theme list coming out in December (and since it is themed off of NA, it should work).

Originally, my two heroes were unlocked by the Huscarls and the Trolls.  But with the Trolls no longer unlocking anything, I needed another unlock.  I also wanted to show off the new Clansmen model kits.  I was hoping to be able to do both Clansmen and Pack Hunters, but with the Pack Hunters irregular I had to have two regiments of Clansmen to unlock the two heroes.

After seeing the list of units from NA that are part of the Varangur list, I decided to replace the Frost Fang riders with Ice Elementals (which also turned out to be convenient, as I had entered the cost for the Frost Fangs incorrectly in my spreadsheet (yes, I really want easyarmy to be updated!!!)).  The Frostfangs and Huscarls were thus saved for Varangur,

Next up I'll show what I've done with the Neutral armies ( Nature, Ogres and Trident Realm ).  I'll be splitting the Evil armies into two posts though, since they as many as the Good and Neutral forces COMBINED.

Because it is all fun and games . . .