Getting it together

As I mentioned here, I plan to post on the progress my new army, The Trident Realms of R'leyh.  I will make sure I do this at least once a month, depending on the progress I make.

So where am I?  Well I think I have all the models for my 2250 list.  Which means, of course, that the tournaments I'm looking at for next year are all going to 1995 (because of people spamming characters and monsters, so it limits you to two).

You can see the easyarmy version of the army list here.

2 Troops and a Regiment of Thuuls
To start out there are two troops and a regiment of thuuls.  This is because they fit the theme so well, plus adding in a mythican allows me to take the formation that gives all of them +1 speed (so SP 7 for these guys).  I have to say as much as I like the look of these models, they are a bit of a pain to put together.  Being resin they are a little brittle (due to the small size), and of the five body poses, three of them are on one leg.

Occasionally I actually think about the cost of what I'm doing - and when these are MSRP of $40 for a box of ten, even I have to think about a bit on lowering the cost.  I really hate MMC (Minimum Model Count) so am going to try to at least use the PMC (Preferred Model Count) when I can for each unit.  PMC is 70% - so 7 to a troop or 14 to a regiment - which makes for a total of 28 instead of 40 - meaning I only had to get three boxes.

Ok, time for me to get on my soapbox a bit.

This is not about any single model manufacturer, though lately I have more experience with one than any others.  But they all seem to have this problem.   Case in point, my youngest son is a game designer for a miniature game company in the US (can a gamer father be any prouder than to raise a child who is not only a gamer (all of them (the ones I raised at least) are gamers) but a game designer!  I may have been more huffed about him getting the job last year (he just had his one year work-iversary there) than he was).  Anyway, he has mentioned the exact same issue with some of the models being produced by his company.

The issue is one of practicality - wargame miniatures are intended to be used - not just sit on a display shelf.  They need to be able to stand up to at least a minimal amount of wear and tear without breaking.

So why do manufacturers keep putting out models that are up on a single leg - having only one point of contact with the base?  I'm not sure if it is meant to be more 'cool' or something, but STOP IT!!!!!  Simple physics, you need at least 2 points of contact with the base.  If you only have one thin one, it IS going to break.

This isn't just infantry.  Cavalry can have this problem when the horses are rearing up on their hind legs.  While technically this may have two contact points, they are so close together as to be considered one.  Material doesn't matter that much - metal bends and breaks, resin and plastic simply snap.

Have any of these sculptors actually used any of the models they have designed?  If they had to assemble, paint and play with a few units of their own creations then I expect that they would realize the issue here.
Horde of Placoderms
Next is a horde of placoderms.  I wanted some type of tentacled nameless models that would represent De 6+ and eventually hit upon Hard Guards for the Nameless Dreadball team.  Unfortunately for my wallet you only get at MOST 4 hard guards to a single team (two base 'restic' ones, plus a metal variant and metal keeper).  This is IF you get the latest repackaging - the original packs were just the restic ones and a booster for the metal variants.  Regardless, I was looking at needing to get 10 teams to get enough models.

I picked up a couple on ebay, and had a one myself (which I only two two out of - so my team is still playable).  I managed to find some pieces on the web and even a booster at a FLGS, so in the end I only ended up buying one team new.

I also had several mutant team pieces - so I stole the nameless arm and head from those as well, in order to convert some of the models (head and/or arm swaps).  When I started trying to figure out how to put the models on the bases, I then realized just how difficult that was going to be - they did not want to fit at all.  Luckily my son (not the game designer, the miniature player (who claims credit for all my ideas (though only deserves credit for half or so of them) (and also is very quick to point out typos very quickly after I make a post)) mentioned that placoderms only come in regiments or hordes - so I did not have to concern myself with being able to break them into troops.  In the end I ended up having to go with PMC here (11 per regiment, 22 total in the horde) simply due to space. However no one can say that they don't fill out the base!

Naiad Heartpiercers
Then I have two troops of Naiad heartpiercers.  There are two nameless models that have guns, the rifleman and the gunslinger.  At this point I only have 6 of each - however when the Star Saga kickstarter finally ships I'll be able to get another of each to get these up to PMC (7) for each troop.

I thought about mixing the models, but decided that having units of each looked better.  In addition I can then easily identify each if I decide to give them artifacts.

