Trident Realm of R'lyeh

Back last September I started talking about my latest army project.  While not quite as finished as I'd eventually like, I did have it ready for Adepticon (even though I didn't end up playing).

The Trident Realm of R'lyeh is my Cthulhu themed Trident Realm army.

One thing I tried to do was to use TurboDork color change paints.  I've talked about these before, and they ended up working quite well - though it is hard to get pictures of the effect.

I did get a couple of shots that did show it.  The difference between these is simply moving the camera up over the models, changing the angle of the light.

And again

So now to show the actual units.

First is a horde of placoderms.  These are all Dreadball 'Hard' guard models (now renamed as Feromites).  Of course I had to finish these before the new model for it comes out next month.

I multi-based them on regiment bases, if I ever want to field them separately (and it is easier to take pictures of them that way instead of as a horde)

Originally I was going to use the Thuul formation, but didn't care as much for it after the latest CoK changes.  Instead I painted up a regiment as Hidden Ones[1].

I also painted up two troops of normal Thuul, though I am fielding them as a regiment now.   The 'normal' thuuls all have solid colored backs, while the hidden ones are changing color on their backs, to indicate their chameleon like nature.

With CoK 19, the King Crab formation is great, so I went from originally having one horde of gigas to two.  I like the Deadzone Nameless Ogres for these (though they are a little large for only being height 1)

For some long range support and chaff, I have two troops of Naiad Heartpiercers.  I'm using the riflemen and gunslingers here - since they all have guns.

Of course it is simply too much fun to be able to say "Release the Kraken" with Trident Realm armies, so I am using the Nameless Goliath.

For heroes, I wanted a Naiad Envoy for inspiring.  I liked the Ursula model from Deadzone as it fit the tentacle theme I was going after

Of course I had Thuul, and a mythican is good to support them.  Give him Wings of Honeymaze (I used gargoyle wings on it) to make him a tiny Cthulhu.

Speaking of the big guy - he is the only non-mantic model in the army.  Originally I was going to use him as a Coral Giant, but the Kraken profile is just much more reliable, so he is my second Kraken.

And with a few artifacts that gives me a 1995 army.

I still want to add water to the bases, but haven't been able to play more with that yet.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Your gribbly crew looks great, I really appreciate smart model selection and a cohesive paint scheme to pull them together. It's also a good showcase of Mantic's Nameless models, which I've always felt had plenty of legs outside of Deadzone, particularly the Ogres (which I just wish there were more sculpts of). IMO they're too tall to be Gigas (and the reason I haven't instantly picked them up for my own giant crab needs), but I'll never criticize anyone for using them as King Crabs, which I've seen a few sets of now.

    Anyway, nice work!

    1. Thanks. Yes, they are a little tall - but when I deploy I remind my opponent that everything but the Kraken are only height 1. I've only had to remind someone once, and it was their third game ever so they were still trying to understand the rules (and thought they couldn't see anything with their caster on a hill).


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