I have a troop of Riverguard.  These are flyers (though only SP 6), so it makes sense to use the Nameless flyers - needle drones.  Two starter sets means I have eight of these - and need eight to fill out the base.  I'm not sure if I'll keep the clear flying stands, or use brass rod instead.    This will probably be the first unit that I base, as it will be the easiest since the models can come off the flying stands.

I want to use water effects on the bases - but I'm not sure if I want a thin layer of the vallejo water effects gel (I've used this before to great effect), or want to attempt to use Woodland Scenics deep pour water to get a 1/4 to 1/2 depth of water.  (I think the deeper water will ultimately look better, but there is always a big challenge to build a frame for the sides of the bases to get it right (even more so when I have models that don't like to sit nicely within the space of the base).

It does sound like I need to make up a blog post on water effects soon though, doesn't it?

Horde of Gigas
Up next - hoard of gigas.  With my last army Abyssal Dwarfs, I love De 6+ units, even if only from the front.  The Big Shield rule give that.  The nameless ogres fit the idea of a big shield (and even have a similar rule in Deadzone), so they seem perfect for a large infantry unit.  Except this ends up being a Height(1) unit.

Not perfect, but a little hot water allowed me to bend these down a bit.  Unfortunately that hides some of the tentacles, but works a bit to make them not much taller than the other units.

Gigas vs Naiad Heartpierders Height(1) comparison
Naiad Wyrmriders
The new Bathomites for Deadzone seemed to me to be the right size and idea to use for the Large Cavalry wyrm riders.  Once I actually got the models it was going to work, I just needed to add riders.  Since I had assassins from the nameless starter boxes, I figured they would work.  I still need to make actual saddles for them (both to have them fit better, as well as to hide the horrible weapon mount on their backs.  I may also use some more hot water to reposition some of the large claws to give a bit more variety in the poses.

Is there any Trident Realms list that doesn't include a Kraken?  If for no other reason than being able to shout "Release the Kraken" at least once a game?  Awesome monster with a ton of attacks and regeneration.  The new Goliath model seemed to be a nice alternative to the standard reaper kraken model that so many people are using.

I wanted to do some size comparisons, to make sure things would fit.  So here are the Height(4) Kraken, Height(3) Naiad Wyrmriders and Height(1) Naiad Heartpiercers and Gigas.  I think they will work, especially if I can re position some of the Bathomites.

Size comparison for some units.
Coral Giant
The whole army theme is based around Cthulhu, and what better way to include this monster into the army than a Coral Giant.  The defining feature of any giant is always size.  It has to be big.  And this model definitely is big.  I was able to actually fit it onto a 75x75 base.  Just how big is he compared to the rest of the army?

Size Comparison shot.
Naiad Envoy, Thuul Mythican (w/Wings of Honeymaze) and Eckter
For once I stole an idea from someone other than Jon (thanks Kara) of adding Wings of Honeymaze to the Thuul Mythican (giving him SP 11 with the formation!).  This was a must for me, just to have a little tiny Cthulhu to go with the HUGE one.  The dreadball Insala model is there to inspire the troops, and using the blight to represent the rock hard special character Eckter.  I've played against this guy, and he just refuses to go anywhere.

So I have all the models (for now). I still have some work to do (saddles for the bathomites/assassins, and shells/rocks to put under the stupid raised foot of all the damn thuuls (I'm thinking small sea shells would be better, but those will have to be added AFTER they are painted)).  I am feeling a bit intimidated about painting this (especially the Cthulhu), but need to get started soon.  I am still not sure what type of paint scheme I'm looking for here either (other than purple for all the tentacles across the army (Not sure if I want to go with Turbodork Murple or People Eater or try to get Blue Raspberry to work for these.)  I need to play around with the Turbodork paints a bit more (especially seeing how a flat topcoat will look over the metalics, since while scales are ok for metalics, this is more an organic army).

My plan for playing this army is fairly simple.  The Gigas and Placoderms are the center (backed up by Eckter for inspiring and to be able to protect from flyers and other shennanigans).  One flank would be the fast big guys (Kraken, Coral Giant, Wyrmriders) and the other the Thuuls & Mythican.  The troops of shooters for chaff, support as needed.

As for the points, to drop down to 1995 I plan to drop Eckter and one of the troops of heartpiercers (or the riverguard, same points).  The other option is to drop the Wyrmriders.  (I have a few points for spells on the mythican to help as well)

Any and all feedback on modelling or the list is welcome and encouraged.

Because it is all fun and games . . .